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    Formula 1 Film Rush Gets A New Trailer

    Ron Howard’s upcoming Formula 1 film, Rush, chronicles the racing era and rivalry of James Hunt and Niki Lauda in the 1970s. We’ve already seen one harrowing trailer for the movie, and another has just been released.
  2. H

    The age of Ben. Formula or riddle? Please help.?

    Ben is 17 years younger than Dan. Dan is twice the age of Mike. Mike is 4 years younger than Ben. How old is Ben?
  3. M

    write the formula that results from Ca2+ and N3-?

    need help in formulating combination of ionic pairs..... Ca2+ and N3-
  4. V

    1999 Williams FW21 Formula 1 Car For Sale

    This car was driven by Ralf Schumacher—Michael’s younger brother—for Williams in the 1999 Formula 1 Season. Now it is available for the current equivalent of just under $345,000.
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    Fangio’s Mercedes-Benz W196 Formula 1 Car Up For Auction

    Bonham’s will be auctioning off this 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on July 12. It was driven by none other than El Maestro himself, Juan Manuel Fangio, five-time Formula 1 world champion.
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    Fantasy Formula 1 With Team Winding Road

    We’re just days away from the beginning of the 2013 Formula 1 season, which means we’re putting together out Fantasy F1 teams, and we’d love you to play with/against us. We’ve got some great prizes this year, too.
  7. S

    Why does the baby formula smell like fish?

    I have been using Similac Sensitive for 6 months now and not had a problem with it. Recently, I've noticed that the formula smells like fish. The formula isn't expired. It doesn't expire till May. What is causing this and why? What should I do about it?
  8. S

    Projected cost excel formula, help asap!?

    Here are the instructions: insert a formula that will calculate the projected operations cost after the forecasted increase in cell B30 (3.5%) is added to the 2016 total (in B32). I am assuming she wants something from the formula bar but i will take whatever i can get. Thanks!
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    Sahara Force India Reveals VJM06 Formula 1 Car

    The Sahara Force India Formula 1 team has revealed their fighter for the 2013 season. While its appearance hasn’t changed much, Technical Director Andrew Green states, “It’s a brand new car from the ground-up.”
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    Lotus Reveals 2013 Formula 1 Car

    Today, the Lotus F1 Team revealed its 2013 Formula 1 car, the first team to do so this year. Drivers Kimi Räikkönen and Romain Grosjean were on hand to pull the wraps off the E21, which Lotus hopes can carry the team to victory in the upcoming season.
  11. Lisa

    Why does formula taste like what i would imagine rotten fish to taste like?

    I made myself some formula because i wanted to know what it tastes like and i thought it would taste nice, but omg how disgusting does it taste! Poor babies have to drink this sh*t. Do babies have different taste sense or something? Because how they drink this without vomiting or making a...
  12. T

    Risk For Pediatric ALL Likely Increases With Prolonged Formula Feeding, Delay In Soli

    Results of one study indicate that the risk for developing pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia increased the longer a baby was fed formula and the longer solid foods were delayed. "For every month that a child was fed formula, taking into account other feeding practices, we found that the...
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    Scientists Identify Simple Formula That Allows Bacteria To Engulf Food In Waves

    Move forward. High-five your neighbor. Turn around. Repeat. That's the winning formula of one of the world's smallest predators, the soil bacteria Myxococcus xanthus, and a new study by scientists at Rice University and the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) Medical...
  14. A

    Everybody Chill: Bloomberg Does Not Want To Ban Your Baby Formula

    So did you hear how New York City*is trying to ban baby formula? And how in order to make new mothers breastfeed, Mayor Michael Bloomberg*is set to sign an executive order stating that city hospitals must hand over all baby formula to City Hall by the end of the week? At which point Bloomberg...
  15. M

    Recall recap: Lawn tractors, Lenovo computers, and Gerber infant formula

    [No message]
  16. R

    Given Formula: = p(1+r)^n.?

    in 1996,a computer could perform about 100 operation per second. since then, the speed of computers has multiplied tenfold about every 7 years. about how many operations per second can computers perform in 2010?
  17. J

    What is the chemical formula for nicotiana rustica or wild tobacco?

    I am trying to find the chemical formula for nicotiana rustica. Some time ago I found that it was C11 H14 O N16, however I would appreciate if someone could confirm or deny this formula for the wild tobacco. Thanks.
  18. X

    Excel lookup formula, multiple values, separated by a comma?

    ok here's the dilemma: I have an excel file with a lot of data (>2000 rows) with columns A, B, C, and D. column A has a unique # for each row, and D1=B1-C1, D2=B2-C2, etc.. I wan't a formula that would give me a string of the A values of the D's >0, each separated by a space, a comma, and a...
  19. P

    What is the formula for compound interest? ?

    Its urgent
  20. B

    compare and contrast essay formula (introduction)? PLEASE HELP?

    i am writing an essay on similarities and differences of the hebrews vs. Babylonians but i don't know how to write the intro ( the topic is : babylonians use fear (death penalty) as a punishment where the hebrews use morals and their gods judgement. THANKYOUUUU!!!