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    PDFelement - How to Watermark a PDF File?

    Watermark’s a private marking whichcan mark the ownership of manufacture, also can be recognized as an electronicchapter. Then how to watermark a PDF file? PDFelementcan do that super-easily. Watch the PDFelement,you can easily do:a. Convert/Export PDF files...
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    password of the file after survey.?

    As I am unable to complete a survey please is there anybody who can do it for me the URL is Thanks for your help and sincere efforts.
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    Computer help, XVID Pirating stuffs. (Need XVID help and file deletion help)?

    Well, I really wanted to get the Sims 3 so I decided to use a pirating website. The link wasn't save and I deleted all the files. I'm not sure if I got all of them, I'm putting my PC on a scan soon. A short while after, I got an error along with weird rippling on my computer screen, telling me...
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    I'm trying to flash an file on my HTC One but I'm not sure which one to go...

    ...with. (Telus)? I'm in Canada with Telus as my carrier.
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    how do you send a mp3 file through email on iphone 4s?

    I have a mp3 file that I want to send to a friends email but don't know how to? Can someone help me? It's urgent. I'm trying to put the mp3 file as a attachment on email and send but can't find anywhere
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    File corrupted when trying to install symbian apps in my nokia n80.?

    I hacked my phone using secman etc. I deleted secman and now i can't remove installserver.exe in my c://sys/bin that caused file corrupted.i also can't install secman because it says file corrupted when i try to install all symbian apps/games.please help!i hope pc is not needed because i don't...
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    Bittorrent or Utorrent wont run after I download the installation file?

    Had to reformat my computer recently and now when I download utorrent or bittorrent, nothing happens after I try to hit the .exe. They both show up in my "downloads" but nothing happens when I double click on them. I tried running them as the administrated and still nothing.
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    One of my friends wanna burn mkv video file on to dvd?

    She has been trying to put some downloaded movies on a dvd and then try to be played on house dvd player. The movies are mkv format. She knows little about the burner tools.So do I. How can it be possible to load the mkv files? Is there a program she or I can help burn mkv for dvd playback?
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    How to delete Divx file from computer?

    I have some Divx files that I want to delete. Whenever I try, I always get this message, "This action can't be completed because the file is open in Windows Explorer. Close the file and try again." Contrary to that message, the file is not open.
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    Can I create an iso file from an xbox game dvd?

    I have an xbox game that's xdg3 that I want to burn as my xbox only plays backups how can I create an iso file from the game to burn
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    Bittorrent or Utorrent wont run after I download the instillation file?

    I'm new to the whole torrent thing and I'm having real trouble getting the program to run. After I choose to download the latest version of Bittorrent, stable not beta, I get to a final prompt that asks if i want to 'Run' or 'Dont Run' i click run and nothing happens. I can find the file on my...
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    BitTorrent doesn't download a file.?

    I watch movies everyday and I download at least two movies a day from The Pirate Bay using Bit Torrent. A few weeks later, I noticed that it took more time to download a 700 MB movie than before. My friend told me that my bandwidth was being throttled by my ISP and he suggested Hotspot Shield. I...
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    Do you know a link where I can download a FREE pdf file / ebook of The Diving...

    ...Bell and the Butterfly? The Diving Bell and the Butterfly: A Memoir of Life in Death is written by the late Elle editor Jean-Dominique Bauby and I really, really want to read it.
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    which type of vidieo file can dvd support?

    which type of vidieo files it supports (AVI)or (MP4) or (WMV) which is the correct one please help me i cannot work a vidieo in TV
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    If I Own the DVD of movie is it legal to download a dvd Torrent file of the

    movie i own? since i own the movie its not illegal to download the dvd file if i don't have the dvd with me at the time? a simple yes or no will do lawyers
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    How to burn a dvd with a downloaded file?

    I got a DVD-RW drive on my comp but have never used it. Could someone please explain how I go about burning a downloaded file onto a dvd? And do I need to buy/download any software? Please give as detailed and informational answers as possible.
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    fastest free file to dvd maker for windows 8?

    downloading torrents files then need to convert them to standard dvd
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    Is there a way to download a file from cleanfiles without completing the survey ?

    I want to download a file from but I don't have money to do the survey so please tell me a way to download it from the site without completing the survey any help would be appreciated
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    how to install img(firmware) file to android device from sd card?

    my android device Vtouch v705 tablet has been pattern locked so i tried to hard format but it doesn't worked for me(system hanging) no way to work resetting key i have its firmware(img file) but i dont know how to install this firmware at this circumstance lots of programs available but every...
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    DVD players What's a good DVD player that has a USB port and plays all file types

    from a hard drive? What's a good DVD player that has a USB port and plays all file types from a hard drive