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    AC3 Filter + DivX Help!?

    Recently started having trouble playing downloaded movies through the DivX player. .mkv, .avi, it all has trouble. Video playback works, but upon opening the video file, it says "Error DTS Audio. Player does not recognize the audio in this video. Additional software is required to play." and...
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    Filter Apps for Android?

    I've been looking through too many photo apps for effects and filters. Not like Pixrmatic to edit photos after you took them, but real time filters like retrica and megaphoto for iPhones. I like to see how the effect looks first and then taking the photo instead of editing it. Any apps like...
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    Loud hissing noise coming from where the air filter sits in my 86 s10 chevrolet...

    ...blazer...? Whenevrr i have the truck running i always hear this reallly loud hissing noise coming from inside where the air filter sits. Theres a couple wires in there but i thought maybe it was coming from the vaccuum hoses. But i cant find those to see if thats the priblem. Anybody have any...
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    Looking for a cook book app that is extensive diverse and can filter...

    ...allergies and cost.? Free would be great but willing to pay for a quality app. I have several food allergies I am looking for an app for my android smart phone that is easy to use (I am not very tech savey at times) allows me to filter the receipes by allergies, budget, food, etc., & will...
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    What Your Instagram Filter Says About You

    What do you think the most popular filter on Instagram is? Valencia for a little fade? Kelvin for photographical equivalent of spray on tans? Maybe Earlybird? Can #NoFilter be considered a filter? But even more than filter popularity, what do using specific filters say about you? This...
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    Suppressing The Brain's "Filter" Can Improve Performance In Creative Tasks

    The brain's prefrontal cortex is thought to be the seat of cognitive control, working as a kind of filter that keeps irrelevant thoughts, perceptions and memories from interfering with a task at hand. Now, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that inhibiting this filter can...
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    Why does cigarette filter turn black?

    Lately I've noticed that when I smoke I'll get halfway through the cigarette and I'll notice a nasty bitter taste and when I look one side of the filter is black it hasn't always done this , I smoke Marlboro black menthols by the way
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    what can cause a snowmobile to not filter gas through?

    i have a 1989 ski doo citation and i recently put in a new motor and new fuel filter. i replaced all the old gas lines including the line going into the tank. i used the old filter on the end of the gas line inside the tank because i assumed it was still good. i cleaned the carb to the best of...
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    Fuel pump or fuel filter?

    2000 ford focus lx 200k miles I cant figure out whats wrong with my ride. If it sits for 30 min or will start and stay started..but if I park it after driving and try to start it right away it dies out..i have to give it gas and quickly put in gear..then when i come to a stop it stops...
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    is it worth putting a pod filter/air filter in a 3 door 1997 Mazda Familia 1.8 DOHC?

    im just wondering if i should install a pod filter/air filter into my car. will it do anything like increase power and fuel consumption? or will it do the opposite p.s I'm from New Zealand if that helps. :)
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    Photo filter face-off: 5 Instagram app rivals

    [No message]
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    Changing Ford Transit 2000-06 Mk6 Oil Filter HELP!!!!!!?

    I need to change my oil filter on the van but Im not sure on how to get to the supposed "hex" nut inside the housing but Im unsure of how it comes of. Do you have to remove the plastic housing the get at the hex nut? if so how does it come off? Cheers
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    Fish Filter- Please read?

    Hi, I have got a fluval 304 filter that my friend has given to me. I've seen some reviews, some are good some are bad. Does anyone have any experience with this type of filter? How do external filters work? Thanks
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    audi a4 quattro air filter's change?

    Does anyone knows how to replace this air filter. Audi A4 2002 3.0 quattro 6V
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    is there an SMS filter for blackberry storm 2?

    Android has an app called SMS Filter that blocks messages from registering in the inbox from blocked numbers. Instead it goes into a different folder. Is there an app similar to this in the blackberries? what is it called and where can I download it?
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    How can I filter friends suggestions by zodiac sign?

    I would like to know if there is either an app or a function on facebook that would let me find new friends (among the friends suggestions if possible) by zodiac sign. Thanks!
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    1998 dodge avenger fuel filter replace?

    I replace my old filter with a new one, the install went perfect and i added the enclosed washers between each component and twisted dint he screws for the fuel line. Both screws are quite tight and every thing appears to be good. I turn the key and gas starts leaking out from one of the screw...
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    ford fiesta 1.25 2003 reg fuel filter?

    was wondering if anyone could tell me or post a link to a picture of where the fuel filter is on my mk6 fiesta?
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    Where is the cabin air filter for a 2001 Nissan Quest?

    I looked under the cowl and it's not there... dash?? it's NOT under the cowl. The only thing under the cowl is the wiper motor. I checked 2x.
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    Toyota Camry 2004 fuel filter?

    cleaning or replacing advice