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    Can't remove extra Email address from android !!!!?

    Ok so I got the new Galaxy S4 with latest Software I linked my personal Email address "[email protected]" to the phone and it appears under accounts in settings and is used as my acount on all other apps So I wanted to sync my work Email's calendar with my phone "[email protected]" So I went...
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    Why not use a fingerprint scanner for everything (Retinal too for extra security)?

    Dont own that gun? Gun wont fire. Not a citizen? Cant vote. We could even use it to buy gas and slim jims at the corner store!
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    On Verizon does it cost extra to send texts to Canada?

    I'm on Verizon in the US and I have unlimited texting, I text someone in B.C. Canada (same timezone as me) and I'm wondering if it costs extra. I don't pay the phone and I don't want to make who has to pay it mad so does it cost extra if it's unlimited?
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    I need an idea for a short documentary film. Possibly a DVD extra for another film?

    Any ideas are welcome.
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    For Shame! Bakery Shut Down For Putting Extra Sugar & Fat In Their ‘Sugar-Free’ Treat

    For Shame! Bakery Shut Down For Putting Extra Sugar & Fat In Their ‘Sugar-Free’ Treat The Butterfly Bakery in Clifton, New Jersey has some explaining to do. After a prolonged investigation, the FDA found that the bakery falsely labeled some of their products fat and sugar content, going as far...
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    Why didn't the groom wonder where all the extra 6 stone 20 gallon jars of wine...

    ...came from? 213.John 2:10 And saith unto the groom, EVERY groom at the beginning doth set forth GOOD WINE; and when men have WELL DRUNK, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now. John 2:9-11 (in Context) John 2 (Whole Chapter) Other Translations
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    How much extra would an iPhone 5 cost on my verizon bill as an upgrade from a...

    ...basic phone? Is it more than a 4s? Is it the same as a smart phone?
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    when you connect your ipod to your phone using bluetooth is there any extra

    charge on your bill? i dont have wifi and i just need to know if it cost money?
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    Selling Health Insurance By The Pound: More Plans Charge Extra For High BMI

    More companies and private insurance plans are implementing or seriously considering "selling health insurance by the pound," as MarketWatch puts it -- making workers with high BMIs and chronic conditions like high blood pressure and cholesterol pay extra for health care coverage. More »...
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    Do I have to pay extra for dining on the World cruise ship?

    Do I have to pay extra for dining on the World cruise ship, or is it included in my annual fee. What about the grocery shop on board? What do you have to pay extra for? And what happens when I die, will the onboard home be passed down to my heir?
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    how to grow my nails out extra long?

    ok i want to grow my nails out longer (now maybe 5-6 weeks growth) and i want to keep them all even, nails not breaking. once a few years ago i got them all out to 3/8 inch before one broke but it seemed to be luck i got them that far. this time i want to go for longer than that, see how long...
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    How do I add extra spotlights in my lounge n power it off the switch?

    I've got power on the switch but the lights aren't turning on
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    Jim Harbaugh cons replacement refs out of two extra challenges

    It was the officiating crew "led" by Ken Roan that proved to be a complete disaster in last Monday night's game between the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos, and it was Roan's crew which made perhaps the most embarrassing series of mistakes in a day of football that was nearly overwhelmed by...
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    Jersey Fouls Extra: The greatest Foul from Los Angeles Kings? Stanley Cup run

    Jersey Fouls is our ongoing exploration of the rules and etiquette for proper hockey jersey creation and exhibition. If you spot what you think may be a foul in your arena, email a photo to us at [email protected] for inclusion in future installment. The mingling of Los Angeles...
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    Clear out your clutter and make some extra money -- with apps

    [No message]
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    Will GNC NourishHair for men cause extra hair growth in places other than...

    ...your head and beard? Will it cause extra hair growth on my arms, legs, chest, and private parts?
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    Extra Time: Trend It Like Beckham

    Saturday night is typically the day of rest for Closing Time, but there's been some interesting stories today and I've got some juice in the Mac, so let's get some quick snippets out to the masses. Say hello to Extra Time. If you're coming across this post Sunday morning, pop it into the...
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    Please help with english riddle for extra credit. Best answer will be

    awarded for the extra points! Thanks! :)? Last of my tribe of one score and four after I am passed there follow no more If you would use shape to describe me to others The horse shoe and lyre in form are my brothers
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    will the item below fit my extra dvd drive on my HP Pavilion Elite M9520F Desktop PC?

    VANTEC UGT-CR905 58-In-1 Internal Card Reader/Writer w/ Built-In USB Port for 3.5" or 5.25" Drive Bay
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    Verizon wireless extra beep when on the other line. help?

    I hate that extra beep when i am on the other line and the person that is calling knows im on the phone. . So i called VZ and asked them how to remove it. Well they couldnt, something about the way my number is routed. . So my question now is there a ringback tone that sounds the same as the...