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    Remove Junk Files to Make Your iPhone 5S/5/4S Run Faster

    For iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S users, files you thought were deleted, caches, offline files, cookies and temporary files could be clogging up your system. These files are eating the space of your iPhone and making it work slower. Watch Video: PhoneClean is a smart tool...
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    How to make a boat motor go faster?

    I have a 28hp 2 stroke mariner on my boat (it's a little old) which i would like to go faster. We have adjusted the trim already and that seems to help. Any other suggestions?
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    Potential for a faster, simpler diagnosis for fibromyalgia using a finger-stick blood

    Researchers have developed a reliable way to use a finger-stick blood sample to detect fibromyalgia syndrome, a complicated pain disorder that often is difficult to diagnose. If it were someday made available to primary care physicians, the test could knock up to five years off of the wait for a...
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    How can I make my blackberry 9320 download faster?

    When I uploaded my BIS for the month for the first 4 days it was downloading at speeds of 300kb/ s a week later unfortunately it slowed down to an annoying 10kb/s if there is an app or some option within the phone I would really appreciate it
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    how to delete apps faster on ipad?

    I have apps i don't want anymore and theres a whole lot of them and it would take forever. Is there a cyida or a way to delete a lot of apps in a short period of time. PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY. Thanks.
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    Cycling average speed: On the flat which bike is likely to be faster for the...

    ...same power output? 1.) A decent hybrid with 32mm tyres but with clip on aero (TT) bars. 2.) A decent road bike with 23mm tyres and usual road bike set up. N.B. both with tyres pumped up solid.....
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    Isthere any way to make my 2012 silverado 5.3 Vortec faster without voiding my...

    ...extended warranty? I recently purchased a 2012 chevy silverado and I also purchased an extended warranty for 84 mos. Is there any way to modify my truck without voiding the extended warranty? I already purchased it so theres no reason to lose it. The engine 5.3L Vortec 2012. Thank you for...
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    How can you get your Torch Torrent to download video faster?

    I just got Torch as my web browser and with that Torch Torrent. I am trying to download torrents but it seems to take forever. What can I do to make them download faster because at this rate it is faster to just stream the video or download it normally.
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    Will a flowmaster exhaust make my 2013 dodge dart any faster?

    It's a 2.0l it's the base model SE. Will I notice the difference other then the sound? And would I have to make cut outs in the bumper for it to fit correctly? How much would something like that cost to do? Are there any better ideas to make my car faster that's not too expensive
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    Do game apps on the iphone or itouch drain the battery faster?

    i noticed when I play games like draw something or temple run, it seems like the batter has been dying a lot faster, are there any devices that I could buy so it could charge while im not near a plug
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    Why does battery on iPhone 5 charge faster when using it?

    Did anyone else notice that battery on iPhone 5 charges very quick if you're using it? If i leave it to charge it will take up to 3 hours to fully charge. However if i use it while it charges it will be fully charged in not more than one hour.
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    how to run faster and get better for basketball?

    I want to make varsity basketball next year, what can i do to get faster for basketball and build stamina. I also want to get better at ball handling, i wanna be able to dribble around and through anybody very quickly please help And give good tips
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    TB Rates Need To Drop 10 Times Faster For Elimination By 2050

    Tuberculosis (TB) rates are coming down, but not dropping fast enough to keep the world on track to meet the target of Stop TB Partnership: to eliminate TB by 2050 (less than 1 percent TB in population is referred to as elimination). "The current decline in TB rate is 2 percent globally every...
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    Can having alot of sex make the baby come faster?

    I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I just wanted to know so I can slow down so my baby can come when she is ready
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    i3 core to i7. how much faster?

    so i have an i3-2370m dual core processor with 2.4ghz of clock speed and Intel HD 3000 sandy bridge. im just wondering how much framerate would i get in increase if i upgraded my cpu to a quad core i7 with the same 2.4 ghz of clock speed. let's take black ops 2 as an example, i play on 15 fps on...
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    What programs can I delete to make my computer faster?

    I really like to play the Sims 3 but my computer is really slow. What can I do to make it a little bit faster? Which programs can I delete? This is a screencap of programs I have: i obviously don't want to delete any of the sims games, itunes, oovoo, or...
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    Will deleting apps make my YouTube videos faster on my lg motion 4g?

    I been looking at reviews and people said its quick please give a good answer to me it has 5gb but i only used up 1gb any tips or advise
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    Fastest torrent downloader (faster than utorrent)?

    im tired of utorrent. Any other cool best torrent downloader?
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    YouTube on my Iphone 4s and Ipad faster than YouTube on windows 8 laptop and

    galaxy tab 2? I need to invest in a macbook, anybody want to buy a laptop and tablet? *trollface*
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    How to make Vshare in your IPad faster, and how to stop the apps stop

    pausing while downloading.? Every time i download an app on Vshare, after a moment i find the game stop dawnloading. Why is that and how to change it.