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    need for speed high stakes error could not load stream audio/music/menu1.asf?

    i just install NFS HS and patch it. when i try to run the game the abort message come up says that could not load stream audio/music/menu1/asf I can play this file and this file is already in its folder why my game cant load it i google it and found many questions but their is no answer with...
  2. J

    Windows 7 'A disk read error occurred press ctr+alt+delete to restart fix?

    It says that on the screen. I'm pretty sure my computer is doomed.. Is there any possible fix to this..? Please help!?
  3. P

    I have new phone. it wont connect. says password error. im 71 dont

    remember which ive used or alt. email addr.? Name is peter admore [email protected] phone 0274699679 if you could forward correct password to [email protected] appreciated.
  4. M

    I'm getting error 921 while trying to download apps on my android?

    I tried to delete cache and history and everything then restart phone but still didn't work :/ can anyone help please???
  5. S

    My Sql Error "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)"..!!?

    I have installed MySql Server 5.6 and after installing the command line is not working. I have even changed the path to MySql bin in the environment variables. I have even googled for it. Still my problem remains unsolved..plz plz suggest me something i really really want to create database to...
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    How to fix Google Account Sync Error in Android ICS?

    I have a Cherry Mobile Flare with an Android ICS OS. Recently, some weird stuff happened that made the phone crash, after which only a wiping of the cache allowed it to boot again, before which it would endlessly get stuck in a boot loop. Now, however, after wiping the cache, for some reason I...
  7. R

    error Return code of 139 when using check_tcp for port 10024 is working am

    using nagios with debian 6.0.6 os? i have installed nagios 3 in my server which has debian 6.0.6 OS and am using ssh to access it now i have been trying to use the check_tcp command for a week but i keep getting an error return code 139 out of bound. i used check_tcp!-H!-P 10024
  8. R

    after restart i found an error code (oxc000000d)in my laptop window8 plz give

    me the salution? sir, iam dipankar dash .i have a problem occered in my laptop plz give me some solution file:/window/system32/winload.efi error code (oxc000000d) in my operating system window8 after restart
  9. S

    Error message on dvd recorder?

    Hi, I am trying to record a movie on my dvd recorder. Im recording off my dvr from brighthouse. i usually dont have a problem but today Im getting an error message from my dvd recorder saying " can't record in tvr mode." Can anyone tell me how to fix this? What is tvr mode? It could also be +vr...
  10. A

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Network Error?

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Network Error
  11. C

    Windows Movie Maker Error?

    I'm trying to edit a VOB file that is 1:22:57 yet it comes up as being 6:41 long. What makes it worse is that when I attempt to cut the video, it randomly jumps ahead. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
  12. V

    LeBron James Points Out Second Chance Points Error

    [No message]
  13. M

    When I boot from DVD, I get error message 0xc00000e9?

    So, I am trying to get Windows 7 for my computer (I use Linux Mint 14) and I used Digital River. I downloaded it, burned it to a DVD+R blank disk, and when I boot from disk, I get: "Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer. This error can be...
  14. C

    Can't download music right now error for google play music on android razr?

    I have my music on "the cloud" and im trying to download them on to my phone. It gets about 2 or 3 songs in and then it says, cant download music right now, I have it set to download whenever not just on wifi, please help!
  15. S

    Compaq Presario CQ56& acer laptop both the "A disc error occurred Press

    Ctrl+Alt+Del" on the screen? Every time I turn on my laptops and that doesn't work when I do that. And the recovery button doesn't do anything either but bring it back to that screen. Help? What do I need to do? I don't have any recovery disc and there is no way to get one. And I don't really...
  16. G

    A disk read error occurred, press control alt delete to continue?

    Is there a way to fix this? It is a windows 7 toshiba satellite laptop, and I have the backup disks. However, whenever I put in disk 1 and boot from it after pressing f12 to enter the boot selection menu, it says it is loading files, then the screen stays blank for a long time, then there is a...
  17. A

    Getting error on iOS Mail using Yahoo setup?

    I have been working with @YahooCare on Twitter and we have made some progress but now I am back to square one. I am getting the following error: "The IMAP server "" doesn't support (null) authentication. Please check your account settings and try again." There were some...
  18. K

    LG Enlighten wont send text message, I keep getting error code 105 or 36?

    I have an LG Enlighten and I cant send text messages to a specific contact...It just started happening out of the blue. But I can send messages to everyone else...Anyone know what Error code 105 and 36 are?? That is what the phone keeps telling me.
  19. M

    I am getting "no connection" error while using Google Play on android?

    I have Samsung Galaxy S3 (rooted with CM10.1 ROM) and i can't access Google Play using Wifi but with mobile data i have no problem?! Same with Youtube, i cant login in my account but i can watch videos. When i open Google Play it says "no connection" and "retry". I tried with different...
  20. V

    Desmume Pokemon Black 2 Wifi Help? Nintendo Wi-Fi Error 52200?

    I'm on DeSmuME 0.9.7 (which purpose is for wifi, it's not the regular DeSmuME). I searched access point, got SoftAP (which is the connection I'm suppose to connect to), the connection works when I test it. So what I'm trying to do is use PokeGTS to try to receive the Pokemon I created. So I...