1. R

    good bluetooth for truck drivers?

    im looking for a smaller Bluetooth for me. i have a blue parrot expressway but its too big for me to carry to carry in pocket ( im often moving between between truck during short hauls) are these good...
  2. V

    Getting ubuntu to use the drivers i downloaded for my motherboard/ video

    card AND use new plugins EG java? ok, so i feel like im on the verge of getting this system in running condition for my friend to experience a game i like on steam, there's a lot here so hold on for me, we got steam installed, there has been a few updates for it, i belive the client is running...
  3. N

    Why do truck drivers have coded signs on dashboard, does it mean they are gay / bi?

    why do truckers put number plate like sign on there dashboard which say things like"woodcock" or have words like, suck, dick, men on them. does this mean they are looking for gay sex?
  4. M

    does adb drivers void warranty in android?

    i wanna install adb drivers on my tablet running ics its a sameo classic tab 7000
  5. K

    How come my Motorola droid 2.2.3 FRK76 Won't install the drivers?

    It won't let me install the drivers, Ugh...
  6. B

    I want to download Bluetooth drivers for Windows 8 for my samsung...

    ...Laptop!! Plzz Help me!!!? I hav samsung NP300E5X-S01IN Laptop.. I istalled windows 8 and tried to install bluetooth drivers of windows 7 in it. But i am facing compatibility issues. Plz help me find drivers for windows 8..
  7. C

    ford focus drivers door wont unlock?

    I have a 1999 ford focus and the central locking wont work. Now the lock on the drivers door wont unlock when you insert the key in but will lock it. do i need a new lock or is it a spring or something like that?
  8. A

    Why are honda civic and integra drivers jerks? they bring other cars down...

    ...and think they drive a race car? the jerks I'm talking about are the ones that that spend 5k on mods and wear swag clothing
  9. I

    Bluetooth tablet drivers help!?

    I'm tryng to find a Bluetooth connected Tablet Driver for my friend, but i cant find any! i forgot what the program is called, that connects devices to computers wirelessly. plus what would be a good Driver for a wireless Bluetooth tablet? please help soon! that would be so great!
  10. K

    Hw long does drivers ed take? Im going to cruise control in Ladson SC?

    & wht is the best drivers ed place in charleston sc (:
  11. K

    diet plan book for truck drivers?

    I have been in this industry for 7 months now, and although I've only gained two pounds since I've been doing this, I'm seriously concerned about my health. I am having problems sleeping, when it's my turn to drive, I feel like my mid section has grew some, I get tired awfully quickly, I just...
  12. A

    Brandon McCarthy?s driver?s license says he is female

    The pitcher was a lady. At least, according to the pitcher's new driver's license, he was. That's what Amanda McCarthy, wife of Arizona Diamondbacks right-hander Brandon McCarthy, tweeted Friday. She added: Something doesn't look right on Brandon's new license... It wasn't that her husband...
  13. B

    What does look into the bike lane mean? why did i fail my drivers test?

    I took my behind the wheel test today and was failed because the evaluator told me didnt look into the bike lane he also mentioned that i stop to slow and that the car needs to 'jerk' so you can feel it...please help me understand what he meant. I really want to pass my test.
  14. H

    why does the drivers side window on my truck act like its trying to jump out of...

    ...track when im rolling it down? Ok its still the 1988 f150.....gettin some of the bugs worked out of it, its running ALOT better since i got some good fuel injector cleaner and put in it but now im trying to figure out the problem with the mechanic says its the computer that makes...
  15. C

    DVD needs drivers for windows 7?

    I am doing a new build. I have the windows 7 cd, and when I try to install it, it says I need to install the dvd drivers first and that I can remove the windows 7 cd to install the driver. This is a used dvd drive (from my old computer) and when I searched for the driver on LG's website I cant...
  16. T

    Drivers With Dementia: Improved Prevention And Search Techniques May Help Recovery, A

    A new study focusing on how people with dementia become lost while driving, how missing drivers are found, and the role of public notification systems like Silver Alert in these discoveries suggests techniques that may help recover drivers with dementia and prevent potentially harmful incidents...
  17. T

    Genes Are Not The Only Drivers Of Colon Cancer

    Genes are not the only drivers of colon cancer. A new study suggests cellular factors play an equally important part, and these not only drive tumor growth, but also affect how well the disease responds to chemotherapy. Senior study author John Dick, of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre...
  18. D

    2001 Dodge durango......when turn left noise coming from drivers side of...

    ...vehicle I was thinking steering pump? The thing that didnt make sense to me is that it only happens on left turns any suggestions as to what may be the problem.
  19. T

    VW polo 2001 hatch drivers door locking/unlocking problem!?

    Hi, When I turn the key in the lock it moves freely without any resistance when attempting to unlock the car! I have to lock/unlock my car from the passengers side. Is this just a case of the internal workings on the drivers door have broken? If so how much would I be ripped off for repair of...
  20. N

    ipod touch bluetooth drivers?

    im trying to connect my ipod touch to my pc via bluetooth to play music, ive read online that you ca use 'avdt' drivers but i havent found these under bluetooth devices like everyone else online claims. does anyone have a link for these drivers or know what other drivers work with an ipod...