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    Are your eyes beautiful or ugly?

    Allaah The Almighty Says (what means): {Tell the believing men to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts. That is purer for them. Indeed, Allaah is Acquainted with what they do. And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts...
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    What color were Bon Scott's eyes?

    Please I need to k ow FOR SURE.
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    Who is one celebrity that looks way younger than their real age to your eyes?

    For me it's selena gomez. I actually don't know how tall or how old she is now but she looks like a 13 or 14 year old girl to my eyes. So when justin bieber posted a half naked photo of him with selena sitting next to him on twitter, i felt very awkward.
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    Amanda Bynes Admits to Getting Nose Job Because of "Webbing" Between Her Eyes

    Amanda Bynes Admits to Getting Nose Job Because of "Webbing" Between Her Eyes Ah, that's why*Amanda Bynes*looks so different. Despite continuously telling media to only*use her new Twitter selfies as photos for stories, In Touch...
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    Why The Host Is Not Easy on the Eyes

    Stephenie Meyer isn't the only thing The Host has in common with Twilight. Like the red-eyed vampires in the Twi-films, the aliens in the new sci-fi film had to wear...
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    What Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health (And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It)

    When it comes to good vision, those cherry-red Prada glasses you keep lusting after are not the end of the discussion. Don't ignore these essential eye care tips. More » What Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Health (And Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It) is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    Does anyone find the patterns you see when you close your eyes fascinating?

    Like if you close your eyes as hard as you can and you see shapes and if you try really hard manipulate them? I mean it just seems like something really underrated, especially on shrooms.
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    Can I put aquamarine Eyes on my driver's license?

    My culture is very detail orientated and I am not looking to start an argument with the Drivers Licenses place but I would much prefer they but what my eyes truly are on my license than just what they think or a a limited answer that is not correct after all isn't it there job to but what your...
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    An eyes wide open look at sleep aids

    [No message]
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    I've been smoking a year (about to quit) but it gave me lines/wrinkles under my eyes

    and i'm only 21? I'm quitting because i wanna get healthy and not age faster. i have naturally younger looks. I'm aware they won't go away, but what can i do to get back my young looking face i had before smoking gave me these fucking lines. I'm a dude if it matters. Not gay just dont dig the...
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    my fishes eyes are GONE!!?

    ok so i have 5 fish and i think they where picking on my algae eater he is pretty big and i thought he could handle himself but i think they ate his eyes and its really creepy and i dont know what to do i have a second tank he can have 4 a home but is he gonna make it.you can see in his body i...
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    im looking for anime show that is about a dude that has eyes that can...

    ...breakdown magic spells? im looking for anime show that is about a dude that has eyes that can breakdown magic spells and is looking for magic item called (hero relics)
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    If the veins in my eyes are getting big does that mean they are dry?

    If not what does it mean? What if they feel strained why does that mean? Please help 10 points?!?!
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    Hollywood's Top Stylists:*Katey Denno Makes January Jones' Eyes Pop!

    This week we've been unveiling the stars' biggest secret weapons: their glam squads. And when it comes to makeup, they don't get much better than Katey Denno, the woman who brings out...
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    Eyes to See Unseen Enemies - Jan 29,2013

    We discuss our polemic against the "post-modern-neo-pagan" church with its cultural Christianity, and offer a way to get out from her. BIO: KapowRadioShow.com Linda earned degrees in Mathematics, Science and Behavioral Science. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics...
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    POLL: Have you ever wanted to have those eyes where one is Blue and the other is...

    ...Brown? I allllways wanted those eyes!! ...anyone wanna swap??
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    Why Is Steve Jobs Giving Me Sexy Eyes?

    Ashton, you're making us all uncomfortable in this promo shot for Jobs: The Movie! You look like Steve Jobs, yeah, but I feel violated. No one remembers ol' Steve looking so smoldering in the real image that inspired this shot. Are you Punking us? More »
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    Films that will make you ball your eyes out?

    i want a film that is so heart wrenching that i will cry hysterically. i really want movies that nobody's really heard before... like my life without me. but just some that are independent movies... or just damn good ones.. even documentary's like dear Zachary
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    Big Ten eyes Rutgers and Maryland for expansion

    Late Penn State coach Joe Paterno once said he thought Rutgers would be an ideal fit for the Big Ten. Ten months after his passing, Paterno might get his wish. Yahoo! Sports' Dan Wetzel confirmed that Maryland and Rutgers are looking to bolt from the ACC and the Big East respectively to make...
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    How To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

    Did you know that October is National Eye Injury Prevention Month? In order to celebrate...er, raise awareness, we decided to find out how you can keep your eyes healthy. After all, you only get two of them! More »Post from: Blisstree