1. R

    Are they any quizes that you take for your friends and not yourself?

    Me and my friends want to quiz each other what animals we are, and not take self quizes but i cant find any! Does anyone know of any quiz or test like this?
  2. M

    How come my friends keep acting homo?

    I don't know if they are joking or not but they are being weird, they act like they are flirting with me and my twin by saying stuff like "You're hotter than this hamburger", "You're so cute", "You look like a sexy rapper" and one of their sisters stalks me, like 3 days in and I barely know...
  3. S

    What is the worst anime you have ever saw that your friends have said was great?

    On the flip side. What is the best anime you have ever saw that your friends said wasn't that good?
  4. F

    One of my friends wanna burn mkv video file on to dvd?

    She has been trying to put some downloaded movies on a dvd and then try to be played on house dvd player. The movies are mkv format. She knows little about the burner tools.So do I. How can it be possible to load the mkv files? Is there a program she or I can help burn mkv for dvd playback?
  5. T

    my at&t sim card is not working on my friends blackberry bold 9000. Please help?

    please be specific and walk me through cause i have no idea. thanks
  6. H

    There is no full online Friends DVD box set?

    There is no full online Friends DVD box set?
  7. G

    Cory Monteith's Sudden Death: Friends and Fans Remember the Glee Standout

    As new information becomes*available regarding Cory Monteith's tragic death, family and friends are praising the Glee star for his personality on- and off-camera. On Monday's...
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    Poll.Do you think that friends are a waste of time?

    I think that friends are nothing but a waste of time.They use you alot.That's why I don't need any friends.I can just live life by myself.
  9. S

    Vacationing. Ideas for teens like me and my friends.?

    Yeah so I'm making a plan on going on vacation with me and my friends and my girlfriend and yes we are teens and our state is Pennsylvania so what would be good east side places to visit for us for our vacation? I was thinking somewhat like amusement parks and beaches I just don't know which...
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    If you could be friends with any anime character who would it be and why?

    Mine would have to be LUFFY!!! He is soo amazing, strong, hilarious, loyal, tenacious, and smart (YESS he IS smart when it comes to serious situations he handles it the best, think of L, hes childish but smart). Hes also very sensitive although he hides it with jokes but theres a lot of depth to...
  11. M

    Male friends travelling to dubai can share a room?

    I booked a stay in Dubai coming back from travelling in Asia and a friend is now joining me for a few days. I booked a double room, as no bed option provided at time of booking. Will I have problems when the two of us check in the hotel? What if the hotel does not have twin rooms at all or does...
  12. A

    My Mobile icon on Facebook doesn't show up for my friends anymore?

    Normally when I go offline on Facebook, a little mobile icon shows up next to my name saying how long I've been offline, and I loved that because my friends could tell if they needed to text me on my phone or use the chat box. Now all of a sudden, the mobile icon has disappeared from my name...
  13. N

    Super lonely, no friends, new girl... And it's summer vacation :(?

    Well I'm 15 & I moved to Kansas after living in South Carolina all my life and back in SC I often got in trouble for being the social butterfly of the class, being loud, kind of obnoxious (lol), the one everyone was friends with... Well I move to Kansas just in time for high school and my...
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    Friends. I want to know about an online service.!!!?

    I want to know about an online service. Link is = can anyone tell me how i can create an account on it.????
  15. Z

    Me and my friends are making a independent film to be aired by telus is it illegal... mention an other movie? Like Toy Story 3 or a character from that movie?
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    Study: College Girls Don’t Want Slut Friends

    A Cornell University study just found what everyone already knows: Women are judged as sluts and men as studs for their sexual permissiveness. But the sad, novel element revealed in this research? Many women don't even want to be friends with other women perceived as promiscuous. More » Study...
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    Research: Women Are Frauds! They Care More About Their Friends Than Us

    [No message]
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    Friends all going on vacation together.. Without me?

    Me and my 2 bestfriends have been planning to take a trip to Mexico all together in dec 2013. We're 19 and have been saving up since last year. Now all of a sudden another friend of ours (who wasn't coming in the first place) is wanting to come which is great! More the merrier. Except NOW that...
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    Atheists friends can you riddle me this?

    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. Albert Einstein. "Nothing is as it seems. Nor is it otherwise." Lankavatara Sutra There is no greater mystery than this; that being the reality we seek to gain reality. Sri Ramana Maharshi (December 30, 1879 – April 14, 1950)...
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    In search of a decent hotel in chennai for my coming tour with my friends?

    Please provide names and some useful advice.