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    Will pictures of a car accident be enough proof to clear false claims in a collision?

    Long story short, I was in a car accident 2 weeks ago. I hit the car in front of me and a truck hit me from behind because 2 other drivers (aside from us 3) pulled over and said they had slammed on their brakes due to traffic. The 2 cars did not hit each other nor were they damaged in the front...
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    Planting false memories is possible, say neuroscientists

    Have you ever recalled a memory and wondered if it actually happened? It sounds like something from a science fiction film, but a team of neuroscientists from MIT have demonstrated an ability to implant false memories into mice brains. A study published today in Science reports the team's...
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    Now that the IRS scandal has been proven false since liberal groups got

    their status denied, and conservative? ....groups had serious questions about their status that needed to be answered.. ...Will Fox News and the rest of the drunken liars on AM radio ever apologize, or admit they were wrong?
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    How much do you think third umpire would have earned after giving false

    decision against ian bell? Bc-ci gave lot of money to referees to fix these matches
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    True or False: Baby you a song, you make me want to roll my windows down and cruise?

    Down a back road blowing stop signs through the middle every little farm town with you. Hahaha what a comical song.
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    I heard a rumour that a polar bear wants to run for president, is this true or false?

    One of my friends from kindergarten told me so, it's true.
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    Could the Boston bombing have been a false flag?

    They have done it before could this be like a Operation Northwoods? Especially because Obama sure is making this all about him??
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    Ban Your Bra! French Doctor Finds “Bras Are A False Necessity” For Most Women

    Can I first just say how hyped I am about this new anti-bra study?*According to French doctor*Jean-Denis Rouillon, who studied 330 women's breasts for 15 years(!), the whole shebang may be a waste of money and effort for many of us.* More » Ban Your Bra! French Doctor Finds “Bras Are A False...
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    Is 1080p false advertising on a blueray with 2.35 aspect ratio?

    Before you give me the aspect ratio lecture, know that you will be immediately disqualified from best answer if you do. I understand the need to preserve a movie in its original format, but when you downsize the movie so that it can vertically fit 1920 vertical lines, you get just over 800...
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    Anyone know of any sci fi books based on a (false reality scenario) like...?

    the Truman show or the matrix yes i know both are movies but the concept where the world the main character is living in is a false reality
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    True or false? New Netherland became a very important and large colony of

    the Dutch empire? True or false? Do you have something to support your claim?
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    True or False: Have you ever been to Macinac/City Island, Michigan for vacation?

    I'm going there June 28, 29, 30 of 2013, but I been their before in the past.
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    Muslims, did you know that your religion is false and you are doomed for Eternal...

    ...death? accept Christ and repent!
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    Poll : True or false : A creative adult is?

    The child who SURVIVED.
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    A: statement B is false?

    B: statement A is true it cant be answered D:
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    True or False: wearing 6 inch heels does not add 6in to your height?

    like if you're 5'4'' and you wear 6 inch heels it doesnt make you 5'10'' in the heels because of the tilt of the shoe, it doesnt make you 6 inches taller?
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    Would human evolution be false, if Jesus Christ claimed that Adam was real?

    "You sort of have it backwards; evolution isn't false because Jesus claimed Adam was real, Jesus claimed Adam was real because Adam WAS real, and evolution is false." --Joel V Genetic evidences don't support you.
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    True or False: Guys like to gossip more than Gals?

    Hold on, I have to go see a man regarding a dog...
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    Sunday Morning Meditation (Beware the False Prophet) 10/14 - Oct 14,2012

    Time for our 15 minutes of Stress relief and release and our "INSPIRATIONAL vitamin" They come in many forms, beware those who try to convince you they are the salt of the earth when they are really the true sinners masked as saints! This weeks inspiration: John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every...
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    Sunday Morning Meditation (False Prophets) 10/14/2012 - Oct 14,2012

    They come in many forms, beware those who try to convince you they are the salt of the earth when they are really the true sinners masked as saints! This weeks inspiration: John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false...