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    POLL: What do you think of someone eating fries for breakfast?

    They cooked them at home, by slicing potatoes and deep frying them?
  2. M

    what cooking oil can come good with french fries?

    I'm trying to make fries at home for movie night I have a pack of uncooked fries and all I have to do is fry it unfortunately I'm not sure what kind of cooking oil should I use that's 1. still healthy (least cholesterol, calories, bad fats) 2. goes good with fries I'm thinking of sesame oil or...
  3. K

    Does Taco Bell serve french fries in Canada and not the U.S?

    This dude from Canada was like Taco Bell fence fries are so good! I said Taco Bell sells French fries? He said yea wear have you been? I have never heard of anyone getting French fries from Taco Bell or have seen it on the menu? Is that a Canadian thing? Where**
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    Pregnant Kim Kardashian Wishes She Could Crave French Fries Like You Mere Mortals

    Pregnant Kim Kardashian would like you all to know she does not feel the same cravings as the rest of us normal people, but instead only wants veggie platters. She's just, y'know, throwing that out there...(cough) tabloids (cough). More » Pregnant Kim Kardashian Wishes She Could Crave French...
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    McDonald's Creates a Light Version Of Its Fries For Their New Billboard [Advertising]

    Instead of creating a healthier version for those hoping to indulge guilt-free, McDonald's' new billboard in downtown Chicago uses a set of focused spotlights to create what could be the world's most super-sized order of its famous french fries. More »
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    Who has better French fries, Taco Bell Canada or Taco Bell UK, this is what...

    ...decides where I go on vacation at? BQ: Why the hell can't we get French fries at Taco Bell here in the USA?
  7. S

    Is it true Canadian Taco Bells serve chilly fries?

    That is awesome, if fI had a passport or enhanced drivers license I would be going to Windsor right now.
  8. J

    Why doesnt taco bell bring their delicious fries down here in the usa? i loved...

    ...them when i was in Canada.? P.S. i am NOT Canadian for all you discriminatory faqs of justice.
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    What oil do they use to cook fries in German fast food restaurants?

    The difference in taste from fries at a McDonald's in Germany and a McDonald's in the states is very noticeable.
  10. J

    Is it safe to cook French fries in the dryer?

    For some random reason, I just remembered that moment in "That 70's Show" where Hyde cooks fries in the dryer, so I wanted to know, is it safe to cook french fries in the dryer? Or would the ozone from the dryer be too harmful?
  11. B

    can i cook homemade fries in the oven?

    i want to cut them up like fries and cook them in the oven, and would they taste the same and how long do i cook them for
  12. F

    Why does Costco not sell french fries at their restaurants?

    They do at my store in Canada. I've been to one in Florida and Baltimore and french fries are not on their menu at their lil in-house restaurants.
  13. L

    Does soaking the grease out of fast food fries help with calorie intake?

    I try to eat healthy, so when i absolutely have to eat fast food and i have fries or tater tots, the grease really disgusts me. I take a few and squeeze them between a napkin or paper towl and there is SO much grease that comes off. My question is, does that reduce the amount of calories?
  14. M

    I stole one of Triple H's McDonald's french fries and got away just in time,...

    ...what's gonna happen to me later? I heard The Game took a quick picture of my license plate as I peeled out of the McDonald's parking lot, so now he's going to know EVERYTHING about me! What's gonna happen to me? What's he gonna do to me later on? And where will this take place?
  15. D

    How come the fries at Taco Bell so delicious?

    Burger King, Wendy's, and McDonald's suck in comparison
  16. N

    Is getting a Hybrid SUV like getting a Diet Coke with your Big Mac and fries?

    Haha, yes. That's a great comparison.
  17. M

    cooking potato wedges or fries without butter/oil or salt?

    I've kind of put myself on a self made diet where I don't eat anything processed or salted, and with as little oil/butter/fat as possible. Does anyone know if there's a way to make decent potato wedges w/o the use or butter/oil and salt? Or if anyone else knows of any good random recipes that...
  18. A

    What's a Good Alternative to French Fries?

    I love french fries...but now i think i should cut what's still tasty, healthy, and won't make me miss my freedom fries?
  19. B

    Is it strange to eat french fries with a side of mayo?

    I'm guilty, if I go out somewhere, and get fries, usually I ask for a side of mayo to dip them in. It's really good. Am I the only one that does this, or are there more of me out there? lol
  20. P

    Do you insist on Fries with your burger?

    I do