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    National Draft Day: Buffalo Wild Wings/Yahoo, a match made in fantasy football heaven

    Wings. Beer. And fantasy football ... Pardon me for slobbering like a St. Bernard. For the first time ever Yahoo Sports and Buffalo Wild Wings are teaming up for National Draft Day, an event celebrating the heart of the fantasy football picking season. This Saturday, August 24, Yahoo will have...
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    10 Steps to Winning Your Fantasy Football League – Guaranteed!

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    Yahoo Fantasy Sports for iOS & Android: We Finally Have Mobile Drafting

    If you're already a fantasy sports fan, chances are you've used Yahoo's Fantasy Sports app before. And just in time for football season, their newest version of the app comes with a major design overhaul and one very welcome, long await feature—mobile drafting. Read more...
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    rate my 2013 nfl fantasy football team.?

    i Have 2 teams. team one QB: Peyton Manning, Josh Freeman RB: C.J. Spiller, Stevan Ridley, Stevan Jackson, Johnathan Stewart, Johnathan Franklin WR: Torrey Smith, Anquan Boldin, Danny Amendola, Miles Austin, Tavon Austin TE: Tony Gonzalez K: Steven Hauschka DEF: Seattle Defense Team 2 QB...
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    is a sci fi / fantasy / love story where the protagonist has a lot of psychosis an

    interesting idea? is it a story you would want to hear?
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    Fantasy baseball: Trade Mike Leake/ Adam Lind for Wil Myers/ Z.Wheeler?

    title says it all. Thanks in advance. I'm taking a leap of faith?
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    Should Quentin Tarantino do a sci-fi fantasy?

    Isn't it strange that one of the leading directors in Hollywood hasn't made a single movie in hollywood's pet sci-fi fantasy genre like 'Dark Knight', 'Man of Steel', 'Avengers' etc. Look at the wonders it did to Christopher Nolan. Do you think it's time that Tarantino should also venture...
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    fantasy baseball:how does H.Street of padres earn a save on thurs.when he...

    ...entered nineth with a 4 run lead? on thurs,june 20,H. street earned a save when he entered game in nineth with a 6-2 lead.He gave up a homerun making score 6-3.he then got 3 outs ending game.rules state you can't create your own save situation
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    Fantasy or sci-fi, which one do you like better?

    What's your favorite movie from the one you pick?
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    Closing Time: MLB is maybe about to suspend half your fantasy team

    Yeah, this news is gonna leave a mark on your fantasy roster: According to a report from ESPN's "Outside the Lines," Major League Baseball is preparing to suspend a significant number of players — perhaps 20 or more — connected to the Biogenesis PED scandal, including Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz and...
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    Randall Cobb Fantasy Football 2013 Sleeper Alert and Projections

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    Late Night Fantasy Chat: 10:15 pm

    It's the middle of May and we've got plenty to talk about. Jurickson Profar's promotion. Doug Fister's college days. Derek Holland's OPS. As usual, we'll do it in chat fashion. I'll provide the polls, you provide the beverages, everyone bring something silly. In Michael Scott's lingo, this is...
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    Is final fantasy iv for DS good?

    Thinkin about getting this game what do you think
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    Fantasy book about memories being stolen by a man from the future?

    I can't think of the name of the book (or the author) for the life of me. I barely remember how the story goes, but here's some details I remember: -Children are dropped off at this strange house/building -They are fine until the master of the house has them enter his office -After visiting the...
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    Why can't I view my premier league fantasy football team from my itouch 4th gen ?

    Every time I try go onto the site from either google or safari the website is messed up and only words can be seen on the screen. No pictures
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    Sunday Night Fantasy Chat, 9:15 pm ET

    I'm not going to push a hard sell for tonight's national TV game and the attached fantasy chat. If Westbrook and Kendrick don't get the juices flowing, consult your doctor. The usual topics are on the menu for tonight's gathering. We'll talk openers and closers, rookies and reaches, movies and...
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    Poll: do you like fantasy of sci-fi better?

    Example - fantasy - Lord of the Rings Example - sci-fi - Starwars
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    Help fantasy baseball?

    Where do I go on tweeter for fantasy baseball advice on trades
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    How come E fiction can't be as popular as fantasy,sci-fi,mystery, and romance?

    By E, I mean some good old fashion erotic fiction.
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    Do Not Disturb: Thirteen fantasy baseball sleepers for 2013

    Sleeper is such a dangerous term, because it's a relative term. It's league-dependent. One person's sleeper is another dude's fifth round pick. Many of you play in 8-person mixed fantasy leagues with simple rosters and no keepers. Others are involved in 18-team, N.L.-only, two-catcher...