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    Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Days of Future Past: Director Bryan Singer Teases Pic of Wolve

    Director Bryan Singer*is continuing to document his days on the set of X-Men: Days of Future Past*and, this time, he has thrown Wolverine into the mix.* After providing...
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    Hangover Director Todd Phillips Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Onetime Fling

    Todd Phillips*is freaking out, and not because he doesn't remember what he did last night. The Hangover*director has secured a temporary restraining order against a...
  3. A

    CIA Director David Petraeus Resigns Due To Extramarital Affair; Here’s Why That’s A G

    CIA Director David Petraeus resigned today, citing an extramarital affair. His resignation letter explains that "After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair," and "Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader...
  4. J

    Does the blue ray version of star trek have director's cut ?

    I recently read a review of the star trek movies on dvd, The ones with the original star trek cast. the Reviewer said most of the movies were not directors cut Do the movies in the blue ray box set have directors cut ?
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    Brett Roberts appointed Director of New Technologies at Pitney Bowes New Zealand

    Brett has over 20 years of technology industry experience in a variety of sales, marketing and leadership roles and is also actively involved in the New Zealand technology entrepreneur community as an advisor, mentor and head of Silicon Valley ‘connector' Wharf42.
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    Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb Talks Avengers, Sequels and Supervillains!

    Ready for*Andrew Garfield*to swing into theaters in the ... much anticipated release of*The Amazing Spider-Man?You should be!"I'm genuinely...
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    Hunger Games Turmoil: Stars Stunned by Director Gary Ross' Departure

    The Hunger Games director Gary Ross has left the building.Just minutes after Ross' big announcement yesterday that he would not be returning for the sequel, Catching Fire, we caught...
  8. B

    The artistic advisor to the director of a production of Hamlet?

    The play, Hamlet, has a critical problem explaining stage directions in Act II, Scene II, and Act III, Scene I. They directly determine how the first scene and the next scene are played. Pretend you are the artistic ad-visor to the director of a production of Hamlet. Write a short memo in...
  9. T

    How can I send a video to a Hollywood director?

    Thank You :)
  10. A

    where did cathrine hardwick( director of twilight ) get isabella swans contact

    lenses for twilight? Okay so this halloween and maybe next, I am impersonating Kristen Stewart. I am doing a character from each of her movies. And this October I will be Bella from twilight. And her eyes in that movie a brown, but they're a dark brown and I was wondering what brown they are and...
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    "The Dixie Limited" Playwright and Director Talk to ITYC - Oct 06,2011

    “The Dixie Limited” playwright Bob Kronemyer and the play’s director Paul Bertha, both of Elkhart, Indiana, join ITYC live today to talk about their latest work. Kronemyer’s play, which had a stage reading in September through South Bend’s The Acting Ensemble Stage Company, tells the story of an...
  12. MatthewMan

    Do I need a professional video editor to be a Machinima Director?

    I was planning on purchasing Sony Vegas Pro to make a Machinima but it cost around $500 so instead I was considering purchasing Movie Studio Platinum which is about $130. Can I still make professional videos to Machinima even though it's not considered "professional" by Sony?
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    Why has FOX News failed to address the rumors that News Director Roger Ayles...

    ...likes to be greeted by? jack-booted guards who refer to him as "Kommandante der Volken-Shpielen"
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    best horror director poll?

    John Carpenter Wes Craven Alfred Hitchcock Dario Argento Sam Raimi
  15. B

    Who is Best Director INDEPENDENT?

    Buenas Noches Amigos
  16. M

    Why do people often complain that Sofia Coppola isn't a talente director?

    She has directed a number of wonderful films, and most recently has provided a muse for Dior. Why do people often dismiss her talent?
  17. T

    Chrissie Fletcher, Director And Head Of International Biostatistics At Amgen, Discuss

    Chrissie Fletcher joined Pharma IQ to talk about Health Technology Assessment. In this comprehensive podcast, she discussed how she sees health economists and statisticians interacting going forwards, why there is so much emphasis on reporting for reimbursement and whether she expects pharma...
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    CPhA Executive Director, Jeff Poston, Receives APhA Honorary Membership

    The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) announces that Jeff Poston, Executive Director, Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), Ottawa, Ontario, has been awarded Honorary Membership in APhA for 2011. He was recognized for advocating the growth of CPhA and his work on activities that have...
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    Amgen Director Shares Strategies To Maximise Reimbursement Success

    Pharma IQ has conducted an interview with Chrissie Fletcher, Director and Head of International Biostatistics at Amgen, about Health Technology Assessment. Fletcher said: "The Health Technology Assessment dossier is really the single opportunity that people have to convince payers of the value...
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    Huxley Walking: Director's Cut

    He took a couple of tentative steps prior to this, not caught on film. But then we got out the flip and started to do the whole "get the baby's first step on film thing" and at the same time learn'd him to walk: Read the rest of this post... | Read the comments on this post... More...