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    Famous Opera Houses around the world

    Let me share some names of famous and interesting Opera Houses around the world. I am a big fan to see historical and interesting places around the world. The names are; Sydney Opera House Teatro alla Scala Royal Opera House, London Palais Garnier Metropolitan Opera House Hungarian State Opera House
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    Famous Hotel in New York City

    New York is famous for attractions, historical places and many other things. At this time I am going to talk about famous hotel in New York city. The names are; Waldorf Astoria New York The Plaza Hotel Radisson Martinique on Broadway The Roosevelt Hotel Trump SoHo New York Mandarin Oriental...
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    Famous hotels in Dubai.

    Dubai is well known due to its hotels from all over the world. I would like to mention some famous hotels of this region. Those names are: Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa Fairmont Dubai Burj Al Arab Al Qasr
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    Famous treatment in Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is the treasure trove of cure for many illnesses. There are many famous treatments in Ayurveda. Tourists throng Ayurvedic centres seeking treatments. God’s own country has become famous for Ayurvedic treatments. Tourists from different parts of the world visit God’s own country for its...
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    Do famous people go to school?

    Famous people like from The Teen Wolf cast, Tyler Posey, Dylan O' Brien, tyler Hoechlin etc. Just wanted to know
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    Gary Payton says he influenced Allen Iverson?s famous ?Practice?? press conference (V

    Apart from his cultural impact, crossovers, and toughness, the soon-to-be officially retired Allen Iverson will be best remembered for the infamous "Practice?" press conference after the Philadelphia 76ers exit from the 2002 playoffs. It became an iconic moment if only because a high-profile...
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    How do famous people go to concerts?

    I saw an interview of demi lovato and she said she went to a meylene and the sons of disaster concert but if you don't know the band personally you don't just get to chill out backstage just cause ur famous or do you. Cause they aren't just gonna be in the huge crowd of people and get mobbed so...
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    Do famous people really have a twitter?

    Ok so Toni braxton is my favorite right so I follow her fan page, to make a long story short I had tweeted something about her and she retweeted it but my real question is do famous people really have a twitter or it a fake because if it fake am not following her.
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    who are some famous people that many people didn't know did stand up?

    I just found out Seth Rogan did stand up...also, Adam Sandler. I think Sandler sucked at stand up (and many of his movies) but do you know of any famous people who did/does stand up?
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    Name some famous people who your convinced has a screw lose?

    Mine would have to be Trey Parker/Matt stone, Andy Samberg, Sasha Baron Cohen and Johnny Knoxville. So yeah famous people who you find funny for this reason.
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    which famous people and celebrities who passed away in the last 10-12 years ?

    which ones stick to mind for you the most - any of them celebs you liked ? Christopher Reeve (Super Man) and not so long ago, Legendary Larry Hagman (J.R Ewing) were two that spring to mind for me personally. Watching this video of Christopher Reeve in his wheel chair was tough though. "...
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    why do people care what famous people do?

    like what is the big thing? why do people care what dresses famous ladies wear? who cares who famous people date? who cares is two famous people have a baby?
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    Where can i go or do to meet famous people and talk to them in private.?

    I want to talk to Mr.Manson he is so amazing!
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    How do these vine famous people meet?

    Well if you don't know what vine is its an app like Instagram except with 6 second videos. Anyway some people are famous on there, and how do they meet other vine famous people and collaborate?
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    Is it possible to take the DNA of famous dead celebrities (John Lennon,...

    ...Elvis, Etc...) and create clones? Can we create clones of the Beatles?
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    Do the rich and famous reply or comment to normal people on 'twitter?'?

    Just wondered.Thank's.
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    Abbey Wilson (and Joe Francis) Could Be Famous Soon

    [No message]
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    Famous movie star who had a totally different career before?

    I am trying to transfer my career within the same company. While I am preparing the interview, I would like to give an example of famous movie star who had a totally different career before. Could you give me some expaples with the conditions below? 1. One who is very famous so everybody can...
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    5 or More of the Most Beautiful or Sexiest Women (Celebrity or Famous) to

    Ever have Walked this Earth? Random answer or well researched is fine. Besides your wife or gf ( Unless there is a pic on the internet of her ). Off the top of my head I feel these are 5: Monica Bellucci Kim Cattrall Rachel Weisz Erin Burnette Maura Tierney There is something about Maura...
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    Is it normal that I don't really care about famous people ?

    People like famous actors , actresses or singers or even politicians . It's just that I've noticed many of my friends and many more in my age group seem to know a lot about them . As in like they know every little bit happening in their lives whereas I don't even know their names and couldn't...