1. Y

    How to put ringtones on an LG enV2?

    Okay so I plugged the USB cord into my phone and the computer and then went to Settings, Tools, and down to USB Mass Storage. I already have songs that I made into an MP3 ringtone on iTunes and I dragged them into the ringtones box on the computer for my phone but they're not coming on my phone...
  2. H

    can i use my env2 charger for my motorola rival cell phone?

    im getting the motorola rival and i want to know if my old env2 charger will work in it cause i dont want to go by a 15$ charger if its the same as my env2 charger
  3. T

    How could I break my LG env2?

    Hi! I need to make my LG env2 break. It needs to be discreet (i.e. electrical or software issue) instead of something like dropping it in water or breaking the screen. Thank you!
  4. A

    can i get a lg env2, and use it as prepaid?

    ok so my niece has been wanting this phone for the longest time now(lg env2) but she can only have prepaid..is it possible to have the phone as a prepaid phone??....
  5. J

    does the lg env2 work on pageplus?

    does the lg env2 work on pageplus i want the lg env2 but if it doesn't work i'll go with the lg env
  6. E

    How to fix the internal screen on my LG env2 - verizon?

    When i open my env2, the buttons light up but no the big screen, can anyone tell me how to fix this?
  7. T

    Activating prepaid Motorola Rival with old env2 number?

    My env2 recently broke and Im using my old rival, how do I activate it with my number and all my prepaid money and everything?? And when i try to change it online this weird monthly prepaid thing comes up and doesnrt activate it
  8. T

    Motorola Rival and Env2?

    Will a Motorola Rival battery work in an Env2? My Env2 just stopped charging, none of my chargers are working and I was wondering if its the battery, can i use the Motorola Rival battery?
  9. Jordan

    Using Rogers SIM Card in Telus Phone? (LG Keybo eNV2)?

    I'm looking to use my SIM card from my LG Shine from Rogers, I'm on the 3G network obviously, but I'm wondering if the SIM card will work fine with my friends LG Keybo eNV2 that he's lending me. Thanks a lot.
  10. D

    Verizon Wireless LG Env2?

    I lost my LG cosmos, and my friend gave me his old env2 to use. Its been working, but now the banner on the Env says "service required". this has happened two times beofre. I get it to work again by de-activating it and then re-activating it. I tried this, but it didn't work. It's really...
  11. R

    No sound in video when I transfer video from env2 to imac through bluetooth?

    i transfered a video from my env2 to imac through bluetooth. there is no sound in the video now on my computer. how do i fix this?
  12. C

    How do I put ringtones on my ENV2 from my SanDisk card?

    I used a website that allows me to create my own ringtones, and I put my SanDisk card in the adaptor and put that in my computer. I then saved the ringtone to the SD card, but when I put the SD back in my phone the ringtones didn't show up. How do I get that to work? I don't have the cord that...
  13. A

    Can I use LG enV2 and Lg enV3 in Hungary??because i saw this item on ebay but...

    ...nobody send to Hungary :/ HELP!? LG enV2 LGenV3
  14. J

    LG Env2 says "Service Required"?

    My phone turned itself off two days ago (I didn't think anything of it because it does that a lot), but when I turned it back on in place of my banner it says "Service Required" and has the little no signal icon thing. I tried re programming it, but when I call to do that it says that I have no...
  15. M

    Switching from a Env2 to a blackberry storm?

    My contract is up this month and my grandma gave me a blackberry storm but I'm afraid if I switch over from a text messaging phone to a smart phone my insurance will be taking off is that so?? I need as much information as possible....
  16. P

    Does the LG enV2 come in blue now?

    I am getting a replacement phone because my enV2 is slightly broken. My aunt said that the phone comes in blue now. Can anyone find a picture of it in blue? Thanks:)
  17. P

    How can you block numbers on the Verizon EnV2?

    i have the env2 and i dont want this person calling me. how can i block him? PLZ help
  18. N

    How to put ringtones on lg env2?

    Ok so i have the env2 and i send ringtones to my phone via bluetooth but they go to my sounds folder. i cant set a ringtone from the sounds folder only the ringtones folder. so how can i move those to my ringtones folder ? or do i need a sd card .
  19. B

    my lg env2's inside keys quit working?

    none of the inside keys work except for the end button. has anyone else had this problem? and if so, did you fix it, or just get another phone?
  20. C

    How can you take off a restriction on a Verizon phone, ENV2?

    My dad is being gay, and put a 24 hour restriction on because i was 20 minutes late for my curfew! How can i take it off? I dont know the password for his verizon account, is there any other way?! PLEASE HELP ME