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    Wroclaw University Library turns to IBM big data solution to preserve European herita

    IBM and the Wroclaw University Library in Poland announced a national scientific project to preserve and digitize nearly 800,000 pages of distinctive European manuscripts, books, and maps dating back to the Middle Ages and rarely accessible to the public until now.The project, co-founded by the...
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    Prunes Benefit Digestive Health Says European Food Standards Agency

    Eating prunes is officially beneficial for digestive health confirms the EU Commission in a final authorisation ruling recently[1]. Prunes are now the only natural, whole and dried fruit to achieve an authorised health claim in the EU following a six-year application process by the California...
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    Neurological Diseases Very Costly For European Economies

    Neuropsychiatric disorders put a financial burden of EUR 798 billion on European economies according to a current study. "Neurological diseases affect a total of 220 million people so they play a big part, something a fact that is often underestimated," said ENS President Prof Claudio L...
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    European cruise info..going to italy and france and spain for 8 days?

    I have never been on a cruise so i have a couple of questions: 1. Do you they let you off the ship all day and nite? 2. Would i get a chance to see venice and rome in one day?(the famous stuff) 3. How far away is paris,venice,rome,barcelona from these ports? 4. Best way to get to these cities...
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    Why do some European women want to travel the Middle East?

    Aren't they afraid they get suppresed and beaten. Or is it just because of the culture? No I mean the normal ones that are not islamic Also, aren't they afraid to get raped? heard that happened sometimes, but maybe it's okay if they are in groups
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    3rd Annual European Life Sciences EPP Pricing & Profit Optimisation Forum: Performing

    3rd Annual European Life Sciences EPP Pricing & Profit Optimisation Forum: Performing The Life Sciences industry is evolving. Unprecedented market changes are pushing manufacturers to seek out new skills and insights and adapt their strategies and business models. Leaders are already investing...
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    13th Annual European Clinical Data Forum, 21-22 May 2013, Amsterdam

    The 13th annual European Clinical Data Forum is one of Arena International's flagship events, designed to meet the needs of those within clinical data management. The European Clinical Data Forum provides a unique format which allows delegates to tailor their own agenda according to their...
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    What are some interesting essay topics for European History?

    I don't want to do a traditional report on Napoleon or WWII or something. I'm trying to think of something significant but somewhat obscure at the same time. Thanks in advance!
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    Imran abbas (afghan) vs tom cruise (european) which actor looks more handsome?

    Abbas and cruise comparision
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    Are there any European cruises that go to Italy, France, and Belgium?

    I would love to go on a European cruise that visits Italy, France, and Belgium, but I'm trouble finding one, as Northern Europe and Mediterrean Europe are usually separated. Are there any that you know of? Please don't just give cruiseline names. Also, not JUST those places; those are just ones...
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    Is UK humour being regulated to European standards?

    Do we have a PC humour ban? We are not allowed to degrade blacks or Muslims or fat people,gays or any group/typecast in jest. Growing up I had no agenda to hurt or destroy but loved a black (dark) joke. It never made me hate anyone. On th contrary...a Welsh joke or Irish joke made me as one...
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    First European Randomised Trial Confirms New Pneumococcal Vaccine Highly Effective In

    A new conjugate vaccine is highly effective (93-100%) at preventing invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD; meningitis, sepsis, bacteremic pneumonia, and other blood-borne infections) in infants younger than 2 years who are the most vulnerable to infection, according to new research published Online...
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    What does it take to conquer the hearts of European readers?

    Like they say Asian readers are intwrested in characters, European readers are grammar critics and American readers are plot critics. What would it take for a Novelist to conquer the hearts of European readers? I don't want to conquer the hearts of American or Asian readers only European...
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    New European Statistics Released On Heart Disease And Stroke Show Significant Drop In

    The statistics show that efforts to reduce heart disease deaths are successful, with mortality now falling in most of the continent. At the same time, the report shows the huge burden CVD presents to Europe's health, and suggests that underlying factors may cause CVD to increase in the near...
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    What are the latest European hair/clothing trends?

    OK everyone, as you know it is now fall/winter season and I need some new clothes because mine are a little old, and I lost some weight so they are to big now. What are the trends that are going on for fall/winter over in Europe. I like the European style better, it is just my personal...
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    First Comprehensive Review Of European Breast Cancer Screening Programs Finds Benefit

    A major review of breast cancer screening services in Europe, jointly led by researchers at Queen Mary, University of London, has concluded that the benefits of screening in terms of lives saved outweigh the harms caused by over-diagnosis. The results, which are published in a special supplement...
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    Are BMW's sold in Mexico, more European than the U.S.?

    My friend was talking about BMW's, and he said that, if he were to buy a BMW, he would buy it in Mexico because they are more European then the U.S. version. He said that BMW's are imported with European regulations and not U.S. regulations that are sold in Mexico. he also told me that cars...
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    Scientists Use Waste-Water Analysis To Determine Drug Use In 19 European Cities

    By analyzing the waste using urinary biomarkers, researchers can reliably detect actual drug consumption in cities. A large group of scientists has for the first time conducted a comparative study of illegal drug consumption in 19 European cities based on wastewater analysis. The findings are...
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    European Researchers Discover New Cause Of Obesity, Call It ‘Social Jet Lag’

    European Researchers discovered a new cause of obesity, called "social jet lag" (because eating crappy food and getting next to know physical activity is probably not it). We're pretty sure it's just another word for "sleeping in," based on TIME's description More »Post from: Blisstree
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    The New Pharmacovigilance Legislation Will Impact US And European Drug Manufacturers

    The Pharmacovigilance Legislation Will Come into Effect in July As the European Medicines Agency's new PV (pharmacovigilance) Legislation implementation date of July 2012 approaches, US and European pharmaceutical and biotech companies need to ask themselves if they are ready for the changes...