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    How do i send fan mail to Roger Federer, to get his autograph?

    i Know that in his site, it says you can send somethings to him, and he will return a autrographed card. can you please tell me EXACCTLY what i need to do, like what dimensions card, and what stamp on the cover, ans what do i need to include inside the envelope? thank you
  2. H

    How would a celebrity date a normal fan?

    don't act like you never thought about it. like what they just see them in a crowd and chase them down? how can it happen? will it happen?? details??? would it matter if the fan is a year older?? how would you approach this issue? would this certain celebrity that i like be offended...
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    Sci Fi Fan, why do you say Amnesty=civil war?

    When it's clear that if a war broke out, you would be hiding in your basement @sci fi fan, you're pussy
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    Cliff Lee accepts Twizzler from young Brewers fan while waiting in on-deck circle

    Your browser does not support iframes. During a Philadelphia Phillies exhibition game at Citizens Bank Park in March, Cliff Lee and teammate Cole Hamels were seen operating the team’s hot dog cannon as they shot Hatfield brand hot dogs into the stands. Hey, you give a little, you should get...
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    Adult fan barrels over child on way to grabbing Kyle Seager?s historic grand slam bal

    As we noted on Wednesday night, the Chicago White Sox topped the Seattle Mariners in a wild 16-inning game despite Kyle Seager's dramatic, game-tying and history-making grand slam in the 14th inning. Just to bring you up to speed quickly on the historical significance of Seager's blast, it was...
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    Baywatch Star Inspires Obese Fan To Lose Weight

    I can't really imagine Baywatch being inspirational for anyone, when I was a kid, I thought it was the most boring soft core porno on television, but to each his own, I guess. More » Baywatch Star Inspires Obese Fan To Lose Weight is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work...
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    Yankees Fan Matt Fortese Seriously Injured at Camden Yards

    [No message]
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    This is a Brazilian Chelsea fan who named his son ?Leandro Lampard?

    With the England team in Rio to play Brazil on Sunday, FA TV met a Chelsea fan who brought his one-year-old son to see members of the squad at an appearance on Friday. So far so normal, but the unusual part is that the man named his son Leandro Lampard Martins Guedes. The man said that he...
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    Quick-reacting Cubs fan stops young son from throwing back foul ball (Video)

    Your browser does not support iframes. We've seen this scenario play out a time or two before. It's the one where a parent, sibling or all-around good citizen catches a foul ball and then hands it to a young child only to watch the prized new possession get launched back on to the field or on...
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    What size electric cooling fan do i need?

    I plan on adding an electric cooling fan to my truck, how big of a fan do i need to run, considering fan diameter and cfm rate? I have a 1996 gmc c2500 with the 305 v8. I plan to use the truck as a daily driver and a weekend warrior at the drag strip. Any helpful suggestions and info are welcome.
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    Royals fan rushes the field, steals rosin bag and channels Benny ?The Jet? Rodriguez

    A fan dashed onto the field during Thursday night's Los Angeles Angels-Kansas City Royals game and made quite a scene before security caught up with him. He ran to the pitcher's mound, where he slid and grabbed the rosin bag, avoiding a would-be captor. The slide-grab-and-turn was a lot like...
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    Where can I find a handheld asian-style fan?

    I had a wooden handheld fan a while ago, but I lost it and ever since then I've wanted a new one. Where can I get one that is good quality but not super expensive? And also, which is better, silk or wood? Thanks!:)
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    Fan yells ?We did it!? to celebrate Spurs victory, enters Internet lore forever (Vide

    It would be fair to expect San Antonio Spurs fans to let out sighs of relief after the end of Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals against the Memphis Grizzlies. After blowing a 13-point fourth quarter lead to see the Grizzlies force overtime (due in part to a questionable flagrant foul on...
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    Internal fan not working Citroen C3?

    Hi, I have a Citroen C3 Exclusive hdi diesel 53 plate. The fan to clear the windows and cool the car down has been hunky dory but it has now stopped working. I've checked the fuses and the connections in the fuse boxes and everything is fine. When I push the button to switch on the window...
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    How to tighten a fan belt on a fiat scudo 1.9 diesel van?

    How to tighten a fan belt on a fiat scudo 1.9 diesel van? Any help will be appriciated Thanks :)
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    Never really been a fan of sci fi movies, let alone a star trek fan but?

    I must admit that the new star trek movie was pretty good. I really enjoyed Khan is the coolest and best vilian ive seen this year. What are your thoughts.
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    Do I need a fan for my system?

    I want to run a RF T1500-1BD and two T1D412 4ohm DVC. How would I do it, and would i need any sort of cooling for it or anything extra such as battery supply...etc?
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    Do I need a fan for my system?

    I want to run a RF T1500-1BD and two T1D412 4ohm DVC. How would I do it, and would i need any sort of cooling for it or anything extra such as battery supply...etc?
  19. Jordan

    Gadget to show fan speed in Windows 7?

    I would like a sidebar gadget to show the fan speeds of my computer. I have Core Temp right now as well as GPU Observer. I like them both, however they do not show fan speed. I'd prefer either an all in one (GPU, CPU temp, RAM usage, and fan speed) or just fan speed and nothing else, but I'll...
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    Fan builds Yankee Stadium replica using 75,000 matchsticks

    For 86-year-old Bill "Brother Beans" Becker, it was three years and $300 well spent. In his own words, that's how long it took the life long Yankees fan from Toms River, N.J. to create a Yankee Stadium replica using only matchsticks, and that's how much it cost him to burn through — literally...