1. N

    Need gizmo awnsers to free-fall lab

    Need awnsers to free fall lab on explorlearning
  2. R

    Free up Space for Your iPhone 5S/5/4S by Removing Other Files

    For iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S users, files you thought were deleted, caches, offline files, cookies and temporary files could be clogging up your system. These files are eating the space of your iPhone and making it work slower. But don't worry, here is a video for that...
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    auto click software free download for pc

    Auto clicker software can be very useful for pc users. Auto click can assist game playing, auto bot, click mouse automatically. I always use an auto click program to help me on repetitive clicks on computer. You may check out this auto mouse clicker utility which I always use...
  4. P

    where can i download episodes of surviving highschool for android for free ?

    pls help .. i hav looked almost EVERYWHERE n i can oly find free episode for jailbreaked ipods etc n noting for android ... i hav finished season 1 n want to play the rest ...
  5. A

    Is there a website I can get free ringtones sent to my phone?

    I need a website that has free ringtones that can be sent to my phone via text...not where the site sends me a link but where I can actually save the sound/song to my phone from the text...anything??????/?
  6. S

    How to create a dependecy free standalone symbian appn with QT CPP?

    Hi, I would like 2develop an appn for symbian platform with Qt but here dificulty is target fone must containing Qt dependency files else it wont work so is any posibility to bundle all required files to single appn or any converting software available for it? Plz help me Thanks in advance...
  7. C

    Heres a way to get free apps on iphone/ipad/ipod? Just put in an email and password, download apps to earn points and and you can buy app. Some apps are minecraft, angry birds, plague inc., etc.
  8. U

    Any dvd ripper for mac ( best free ones) that will let me extract videos or movies...

    ...from one dvd? I would love to get all of my favorite videos or movies from my dvd collection onto one disc.but I have no idea where to begin to do this. I have a mac, can someone please explain the procedure/software that i need to do this? Thanks!
  9. E

    Download free iPhone ringtones?

    Is there anyway to download free ringtones??
  10. K

    where can I find a free article spinner like wordai?

    I have seen this website called and its article spinner looks amazing! Need to know where i can get a free version anyone?
  11. H

    Where can I get free apps from for my iPad?

    Free apps...
  12. S

    Free 4g? Gophone? iPhone?

    I put a go phone sim into a iPhone 5 and activated it, it's showing negatives instead of bars but, I did. Not load a single cent onto it. And have free 4g!!!!!
  13. S

    Where can I get free ringtones?

    And by free I mean absolutely free! No fees, taxes, fines, or anything. Thank you
  14. T

    What is the best free program to convert a VOB to xvid/mp3 avi?

    I have some VOB files that I would like converted to an AVI as xvid/mp3. So that I can edit them in VirtualDub.. All the software I have tried so far Produces a laggy file or an out of Sync File. What is the best Free / OpenSource Program to convert VOB files to AVI?
  15. Y

    what's the name of the 3d android game in which we make free wooden

    interlocked pieces ? the game is in 3d, in which we may rotate the ungrouped blocks in any angle to see the possible ways of unblocking wooden interlocked pieces. I accidently formatted my kindle fire hd and lost the game.
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    Free copy dvd to hard drive software?

    What's the best free software to copy dvd to hard drive in one file, i want to back up some of my movies i was using dvddecrypter but recently it has been copying my movies in about 20 files like 10minutes of the movie in one file 20 in the next, i want just one file i dont really the menus &...
  17. N

    Nice free apps on the iPad?

    Hey I'm 14 and just got an iPad 4 and I'm interested in some apps to play on my free time. Games, education games ( middle school ) . Or useful apps would also be appreciated. The answer with most recommended apps gets 10 points! :)
  18. K

    What is the new limewire of 2013? What do you use for free high quality music?

    It used to be Kazaa Then limewire What is it today?
  19. A

    Is there anywhere that I can get free ringtones for my iPhone?

    Is there anywhere I can download free ringtones for my iPhone for free?
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    We design best websites for free, only for talented & creative people?

    Guys i build and design a website (Sub domain) for free, Please tell me how to promote my website.....and people who would like to help please visit the website please please please.....any suggestion and help is appreciated visit: