1. L

    Is this meal FREEZER FRIENDLY? (recipe link included) Help ~ Im new to... Seems like I've heard that you cant/shouldn't freeze items with sour cream or cream cheese...thoughts on this? THanks.
  2. G

    Hypnotizing Lights Look Friendly Until They Trap You

    Isotopes v.2 looks alluring. All those pretty, pulsating lines of light draw people in. Relaxing. But once they get in there, things start to change. The lights become more constant and intense. Basically they put people in a somewhat oppressive light prison. Soooo, probably not relaxing. Read...
  3. G

    This Week's Top Comedy Video: Friendly Dating Advice

    Dating ain't easy in these modern times. You've got OKCupid profiles to worry about, Facebook messages to come up with, Google searches to do, online chatting while at work and all the texting, sexting, snapchats, read receipts, pokes, likes, etc. to read through. Dating with access to the...
  4. A

    DTotD: Pitch invader chased down and slammed by steward at Brazil-Russia friendly

    For many years, pitch invaders have been embarrassing slow and uncoordinated stewards with their self-indulgent antics. But now the stewards have developed a weapon that can destroy pitch invaders with terrifying ease and extreme prejudice. He is Super Steward. Super Steward's talents were put...
  5. Lisa

    Good kid friendly snack recipes?

    I'm home on maternity leave with my newborn and 3yr old. Trying to find some fun snack ideas he can help with. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  6. T

    Does anyone know of pet friendly hotels in New York?

    I have a 22 hour layover during which my cat and I will be stuck at JFK if I can't find a hotel. I used and checked the pet friendly option. Zero hotels came back. I'm landing from Europe 3/20 and need to stay one night. I hate the thought of staying in the airport with my kitty for...
  7. T

    Efficient, Innovative And Environmentally Friendly Method For Producing Schizophrenia

    In a demonstration of the power of green chemistry, scientists are reporting development of a new and more efficient process for making one of the most costly and widely used medications for severe mental illness. Described in a report in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, it...
  8. J

    girls: Is she being friendly or interested?

    So I've noticed this girl this semester in uni and a month ago whom I have a few classes with, I went up and talked to her and got her number for our project. It all started with us texting about assignments and such, then the following week, we texted each other at 3am about our hw met up an...
  9. D

    If she wants to go out for a drink in the evening, is it just friendly or interested?

    I asked how much are we going to drink and said as much as i can. i say kinky ;) and she sais Hahahaha ;) is this just being friendly or maybe more? and can you give me some signals she is interested?
  10. M

    Is the city of Fullerton friendly in regards to bikes? Are the surrounding...

    ...cities just as friendly? So, I have an older brother who is currently attending Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo and apparently, it's $125 per quarter for the permit! Cars aren't eligible to be students at Cal Poly (so much for diversity), so taking his car to his classes wasn't an option...
  11. T

    Looking for a friendly Pokemon forum, with excellent discussions,...

    ...roleplay and WIFI battles/trades? Hey there. Would you be interested in joining a Pokemon Forum? The community is somewhat small, but we're rapidly expanding. Joining is simple and free. On our site, we host many excellent battles, and a majority of us post them as videos, make fair trades...
  12. M

    Is he being friendly or interested in me?

    Friends with a guy for a few years. I've always had feelings, I don't know about him. He's always been friendly to me, and once we hung out last summer as friends and it was a lot of fun. He used to text me, but then he stopped for like 5 months and randomly reconnected wanting to talk to me and...
  13. G

    Environmentally Friendly Hard Drive Case

    This is interesting: Read the comments on this post...
  14. W

    What are some family friendly vacation places to visit with teens?

    Traveling with four teenagers ranging from 15 to 19. Would like some suggestions on where to go and activities too.
  15. M

    i am looking for facts chimps and mexico it have to kid friendly for a five year old?

    too differt lessons
  16. J

    GUYS- is he interested or just being friendly?

    I'm in grade 10, and there's a guy in grade 11 that I'm intrested in. I don't know him, so to get his attention I'd smile at him every time we made eye contact, and he would smile back. Once when I was at my locker with my friend I noticed him looking at me, and when I caught him he quickly...
  17. J

    GUYS-Is he interested or just being friendly? What do you think?

    I'm in grade 10, and there's a guy in grade 11 that I'm intrested in. I don't know him, so to get his attention I'd smile at him every time we made eye contact, and he would smile back. Once when I was at my locker with my friend I noticed him looking at me, and when I caught him he quickly...
  18. A

    A Friendly Reminder To Robert Sietsema That Healthy Baking Doesn’t Have To Suck

    Robert Sietsema of the Village Voice has turned me onto some great restaurants and food trends (take Hair Mayonnaise, for example; without his miraculous gift idea, my locks would be lost). So when he promised to explain why farmer's market baked goods often suck today, I was hooked: I, too...
  19. G

    Is she interested or just being friendly?

    Ok so there's this girl that I met a month ago because we are both in some club at school that goes to various places to do community service. 2 saturdays ago we went to the local food bank and helped out and we started talking about random things but it was a group conversation as there were...
  20. G

    Will Wine Snobs Embrace a Paper Bottle? [Eco Friendly]

    Even though they're recyclable, glass bottles are energy intensive to produce, and heavy and expensive to ship. So an inventor has created a cheaper, greener alternative with a paper-based bottle that will probably have sommeliers turning their noses up at it. More »