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    how can i make the skin under my feet tough or thick?

    i'm starting to work out for the first time in my life. My feet are soft really soft. Now that I'm working out i'm having really big blisters under my feet, and it hurts so bad i have to stop running. Is there a way I can make my skin tougher or thicker, or is there something i can do so i...
  2. H

    I'm 5 feet tall girl,planning to buy yamaha ray z. Will i be able to

    flat foot on this bike? If not suggest some other bikes?
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    Why are there more sq feet in a 30 x 30 area than in a 24 x 36 ares?

    Ya ya I know how to multiply; 30 x 30 =900 and 24 x 36= 864. But when it comes to housing space (I'm drawing a housing plan) if you take a 24 x 36 space ( take 6 feet from one side and add it to the other it should be the same sq footage as the 30 x 30 right? I dont understand and its messing...
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    Fancy feet: Andrew McCutchen falls for pick-off move, dances back to second base (Vid

    I already knew Pittsburgh Pirates center fielder Andrew McCutchen was as calm, cool and collected as they come on a baseball field. What I didn't realize until Friday, however, was just how subtlety smooth McCutchen can be even in the face of a potentially embarrassing situation. As captured...
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    Starbucks Bans Smoking Within 25 Feet of Stores

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    Human Evolution Affected By Culture: Big Feet Preference In Rural Indonesia Women

    People in most cultures view women with small feet as attractive. Like smooth skin or an hourglass figure, petite feet signal a potential mate's youth and fertility. Because they signal reproductive potential, a preference for mates with these qualities may have evolved in the brains of our...
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    Why our early ancestors took to 2 feet

    A new study by archaeologists at the University of York challenges evolutionary theories behind the development of our earliest ancestors from tree dwelling quadrupeds to upright bipeds capable of walking and scrambling. The researchers say our upright gait may have its origins in the rugged...
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    how to tickle a girls feet while doing karate?

    ONLY GIRLS! instructions please
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    Geometry:A jet is cruising at 360 mph and at an elevation of 34650 feet and...

    ...on course to pass directly..? A jet is cruising at 360 mph and at an elevation of 34650 feet and on course to pass directly over a golf course. A man on the seventh green sees the jet and quickly calculated the angle of elevation to be five degrees. How long until the jet passes overhead...
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    New Pope Francis I Earned Compassion Points By Washing The Feet Of 12 AIDS Patients

    The Catholic Church has a new leader in time for Palm Sunday! Now, the world can get to know Pope Francis I, formerly known as*Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pope Francis is the first non-European Pope, the fact of which has dominated the early reports of his election...
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    How many cubic feet of water would it take to bring a lake back to normal?

    if the lake has 45 miles of shoreline and 7,910 surface acres and is currently 16 feet below normal. And how much rain would it take to equal that? Long story short, we've had 2 really bad drought summers and a large city in our state only JUST introduced water rationing in January (why people...
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    Preventing numb feet on the elliptical trainer

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    According to Car and Driver, an Alfa Romeo going 70 mph requires 177 feet to stop.

    Assuming that the stopping? this is a calculus question!
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    Pimp My Health: 6 Natural Remedies For Smelly Feet

    Did you know that there are a quarter-million sweat glands on your feet and you can generate about a half a liter of sweat from them per day? That just sounds downright stinky. So*aside from alienating your friends every time you take off your shoes or don a pair of cute sandals, this week on...
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    Pictures: Missy Franklin Feet

    Usually, I’m not a huge fan of chick’s feet. A foot is a foot, in my book. However, Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin has some amazing feet. Why? She wears a size 13 shoe. Yes, size 13! Check the end of this entry for Missy Franklin feet pictures. Not only are Missy Franklin’s feet gigantic, they...
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    Seventeen year old takes Olympic torch on Ferris wheel, 443 feet above London

    LONDON — Amelia Hempleman-Adams is famous for going South — as in the South Pole, where the then 16-year-old British skier became the youngest person to ski there in Dec. 2011. But during the final stages of the Summer Olympic torch relay in London on Sunday morning, she offered one of its...
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    Pimp My Health: 6 Ways To Take Care Of Your Feet

    They help you walk, run, dance, drive, and kick. Your feet are one of the strongest parts on your body, crucial for most daily activities. Lots of people find them gross, but I actually think they're pretty cute, despite the fact that they*contain over 250,000 sweat glands. Actually, you can...
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    Ballet Dancers’ Feet: Graceful, But Really Gross

    Ballet dancers are known for their graceful bodies, incredible poise...and their gross feet. Check out the picture of this professional ballerina dancer's extremely-painful looking, callused and bruised feet. Awww/ewww, right? Dancing 8-10 hours a day takes a toll on everything: skin, bones...
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    which breed of dog has cat like feet?

    Out of these four: Bichon Frise, English Springer Spainel, Poodle, English cocker spainel, i've got to answer for a assignment and i've googled it but i can't find the answer i really don't understand :S
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    I had a dream of someone with no feet?

    I tried researching this on Google, but no luck. I had a dream about someone from my workplace, and he was gliding in my dream with no feet. It was a horrible dream but it's too long to write it down here. But my dream ended with the guy from my workplace, and he came out of nowhere in my...