1. T

    I installed freemake video converter and then, when I open firefox, my new... is always some delta search.? I want my normal search tab back. Also, i uninstalled freemake, but still, when I open a new tab ti shows not the blank page(or the page with 9 sites) but delta search. How do I change that?
  2. R

    Firefox OS Based Smartphone Launched But Not In India ?

    The significance of the launch lies with the fact that Firefox OS is the only challenger to Android in entry level segment to reach the market. While Apple iOS and Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 both compete with Android but only in the mid to high segment. Android has so far had unchallenged reign...
  3. Jordan

    Which broswer you used? IE, Chrome, Firefox or something else?

    I restore my os system. It is Win 7. I don't want to use ie anymore. Could you tell me which broswer you used? Thank you!
  4. B

    What is the difference between Firefox beta (this is on google

    playstore)and Firefox for Android? In my experience, they are both the same browser. just a different name. They allow extensions. But the extension won't be allowed on firefox because of the beta mode. This was said for both browsers.
  5. J

    Will the Samsung Chromebook support Mozilla Firefox?

    I know a lot of sources online say that the Samsung Chromebook won't support any other browser as it runs on chrome, but I noticed it has access to Android play market which contains a Mozilla Firefox browser app. I love chrome and it's convenience. Unfortunately, not all sites do, so I can't...
  6. R

    How to download firefox in symbian?

    In nokia c5 05
  7. C

    Why won't FireFox load images?

    I used to use Chrome, but it started being crappy so I moved to FireFox. At first it was perfect. But now, on this one website, it's started loading less & less images. Instead of the images, it says "User Image." The images are from different sites as well, like tinypic and photobucket. Why is...
  8. G

    Mozilla announces global expansion For Firefox OS

    First wave of Firefox OS devices will be available to consumers in Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Mexico, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Spain and Venezuela.
  9. A

    Which is better browser : opera 11.6 or mozilla firefox 9?

    and what's the reason?
  10. A

    Which is better browser : opera 11.6 or mozilla firefox 9?

    and what's the reason?
  11. J

    Netflix crashing firefox at uni but not at home?

    works fine at home, but as soon as i try to connect at uni it crashes. Other laptops have no problem running it. I have reinstalled silverlight, firefox, video plugins and reset the useragent under about:config... any suggestions?
  12. D

    Firefox - not working from address bar. What to do?

    If I enter an address [ for example] in the address box and click it does not work. If I click on the little house and search ["ebay" for example] in Google and then click on the link it works! I suppose it does not matter but what should I do to fix it. Is it a glitch that has...
  13. S

    Firefox won't download videos properly?

    I'm trying to download a video using the DownloadHelper extension to Firefox. I also have the Download Statusbar extension. All three versions are up to date. The issue is the download will start, and go fine for a few seconds, then will instantly say it is complete and stop downloading...
  14. D

    How to view flash images on Android phones using either Google Chrome or Firefox?

    I was wondering how do you view flash related images on certain sites? Every time I try to view a flash related image it keeps telling me that "A plug-in Is needed to display this content" Can anyone help me? My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2
  15. G

    One Day After Launch, Firefox 16 Is Pulled Over Security Risk [Firefox]

    One day after Firefox 16 was made available, Mozilla has had to pull the software over security fears. If you upgraded, you might want to roll back until it's fixed. More »
  16. A

    video plugin - firefox - divx HELP?

    I use 2 browsers Google Chrome and Waterfox (64bit Firefox) now recently i went to the Veehd site (video streaming, you can watch videos here) the first time i went there some of the videos asked me to download codec-v plugin to be able to watch, i was a bit suspicious of this, but found out to...
  17. M

    How do I change the new tab page in firefox?

    every time i manually hit new tab it opens some funmoods page or some random crap like that. I hate it so much. How do I change it to something like google or something better and useful. Thanks.
  18. L

    certain alt codes not showing up on Firefox browser?

    I don't know why, but all of a sudden I can't view certain alt codes on Firefox (like ? and ?). They just show up blank for me. In the past, I was able to view them, but now I can't. They show up just fine on other browsers like Chrome and IE, so I don't know why they're not displaying properly...
  19. A

    I can't play yahoo games i mean gin with firefox why is that?

    I can play yahoo games gin with internet explorer why not with firefox
  20. G

    Why does download in firefox fails to resume after a temporary loss of internet...

    ...connection? I usually download files using the download helper in firefox. But recently I am facing problems because of a temporary fault in my internet connection. Yesterday i was trying to download a file of size 250mb. After I completing 205 mb my connection was lost and download was...