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    How to Burn QuickTime MOV to DVD for Home TV

    QuickTime MOV movies are often produced by some digital cameras and iPhone, iPad, and can be viewed in QuickTime player. But you can not watch these movies on your big screen TV at home. If you want to Watch MOV movies on your Samsung TV, Sony TV or Panasonic TV, follow this video. Watch...
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    How to Burn Android MP4 Videos to DVD to Playback on Your TV

    Android devices are more and more popular now days. And many people would capture videos with their Android, especially those flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 3, LG G2, Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One M8, etc. Do you want to transfer these Android MP4 Videos to DVD, and then you can enjoy on...
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    Create DVD from MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, etc - DIY a DVD Movie

    Want to DIY a DVD movie from your home movies or some online videos, and play them on a television? Here is an easy tool for that, and you can do it yourself. It works with any video formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, etc and also videos download from YouTube, Hulu, VEVO, NBA, NFL and more...
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    How to convert DVD/Videos to 3D movies

    There are so many DVD movies released in the end of year, and now I have a 3D TV which enables me to play all kinds of 3D movies freely. So I bought several latest DVD discs yesterday and I want to convert them to 3D movies, is it possible? If there are countless DVD or normal videos in your...
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    How to rip DVD to iPhone 5S with the best quality

    “I love to create DVD movies by myself and I have so many DVD discs which recorded lots of funny story. Now I want to convert them to iPhone video so that I can share my movies with my friends on the new iPhone 5S.” “Now iPhone 5S has already in my hands, but it couldn’t play my DVD movies...
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    Enjoy DVD movies and Videos on Your iPad Freely

    Now, iPad 4, iPad mini, new iPad, etc. has become popularity in the crowd. And I think that there must be a beautiful iPad in your hand or to be in your hand. So, here are the questions: Do you want to enjoy DVD movies on your iPad? Would you like to play the AVI, FLV, TS, M2TS, etc videos...
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    Now my DVD drive is LG i want to change my drive because writting time the

    disc is failed and not read disc? Which DVD writter is best....
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    need the code for a Philips universal remote to a LG DVD player?

    Lost the code sheet, I have a Philips universal remote and need the code for a LG DVD player
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    Any better DVD and video player to replace Windows media player?

    As we all that every computer will have windows media player inside and does play many video formats.However,what i need is one kind that be able to play dvds movies also. Can you recommend a better player to replace Windows media player? Needs to be free, and as good as Media player. Media...
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    How to watch DVD movies on iPad 4?

    Nowadays, iPad 4 plays an indispensible role, which enables you to listen to music, take photos, surf on the internet and watch movies, etc. Do you want to watch DVD movies on your iPad 4? Here we can recommend one powerful program DVD Ripper for Mac user, which is able to convert DVD movies to...
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    Does Anyone know of a good safe DVD Burning software download?

    I am looking for site that offers a safe, absolutely free dvd burning software download for my Windows 8 computer :)
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    I'm trying to download and install Ubuntu os but I don't have a dvd burner?

    I have a windows 7 laptop and whenever I try to burn the iso to a disk it says the selected image file isn't valid.
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    South Park season 16 on DVD...?

    ...is due to be released 24th September in region 1, 28th October in region 2, 18th September in region 4. I live in the UK. When can I buy it?
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    How do you save movies from dvd recorder hard drive to blank dvd?

    recorder is panasonic blu ray dmr-bw780 also save movies from VCR to dvd through recorder? step by step instructions required - it was a big enough step to just get this recorder for an old fart.
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    how do you save movies from dvd recorder hard drive to blank dvd?

    recorder is panasonic blu ray dmr-bw780 also save movies from VCR to dvd through recorder?
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    What is special in blueray players that ppl prefer them over dvd player?

    If blue ray can play scratched disc?
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    How can I make a dvd able to be played on a dvd player?

    First i should say that my computer is windows 8 system.I have bougt my computer less than one month.But I really have the need to bun dvd.I have some videos recorded with my android smart phone.And really long.So I want to burn them to dvd to watch later on dvd player.How can this be...
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    I am looking for ways to make copies of a DVD on my computer?

    I have a DVD RW Drive on my laptop. I would like to make a copy of a DVD. What software or program do I need? It is a Dell laptop computer which has been used for one year.The computer system is windows 7.Any advice or suggestion would be very grateful.
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    Any dvd ripper for mac ( best free ones) that will let me extract videos or movies...

    ...from one dvd? I would love to get all of my favorite videos or movies from my dvd collection onto one disc.but I have no idea where to begin to do this. I have a mac, can someone please explain the procedure/software that i need to do this? Thanks!
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    The best tool or or way for DVD to iphone 5 conversion that will work with all

    my DVDs? I want to put some of my DVD movies onto my iphone 5. However, I can't seem to find any tool that both works for ALL kinds of DVD's and that is Mac OS friendly. Any suggestions?