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    My Nokia N82 mobile phone fails to send images to my Sony Vaio laptop via bluetooth.?

    I had no problems before. They get connected, but sending images fails. I can send to my friends' mobile phones, but not to my laptop. Please help me.
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    Shannon Guess Richardson Frames Husband with Ricin, Fails

    [No message]
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    Video: BASE Jumper Fails and Miraculously Survives Unharmed

    BASE jumps! If they go wrong, most of the times they are fatal. But not for Maria Steinmayr, who has miraculously survived a failed Extreme BASE jump from the top of the Gran Bali Hotel in Benidorm, Spain. Her parachute failed, making her crash against the building. Hard. Miraculously, she only...
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    Windows DVD maker fails at 99%?

    Whenever I burn a dvd it fails at 99%. Why is this happening and what can i do about it?
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    New York fails to stand up to Indiana?s defensive mettle, falls behind 2-1 in their s

    INDIANAPOLIS – This is the seventh time that the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks have faced off in a playoff series, and in each of the previous matchups the sporting world was treated to tough, defensive-minded basketball that was occasionally difficult to watch. Toss Saturday night’s Game 3...
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    Samsung Intercept phone fails to download apps?

    I've been trying to install snapchat and shazam all day, and the progress bar is only the preliminary one, like it shows no progress with actually downloading the app, and eventually i just end up with a triangle with a ! inside that says it failed to download the app, but when i look on google...
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    Kaspars Daugavins attempts legendary shootout move, fails against Tuukka Rask (VIDEO)

    In 2010, Kaspars Daugavins of the Ottawa Senators scored a shootout goal in the AHL that shocked the hockey world: He put the nose of his blade on top of the puck and skated into the offensive zone, before performing a 360-degree spin-o-rama to beat Hamilton Bulldogs goalie Robert Mayer. The...
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    What can I do if smog test fails and how much would it cost?

    I have a 2002 sentra SE-R but the test states "catalityc converter insufficiency" also the check engine light has been turned off completely, how much would it cost or is there any other option to pass the smog test??
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    What kind of person in you opinion fails health or gym?

    How popular would u guess this person is? See im guessing it can go both could be a fat guy/girl with no athletic ability, OR some edgy guy\girl who doesnt give a schnitt and has everyones respect. Ive seen both those stories happen.
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    Video: Olympic Bloopers and Fails

    We all love the Olympics. Even if you don’t like sports, everyone tunes in every four years to root on their country. If you say you don’t hope your country does well, you’re probably lying. However, the Olympics aren’t all about success. Failure is also a big part of the Olympics. Check out...
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    The Many Ways Models Are Made To Look Perfect (Hint: It’s Not Just Photoshop Fails)

    There's been a lot of harping about the problem with Photoshop lately--most notably, that excessive retouching has made it nearly impossible for women to feel good about their own porous, flawed, dimpled, freckled selves. But according to one actual photo retoucher who spoke with Buzzfeed...
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    Jets training camp reporter fails to note difference between Sanchez and Tebow

    You'd think that with all the "Mark Sanchez vs. Tim Tebow" crap we're going to hear in New York Jets training camp and through the season, everyone would know the difference between the two men. Sanchez is the overrated Metrosexual quarterback, and Tebow is the overrated Puritan quarterback...
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    Napoli owner impressed by Leo Messi?s lack of tattoos, fails to realize Messi has tat

    Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis is a strange man. We've already established this. He denounces his Italian citizenship and storms out of fixture draws before catching a ride on a stranger's scooter and he introduces new players to the press by putting them in lion masks. So it should come as...
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    2008 gold medalist Bryan Clay fails to make 2012 team

    The U.S. Olympic Trials in track and field are unforgiving, as athletes are not chosen by a committee, but by their performance at the event. Bryan Clay learned this lesson the hard way on Saturday, when the 2008 Olympic champ failed to make the U.S. team. Clay missed his chance to return to...
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    Why The Immune System Fails To Kill Breast Tumors In Mice

    A pioneering approach to imaging breast cancer in mice has revealed new clues about why the human immune system often fails to attack tumors and keep cancer in check. This observation, by scientists at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), may help to reveal new approaches to...
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    POLL: What never fails to make you laugh?

    I have to say, sometimes at the history reenactment group I go to, sometimes we play musical pieces as part of the historical setting. There is this one person who plays the triangle, and he plays it with such ferocity and mock passion it just cracks me up. Which is a pain as I am usually...
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    G'night Poll: What never fails to make you laugh? That gets me. Every time. Goodnight my lovelies :)
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    Why does download in firefox fails to resume after a temporary loss of internet...

    ...connection? I usually download files using the download helper in firefox. But recently I am facing problems because of a temporary fault in my internet connection. Yesterday i was trying to download a file of size 250mb. After I completing 205 mb my connection was lost and download was...
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    Macbook Pro fails to run cd/dvd?

    When I insert a cd into my macbook pro, the cd tries to run (seems to be starting up), but it eventually fails and spits the cd back out. I have had this problem with DVD's and CD's. Anyone know the cause....and a way to fix it? Thanks so very much!
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    If the electric motor in my 05 Ford Escape Hybrid fails, will it switch to all gas?

    It would be good to know if ford installed a failsafe in their hybrids