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    Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools

    I love a good chocolate bar or Cheez-It from time to time, but I’m very happy that these new regulations passed Thursday about junk food in schools — with surprising bipartisan agreement. More » Wonderful New Federal Laws Ban Junk Food In Schools is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy...
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    Google is apparently facing a fresh antitrust probe from the Federal Trade Commission

    Google is apparently facing a fresh antitrust probe from the Federal Trade Commission to find out if it's been abusing its dominance in display-advertising to illegally curb competition. Naughty. Read more...
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    Is the Federal Reserve destroying commodities so that it can keep...

    ...printing fiat money? The implications on the market and the economy in general will be disastrous. Every time some government entity decides to play the roll of some sort of sun god the whole entire economy and market suffers the consequences. This has happened many times throughout history...
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    Sole Mississippi Abortion Clinic Will Not Close, Thanks To One Federal Judge

    Yesterday, Judge Daniel P. Jordan III ruled in United States District Court that Mississippi’s only abortion clinic must stay open, despite the best incredibly vile efforts of lawmakers and anti-choicers to enact and enforce a state law that would lead to the closing of Jackson Women’s Health...
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    Most Work-Related Amputations Missing From Federal Figures

    A new report from Michigan State University and the Michigan Department of Community Health raises significant concerns about the federal government's system for tracking work-related injuries. Published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the study found the number of...
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    If the Supreme Court upholds the decision of Federal Court of Appeals for DC,

    will firms get their fines back? The Federal Court of Appeals for DC has ruled that the three people Obama appointed to the NLRB as recess appointments when the Senate was not in recess do not legally hold their positions, and that the NLRB decisions they voted on are invalid. They have agreed...
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    Why do some conservatives rant about the federal reserve and the NWO?

    We know most cons are out of touch, but these are by far the most out of touch since almost nobody supports their anti federal reserve and NWO agenda. Why do they do it?
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    Enrollment Of Kids In Health-Care Programs Boosted By Increasing Federal Match Funds

    Significantly more children get health insurance coverage after increases in federal matching funds to states for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), according to new research from the University of Michigan. The research, published in the journal Health Affairs, showed...
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    Federal Investigation Proves That Dr. Drew Was A Hack – Even During The ‘Loveline’ Ye

    Oh Dr. Drew, you sneaky little psychology hack you. How far the once-great advice guru has fallen. He won our hearts with what seemed like honest and informative straight-talk about sex on Loveline. Then he started diagnosing celebrities he's never met and encouraged a whole host of mental...
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    New Federal Disclosure Law Aims To Increase Transparency Between Physicians, Drug Mak

    A Colorado School of Public Health researcher has found that laws designed to illuminate financial links between doctors and pharmaceutical companies have little or no effect on what drugs physicians prescribe. "If the policymakers who passed these measures were hoping for a deterrent effect...
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    Federal Judge: POM Wonderful Won’t Give You A Hard-On

    POM Wonderful's pomegranate juice is delicious, but a federal judge instructed the company yesterday to shut up about its health benefits. Apparently, claims that the juice can cut heart attack risk, prostate cancer and prevent erectile dysfunction, which were questioned by the FTC two years...
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    Since federal reserve profits go back to treasury, why doesn't the...

    ...government always borrow money from the fed? WHY DOESN'T THE GOVERNMENT ALWAYS BORROW FROM THE FEDERAL RESERVE INSTEAD SINCE THOSE PROFITS THAT THE FEDERAL RESERVE GETS WILL BE RETURNED TO THE TREASURY? instead of borrowing from anyone else like investors or foreign governments or foreign...
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    Second Federal Court Tells Texas It Can’t Defund Planned Parenthood (Yet)

    In the continuing saga of Texas v. Planned Parenthood, a second federal court has told Gov. Rick Perry et al. that they can't play political football with women's health care access, at least for the time being. More »Post from: Blisstree
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    Federal bell grant not being used for school?

    Hi everybody. I just had a question about something. My cousin applied for financial aid in the summer and then received a federal pell grant. She receives $400 twice during one semester. The first $400 she got she used it to buy the books for her classes and a laptop and school supplies. The...
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    Rising Health Insurance Costs A Problem For Individuals, Employers And Federal Govern

    Kaiser Family Foundation's annual study, published today (Tuesday 27th Sept) found insurance costs for the 150 Million Americans that have health coverage through their employers jumped by nearly 10% this year, presenting a quite a problem. Kaiser and the Health Research & Educational Trust...
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    American Association For Cancer Research Report Asks Congress To Increase Federal Fun

    The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), will release its AACR Cancer Progress Report 2011, in which its calls on Congress to increase funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The report urges Congress to provide the NIH and NCI...
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    Is Federal gun regulation constitutional?

    Does it not interfere with a well regulated state militia
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    Bell federal credit union?

    I have this card that my grandmother gave me when i was younger and it has my name on it, and her name, and my account number. It's a savings account number and the only thing i can find about out about it is it's name is Bell Federal Credit Union, and it has a logo of a bunch of arrows inside a...
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    Why do Republicans rant on the campaign trail about the evils of the federal...

    ...government...? ...but then when a disaster strikes, they're SCREAMING for government help? http://newsone.com/nation/cdixon/gov-rick-perry-blasts-obama-texas/
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    This federal law that deals with racketeering provides for criminals to

    forfeit property they use illegally? often resulting in the item being auctioned-off; (abbreviation; 4 words)