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    Why do I not feel weird or off-put from reading a story about lesbian love?

    I'm not a homophobe. I have nothing against gay people or have no problem with them. But I would be lying as to say when I'm faced with a situation involving a same sex relationships I feel weird and uneasy; out of place you could say. But I've been reading a story that is about two girls...
  2. M

    Traveling back and upper body pains that feel like hunger?

    I just ate not long ago...
  3. X

    I want to have VAS 5054A Bluetooth VW AUDI Diagnostic Tool, we feel that this right?

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    Poll.How do you feel when you stay home on Saturday nights?

    I feel like a no life loser and depressed.I actually hate waking up on Sunday morning and see people post pictures on Facebook of their Saturday night all getting drunk.
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    Poll: which is the best video you feel?

    if available share it
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    I feel weird when someone or something touches me. why is this?

    Sometimes when someone touches me I get a cill up my spine. Like if any guy touches me whether I like him or not touches my arm I weird out and back away. Even leaves. But when a girl touches my arm I have no affect. Why is this?? Im female by the way. Some times I think its kinda creepy when...
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    POLL: Would you feel like a jerk if you had this conversation?

    Person #1: Why are you dating him, he's so much older than you, what does your dad think?!?!?! Person #2: I don't have a dad .... ohhhhhhh
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    Do men and women feel differently about hockey? Chicago morning show?s hacky investig

    Now that the Stanley Cup Final is here, that means a bunch of media that never touch hockey in Chicago and Boston will attempt to add puck to their coverage with the naïve befuddlement of a Neanderthal watching a satellite launch. WCIU in Chicago has a morning show called “You & Me This...
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    How long before PDA starts to feel normal?

    How long until PDA (Public Displays of Affection) starts to feel normal with my boyfriend? We are gay males, if it matters. It felt alittle awkward when we were at an ice cream place. Could that be cuz there were kids and whatnot? Does it get more natural feeling?
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    Teen Turned Away From Prom Because Her Breasts Are Big (BTW: I Know How You Feel, Gir

    When high school senior Brittany Minder found her dream prom dress, she had no idea she would wind up humiliated because of how her large breasts fit in it. More » Teen Turned Away From Prom Because Her Breasts Are Big (BTW: I Know How You Feel, Girl) is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on...
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    Counterpoint: Against New York’s Grit, I Feel Gorgeous

    It may seem that the New York style scene is competitive and extravagant. Au contraire, I have come to love its diversity and roughness-around-the-edges. More » Counterpoint: Against New York’s Grit, I Feel Gorgeous is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness &...
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    I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I feel really anxious as if something bad...

    ...is going to happen.? So tomorrow I'm going to be driving a total of four hours out of town to go on a mini three day vacation. However, I just feel like something bad is going to happen. I've been excited for this trip for a while and I just started feeling like this within the past hour or...
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    I'm travelling yet I feel like an idiot ....?

    I will drive somewhere that's 372 miles away. My car fills up with 12 gals and that costs me about $30 the mpg is 36-40 in (highway) My stupid math said that i would only fill once?? im confused. this is my first time driving far. in my defense, I've only been driving for 4 months. Im...
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    Should I feel bad about going on a vacation without my fiancé?

    My fiancé and I have have been together for 5 years and this past year engaged. We are leaving my family in Vegas and moving to Hawaii for work and to be closer to his family. I've been thinking about going on a mini-solo vacation to California for a while now and just brought up the idea to...
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    Feel the Burn: My Favorite Kettlebell Workouts

    If you're looking for a way to spice up your workouts, try adding kettelbells in for a full-body burn. Check out my favorite routines & give them a try! More » Feel the Burn: My Favorite Kettlebell Workouts is a post from Blisstree - Get tips on healthy living, work outs, wellness & health food...
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    Girls do you feel obligated to have sex?

    I'm in a gender psychology class and some girls suggested that when they were younger they felt obligated to have sex with guys. They said that if they didn't, they would be called a tease and this caused them to have sex when they didn't really want to. Does this happen a lot?
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    I Own 43 Slaves, According To Slavery Footprint, But Not Sure How I Feel About This

    Slavery Footprint calculates an assortment of variables: clothing owned, food eaten and sourced, gadgets owned, jewelry worn, etc. The website even asks your gender and race, though it specifies that these variables have no effect on your score. It's actually really enlightening—and scary. More...
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    indie rock/alt/ or even something harder to make me feel better about myself?

    Im looking for songs that make you feel like everythings alright, that your not a horrible person, and that its okay and stuff. with genres like indie rock, alternative, and/or even some stuff with screaming in it (if it does have screaming I dont really want it to sound like every other post...
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    how should I feel about my buddy having sex with someone i like?

    some say bro's before hoes, but i donno...I had a female buddy that was in town with her friend , so me and some of my male buddies decided we would all meet up at a club later that night with them. Everything went fine had a good time and all my buddies knew i like her, but wasn't really sure...
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    I ate Taco Bell and now I feel sick?

    First off for the past 2 weeks I've been on a diet and every weekend I have cheat days. I had Taco Bell. 4 tacos, the Doritos kinda, Woke up feeling dreadful. And sick nauseous. Anything I should take? Or do? Also didn't know what category to put this in