1. J

    How do I enable my blackberry bold 9900 browser?

    Because I can't download anything on the internet because of the browser
  2. R

    How do I enable cookies on safari search engine on my ipod touch (not on itouch

    settings)? ok, First thing, i have a 3rd generation ipod touch I tried to change the setting of cookies on the ipod itself but i am still unable to log in into my email. I accidentally disabled the cookies on the actual safari browser. I dont know how to change the settings back to enabling...
  3. D

    Can anyone send me nokia 5233 spb mobile full version, coz m nt enable to

    dwnlod frm nokiavv also..? plz send in my mail
  4. D

    Can anyone send me nokia 5233 spb mobile full version, coz m nt enable to

    dwnlod frm nokiavv also..? plz send in my mail
  5. J

    How to enable bluetooth on my Laptop?

    I have an Acer TravelMate 4670 with windows XP Professional. It has a sliding switch to activate Bluetooth, which I recently learned does -not- work after having already bought Bluetooth headphones. I also do -not- have an Fn key for Bluetooth on my keyboard. How can I enable my Bluetooth...
  6. D

    Enable hardware virtualization in samsung netbook(Pheonix secureboot Setup BIOS)?

    i hav searched all the setting in my bios but coudnt find a way to enable VT......i hav a intel core i5 which supports VT(i came to know after running Intel Tool).....when i run Apple OS Lion in VMware it gives an error saying "The CPU has been disabled by guest operating system & u need to...
  7. Y

    i have iphone 4 with ios 5.01 , how to enable privacy setting i cant find it on

    setting? i want to enable lapse it to send the project to my cammera roll , but they always give me this text"a permission is required to use the camera roll , you can allow its usage by going to general ios setting , privacy , photo and enableb lapse it in there "
  8. A

    How to enable USB port on back of telus's Actiontec v1000h router?

    31.30L.57 is my current firmware version is there some sort of hacked firmware that enables the usb port on the back? I really would like to have a NAS
  9. J

    how can i enable the 2G/3G switch on my iphone 4 (iOS 6.1.2)(CDMA) if it doesn't

    give me the option? is there a way around it if my iphone doesn't give me the option if so can you explain to me how to enable it and/or get around that problem, etc.
  10. P

    How to enable gadget on Windows 8?

    I have recently upgraded my os to Win8,in windows 7 there was a gadget option in right click on the desktop but Windows 8 have no gadget option, how to enable/install gadget in Windows 8?
  11. A

    Keith Appling?s latest late-game heroics enable Michigan State to finish off Illinois

    Keith Appling was so distraught after scoring three points and fouling out in 19 minutes in a loss to Indiana on Sunday that he apologized to his teammates in the locker room following the game. Needless to say he atoned for his mistakes in Michigan State's next game four days later. With...
  12. T

    Toward A Pill To Enable Celiac Patients To Eat Foods Containing Gluten

    Scientists are reporting an advance toward development of a pill that could become celiac disease's counterpart to the lactase pills that people with lactose intolerance can take to eat dairy products without risking digestive upsets. They describe the approach, which involves an enzyme that...
  13. V

    how to enable youtube suggestions in chrome?

    when i type i cant see suggestions in youtube but only in chrome.how to enable them?
  14. malachi

    Dell inspiron enable touchpad while typing?

    I have the dell inspiron 15r special edition 7520 with windows 8. Whenever I hold down any character key, the touchpad doesn't move the cursor at all. There is no orange light displayed above the keypad which should light up when it is disabled. I installed the latest drivers, updated windows...
  15. T

    Novel Sensor Systems May Enable Seniors To Continue Living At Home

    University of Adelaide computer scientists are leading a project to develop novel sensor systems to help older people keep living independently and safely in their own homes. The researchers are adapting radio-frequency identification (RFID) and sensor technologies to automatically identify and...
  16. T

    'Humanized' Mice Developed At OHSU Enable Malaria Research Breakthrough At Seattle Bi

    A novel human liver-chimeric mouse model developed at Oregon Health & Science University and Yecuris Corporation has made possible a research breakthrough at Seattle Biomedical Research Institute that will greatly accelerate studies of the most lethal forms of human malaria. The study findings...
  17. D

    How Do I Enable JAPANESE HANDWRITING for iPhone?

    I wanna compose text messages using Japanese Handwriting.
  18. A

    No data plan on t-mobile, can I still be charged for using data if I enable it?

    I have a mytouch by LG. I don't have a data plan, but I need to enable data to receive or send picture messages. Will it charge?
  19. T

    'Huntington's Disease In A Dish' Created To Enable Search For Treatment

    Johns Hopkins researchers, working with an international consortium, say they have generated stem cells from skin cells from a person with a severe, early-onset form of Huntington's disease (HD), and turned them into neurons that degenerate just like those affected by the fatal inherited...
  20. G

    LG Optimus Net first smartphone to enable mobile payment in New Zealand

    New smartphone is fully Snapper-compatible and can be used to pay bus fares, train tickets, taxi ride and other day-to-day items.