1. L

    How do you figure out your genre?

    For your cartoon or story?
  2. A

    The Childless Need A Better Representative Figure Since They No Longer All Live In Sh

    Decades ago if one mentioned that a woman was childless, an image appeared in one’s mind of a batty old woman with thirty cats who perhaps lived in a shoe. You don’t need to review the newest research – which says the number of American women without children has risen to an all-time high of 1...
  3. T

    Parents Think 1 In 100 Teens Using "Study Drugs" But Actual Figure Is More Like 1 In

    Parents Think 1 In 100 Teens Using "Study Drugs" But Actual Figure Is More Like 1 In As high schoolers prepare for final exams, teens nationwide may be tempted to use a "study drug" Â*- a prescription stimulant or amphetamine - to gain an academic edge. But a new University of Michigan poll...
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    Psychopath Riddle: Can you figure it out?

    I have a riddle for you. A woman attends her sister's wedding. At the wedding she meets a charming man whom she "falls in love with" on the spot. Before she can get a number, she gets called away. After that, they never get a chance to chat again. A week later, the bride is found dead. Her...
  5. D

    I have a trivia question and I can not figure it out?

    While wandering the Desert you come across small, but perfectly shaped step pyramid. As you examine it, you note that each block seems to be exactly one square foot in dimension. You climb all 7 tiers to stand on the single capstone and look down. Surrounding the capstone, you can see 8 blocks.
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    What is the volume of the solide figure made with cubes?

    A. 12cubes. B. 11cubes. C 16cubes. D. 6 cubes. Also it is a box with 26 cubes.
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    Here is a riddle, can you figure it out?

    Two coins equal 55 cents, one is not a nickel..........what two are they? 10 points to the first person who gets it right.
  8. M

    who can figure out these riddles?

    1) Ricky had a bag containing colorful marbles. The colors are red, green and blue. The total number of marbles he had in his bag is 60. There are 4 times as many red marbles as green marbles. 6 more blue marbles than green marbles. How many marbles of each color did Ricky have? 2) Tina have...
  9. C

    Hard riddles? Try to figure them out!?

    1. Two cops walked into a room with no windows and found a dead man who obviously hung himself from the ceiling, though they couldn't figure out how. There was no chair beneath him that he might have jumped off of, or a table. Just a puddle of water. How did he do it? 2. At the beach. A bell...
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    Is figure skating a good sport?

    My daughter wants to do figure skating is it a good sport or not?
  11. L

    Isn't it kind of Satanic to wear a crucifix which doesn't have the figure of...

    ...Christ nailed onto it too? Actually it's kind of creepy having Christ nailed up too but the cross itself was a torture / execution device. Wearing that without Christ on it is fetishising something used to make Christ suffer horribly so how can it be displayed without Christ appearing on it?
  12. G

    Sandra Bullock's Wax Figure Revealed in Las Vegas

    For the first time ever, Sandra Bullock*got waxed (no, not like that). The Academy-Award winning actress's wax figure transformation was unveiled today at the Venetian Casino...
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    Trying to figure out What Type of DC Shoes are in the picture?

    does anyone know what type of Dcs those are in the first row, next to the pink ones with the white laces that look kind of faded.just click the link to look at the picture...
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    i have a 00 bmw n no manual,740il trying to figure out buttons,?

    on vent i get out side air but if i put it on defrost it blows hot air,i set temp at 80 and still only get heat from defrost............any ideals will help
  15. N

    Can you figure out this riddle?

    My teacher gave us this riddle in class. It went something like this. I know how to make a triangle, I am the only one, none of you know how to make a triangle. The he said I am making a triangle out of my folder, my laptop and my folder. He proceeded to do this a couple of times with various...
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    How do i figure out my MOTOBLUR account username?

    My phone says i have one but i dont ever rememeber making one or what it is.
  17. J

    How to figure out SATA version?

    Hello everyone, How do I find out what version of SATA is supported in my notebook (ASUS F3Eseries, Vista 32bit)? I tried to look into the manual, had a look at some forums but didnt find much of results. Id like to upgrade my notebook by installing new HDD and Im deciding whether to buy...
  18. K

    how to figure out wavelength of different lamps using a handheld spectrometer?

    I recently did a chemistry lab where you use a handheld spectrometer and had to look at the sun, a fluorescent light, H lamp,He lamp, Kr lamp, Ne lamp and a Xe lamp. We also did flame test of some solutions and where supposed to look through a cobalt glass with the spectrometer and record the...
  19. C

    I am trying to figure out how to calculate the amount of fluid a tanker truck

    will hold. ? This truck is beveled on the belly and on the sides. I have been trying to figure this out by using the slope of the truck with no success. I really need help.
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    How to figure out how many jelly beans there are in a jar by looking from the photo?

    My friend and I are trying to win the contest by guessing the right amount of jelly beans. The only problem is that we can only guess from a photo. We can't really guess because we can't feel or see it in real life. The jar in the photo looks like a tall glass jar/cup about the size of what you...