1. G

    Simon Moutter interview part 4: Fast change delivers certainty

    Telecom’s capacity to change since becoming a telecommunications retailer only in 2012 surprised year-long chief executive Simon Moutter.Since devolving its network services business to Chorus, Telecom had to downsize rapidly says Moutter, who was previously the company's chief operating officer...
  2. A

    I want to save up fast for a vacation next summer?

    My dad & I made a deal today about next summer's vacation. I need to save up fast, but don't know how to do it? I'm 15 can I get a job? I already have about $150 bucks saved up from my piggy banks but that came in really slow! Any help??? The whole trip costs about $4,000 dollars ^_^ Thanks!
  3. malachi

    at&t phone but t-mobile sim need help fast!?

    alright so i have a at&t phone but a t-mobile sim, i have a nokia lumia 820! the phone decided to stop working, i personally think it was the update because now when i turn it on the touch screen doesn't work, I tried to hard reset it and soft reset it and still nothing! does anybody know how to...
  4. B

    How fast is the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile?

    I been saving for a iPhone 5 and my parents have said that I have to pay and get on my own plan and i was thinking from my parents being on metropcs to t-mobile no contract unlimited. But recently i heard of unlocking a phone and i researched that a little. But also t-mobile and metropcs have...
  5. J

    How can I lose weight fast?

    I'm 13 years old and I'm overweight. Like a lot. I'm 220 pounds. I started getting overweight when I was about 10. I thought I'd grow out of it. I've gained 60 pounds in 3 years. I'm a female and I'm 5'9. I'm desperate to lose weight. Please no hateful responses. I'm going to my hometown next...
  6. U

    Torrent went from fast to slow. Why?

    It was going at a steady .5 MB/sec and now it's so slow it's almost stopped. It is because whoever was seeding me dropped off?
  7. B

    which DVD ripper or Blue ray ripper is best and fast?

    which DVD or Blueray ripper is best and fast
  8. G

    How fast could nuclear propulsion allow us to travel?

    I was some things about nuclear propulsion being the most efficient way of traveling in space. How fast could it allow us to travel? In miles per second please. Also if you could please tell me how long it would take to reach the planets in our solar system.
  9. M

    when fast 6 come out on torrent websites?

    when Fast 6 bluray come out on torrent?
  10. A

    The Most “Health Conscious” Fast Food Restaurants

    National chain restaurants tend to vacillate between pretending to have "healthy" options and and coming up with new and creative ways to serve bacon. More » The Most “Health Conscious” Fast Food Restaurants is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health...
  11. P

    Torrent link of Fast and furious 2 (2003) and 3 (2006) 4 (2009) in hindi HD?

    HI guys im searching for these movie and i didnt got one with many seeders please type the link and it should be 1080p it can be 720p but good quality and seeders should be much more than leachers In hindi please send
  12. E

    Can you use iPhone iOS coupons at Fast food restaurants ?

    I don't wanna go like to McDonald's holding my iPhone and telling them like oh here shoving my phone in there face showing them a coupon like on the app Deals Plus feeling stupid .. So I wanna ask am I allowed to do that or does it depend where I live or what ????
  13. G

    Fast & Furious 6: 6 Ways the Latest Is Revved Up to Be the Best Yet!

    Hard to believe what started as a street-racing version of Point Break would spawn five sequels, but if there's anything we learned since the 2001 original, it's never underestimate...
  14. T

    40 Percent Of 9-18 Year Olds Use Calorie Information In Fast Food Restaurants When Ma

    A new study published online in the Journal of Public Health has found that of young people who visited fast food or chain restaurants in the U.S. in 2010, girls and youth who were obese were more likely to use calorie information given in the restaurants to inform their food choices. It also...
  15. A

    The Fast Diet: Lose Weight Eating Whatever You Want?

    Lose weight eating whatever you want? That’s the bold claim made by*The Fast Diet, the new bestselling book by UK-based authors Michael Moseley, M.D., and Mimi Spencer, who say for five days a week you can pretty much go for it, milkshake AND fries included. And lose approximately 1–3 pounds per...
  16. A

    Short book about guy who buys DVD player that flashes light and fast...

    ...forwards telling future? It's driving me crazy! Let me give the general run through.. It's about a guy who buys a VCR (or DVD player I can't remember) for his entertainment room. When he gets home and plugs it in to watch that night, it starts flashing a light and the picture on the screen...
  17. T

    Proximity Of Fast Food Restaurants Has Impact On Body Mass Index Of Low Income Africa

    African-American adults living closer to a fast food restaurant had a higher body mass index (BMI) than those who lived further away from fast food, according to researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and this association was particularly strong among those with a...
  18. T

    Brain Stimulation - A Fast And Painless Way To Improve Math Ability And More

    In the future, if you want to improve your ability to manipulate numbers in your head, you might just plug yourself in. So say researchers who reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on studies of a harmless form of brain stimulation applied to an area known to be important for math...
  19. A

    Tayshaun Prince dunks all over 3 Thunder players on the fast break (Video)

    When the Memphis Grizzlies traded small forward Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors in late January, one of the criticisms of the deal was that they had sacrificed much needed scoring and wing athleticism for the more virtual gain of long-term financial health. Veteran Tayshaun Prince, his...
  20. M

    Why do people sometimes doesn't sleep fast?

    When I get home and I tried to sleep,sometimes I can't sleep already. What could I do so I could sleep without using drugs?(I already consulted my doctor 2 times)