1. hope1

    How to reduce pimples in our face ?

    How to reduce pimples in our face ? Drink more water Avoid oily and junk foods You can add some points to enlighten this topic . :itching:
  2. Y

    how can I make a big and colorful < LIKE> in face book by using < ALT CODES>?

    how can I make a big and colorful < LIKE> in face book by using < ALT CODES>? please just answer the above question.
  3. S

    Hi, i have pimples on my face since 3 months now also but my cheeks are

    very big why? Why? How can i reduce? Iam 20 yrs boy. My frnds say looking very bad. Help me any body how can i reduce my cheeks size. Is there any effect from eating meat daily and looking XXX videos after hand pressure on my penis (masteradtion) pls help me
  4. A

    Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio Is The New Face Of Always Maxi Pads

    Victoria’s Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio has always been versatile: she’s that rare mannequin with commercial appeal who still keeps a steady stream of high fashion work, she walks some blue chip runways, models 2.5 million dollar bras and tops Most Hottest! lists from Maxim to Esquire and...
  5. A

    If we really could time travel, what complications might we face?

    Alright, I honestly do not believe that time travel could actually happen. However, I was thing about it, and I was wondering if we could, what probers might we run into. And by the way, I'm talking about like 1920's and after, nothing Stone Age or whatever. For example, would the way of travel...
  6. C

    My dog got attacked right in front of my face! Now I'm traumatized. Help?

    Alright so my dog got attacked yesterday by 2 dogs while i was walking her (mind you she's a chichuahua mix, and the two dogs looked like boxers), and she was yelping for the longest time once she somehow set free from the dogs. Then I carried her on my way home. So then once we got home, she...
  7. W

    Face fat?

    Hi All, I've been working out at the gym & it's going well.....However, I haven't been able to loose much fat from my face..... Please suggest some exercises for the face....
  8. G

    When vacationing would you like your hotel to face the sun?

    So you can watch the sunset
  9. V

    Which Baseball Players Face Suspensions for Tony Bosch and Biogenesis?

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  10. A

    Duncan Keith is really, really sorry for slashing Jeff Carter in the face (Video)

    In the second period of Game 3 of the Western Conference Final, Duncan Keith of the Chicago Blackhawks got into it with Jeff Carter of the Los Angeles Kings. At one point, Keith was reaching down to pick up his glove when Carter appeared to hit it – or Keith – with his stick blade. So Keith...
  11. G

    A majority on Earth face self-inflicted water woes within 2 generations

    A conference of 500 leading water scientists from around the world today issued a stark warning that, without major reforms, “in the short span of one or two generations, the majority of the 9 billion people on Earth will be living under the handicap of severe pressure on fresh water, an...
  12. A

    Blackhawks face elimination as Red Wings take Game 4, Toews unravels

    The Chicago Blackhawks’ history-making season is slipping into the same abyss that swallowed up other Presidents Trophy winners who couldn’t fulfill the promise of their regular-season success. The Detroit Red Wings won Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals, 2-0, to take a 3-1 lead and...
  13. K


    they are going with BFs in bike? i have seen many girls sitting in a backseat of Boy's Bike, covering their face completely like terrorists so that nobody should find her. It is a bad thing going on now a days.
  14. V

    Kristin Sottosanti’s Face Slashed by Masked Husband

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  15. L

    How can u carry a second face shield on a sport bike?

    Space seems so limited and a bag or humongous luggage case are ugly. How do I make it work without it looking like crap
  16. G

    Kate Moss Named the Face of St. Tropez—See the Sexy, Nearly Naked Ads

    She's still a golden girl! Kate Moss is now the new face—and body!—of St. Tropez. A longtime fan, the supermodel gushed about the famed self-tanning products....
  17. S

    Can a cat find its way home after being sprayed in face by a skunk?

    My cat is 10 years old. She has always been an indoor-outdoor cat. The night before last she came running in the house acting terrified and crazy and rubbing her nose and face. She ran around then out the door again.I couldn't figure out what had happened,but then I smelled really strong skunk...
  18. K

    Why do some types of cigars and cigarettes make my neck and face itch?

    Most cigars I smoke do not effect me, but some will and I just smoked my first cigarette and it made my skin a little itchy. I have acne on my face and neck and it seems to make all my blemished areas itch. I've never experienced this with Hookah and like I said, most cigars do not make me itch...
  19. A

    Spring Shopping Guide: Natural And Organic Face Powders

    My face is shiny all the time lately! I don't know why, but my normal, nominal face makeup routine—moisturizer or face oil; beauty balm; eye brightener—just isn't cutting it right now. More » Spring Shopping Guide: Natural And Organic Face Powders is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
  20. J

    Riddle me this. If a dragon-bird threw his balls at the Hulk's face, what would...

    ...Hulk do? Riddle me that.