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    Share you experience here

    Let me know guys do you ever enjoy the barbecue during your outdoor trip with you family or friends. If yes then freely share you experience here and let us know how much exciting trip that was for you and your family? I am waiting for lots of replies ... :crazy eyes:
  2. G

    Lance Wiggs parlays Pacific Fibre experience into Punakaiki Fund

    Punakaiki Fund. From left to right: Chris Humphreys, Lance Wiggs and Sandy Maier Speaking at the Punakaiki Fund launch in Auckland earlier today, Lance Wiggs says the frustration he felt when raising money to build the Pacific Fibre submarine cable was part of his motivation to start his New...
  3. J

    Have you had experience using the websites "gigs and tours" and "eventim"?

    Have you had experience using the websites "gigs and tours" and "eventim"? I bought tickets from gigs and tours and recieved them recently. They have eventim printed on them. I am going to see a band at manchester arena. Are both these companies genuine? Have you had good experience with them?
  4. T

    Both parents experience highs and lows in sexuality after childbirth

    Partners of new mothers often experience shifts in sexuality, and these shifts are often unrelated to biological or medical factors pertaining to childbirth. The findings, which are published in a recent issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, expand current understanding of postpartum...
  5. A

    Name the Atlanta Falcons? demonic new sandwich ? if you survive the experience

    Look at that sandwich. Look at it. You can even sniff the screen if you want. We won't judge. Pulled pork ... mac and cheese ... bacon, glorious bacon ... cole slaw ... onion rings ... a white bread bun. That rumbling sound is your stomach ... or perhaps your clogged arteries crying out for...
  6. A

    (10 point) What is the Italian job experience for jelly bean XXMC8 for...

    ...Samsung galaxy ace 2? I have updated my ace 2 to jelly bean the official update. I know the Italian job is a custom rom but what are the benefits from and what are the drawbacks? Will it make my phone faster? If i install this rom will my device crash?
  7. J

    Recommendations on DIRT BIKES from those with knowledge and experience!!!?

    Im thinking of buying a 250 road registrable dirt bike (second hand) for the purpose of trail riding and cruising on public roads. Non competitive stuff, just for fun. I had thoughts on buying a CRF250 or maybe a YZ250 or KX250. Can anyone give me suggestions, pros and cons and pros and cons...
  8. A

    Would You Like Some Perversion With That? My Worst Street Harassment Experience Yet

    Don't worry about being too nice when someone's making you uncomfortable. Street harassment is real and you don't have to stick around and wait it out. More » Would You Like Some Perversion With That? My Worst Street Harassment Experience Yet is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    New Study Examines How Individuality Develops: How Experience Leads To The Growth Of

    The DFG-Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden - Cluster of Excellence at the TU Dresden (CRTD), the Dresden site of the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE), and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin played a pivotal role in the study. The adult brain...
  10. G

    What does Judaism teach about Saul's experience in 1 Samuel 10:1-9?

    Do they teach that Saul was born again that day? What does Sanuel mean when he says, " 6 Then (L)the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you mightily, and (M)you shall prophesy with them and be changed into another man."? 1 Samuel 10:1-9 New American Standard Bible (NASB) Saul among Prophets...
  11. H

    I got hired at a restaurant as a 'line cook' but I have no experience as a cook

    and in the restaurant.? They interviewed me three times and they knew that I was only applying as a dishwasher guy. When I had to talk to the chef again, he told me that he wants me to be a line cook. I never found out why he made that decision. I can cook but only at home. I have very little...
  12. A

    US guys share you experience for best iphone games you like to play?

    I was asking about what kind of games you all play on iPhones, give their names and tell why u prefer that game..... Lets see whose gonna list the best game app.... :)
  13. sunnysbestfriend

    What is your experience of electronic cigarettes?

    Did you experience symptoms like those of giving up (because they contain less harmful stuff that real fags)? Did it help you give up? Any feedback is welcome!
  14. K

    What are all the components of a car audio system for the BEST sound experience?

    I'm a noob when it comes to car audio system. I want to install a full aftermarket car audio system in my car and i'm trying to learn as much as i can. So far all i know is... 1. Head unit (of course) 2. Speakers 3. Subwoofers 4. Tweeters 5. Crossover 6. Amplifier What else am i missing? I...
  15. A

    What can you tell me about the Australian Shepherd from experience?

    i might get one as a puppy this summer. i need to know as much as possible, thanks! and yes im doing research as well.
  16. T

    Non-Amputees Experience Phantom Limb Sensation

    Non-amputated individuals can actually experience the illusion of having a phantom hand, according to a new study in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. The research was conducted by neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden who explained that the sensation of having a physical...
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    Want A Different NYC Yoga Experience? Give Body Actualized Center’s Cosmic Yoga A Try

    Cosmic yoga at Brooklyn's Body Actualized Center features live music, strobe lights and an optional vegan meal afterwards. More » Want A Different NYC Yoga Experience? Give Body Actualized Center’s Cosmic Yoga A Try is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness &...
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    Gwyneth Reveals Horrible Experience With Miscarriage And Now I Feel Like A Jerk

    Gwyneth Paltrow described her miscarriage as a “really bad experience” that left her wondering if she should try for another child. The 40-year-old actress speaks of her “window” of opportunity for having a child possibly being over. As someone who is 40 and pregnant – I can definitely...
  19. A

    Anyone have experience with cruises out of San Diego?

    I know thy go to Mexico and Alaska, not sure about Any others. Is it even safe to take a cruise to Mexico? Has anyone done this ? What did you do? I need to get away from this city for a few days. Stressed out man ya know.
  20. A

    if you have experience in one martial art , where would you start in another?

    For example if I had many years of experience in kick boxing and I was very good and I started doing TKD would I start at the beginer level? OR if I was a black belt in BJJ and I started judo would I start as a beginer or would they put me at a apropriate belt?