1. T

    Can I switch my iPhone 4th generation to a Samsung S4. On a three year telus...

    ...contract? Okay so my brother got an iPhone 4 for Christmas in December 2011, he got the phone on a 3 year telus term contract. He got the iPhone 4S the year after and gave my his iPhone 4. I'm 14 and I pay for the phone. When my brother gave me the phone the back was cracked on it, I went to...
  2. I

    which is cheaper, Ipad or Itouch 5th generation?

    and can I get one. 12gb for under 200 bucks?
  3. Jordan

    Does The 3rd Generation Itouch Have its OWN phone Number?

    Example. Hot Female Victoria Secret Model: "Ayyye there sexy man, i finna want to hit that ;) ;) ;) ;)...What's your number babe? Me: Fo sho, Shottie, Hot body. Here's my number (123-456-sesame street) (itouch number that is) So will i be able to give my itouch number to ppl, and they can...
  4. N

    My Itouch 2nd generation won't allow me 2 download new apps cause its older

    model. Anyway 2 jailbreak it? My version is 4.2.1 and I need 4.3. Anyway I can jailbreak my iPod to allow me to download apps you can't download (such as Facebook & kik) unless you have the newest itouch?
  5. G

    A Pendant-Locked Secret Diary For a Generation Raised on Tablets

    Long gone are the days when kids would keep their innermost thoughts and secrets hidden away in a diary. For the most part they're happy to share everything on Facebook and Twitter these days, and in the rare event they'd actually want to keep something secret, there's now an iPad app that...
  6. S

    how do i jailbreak iphone 1st generation 6.1.3 firmware?

    i have a feeling its not possible...... can i change the firmware ?
  7. T

    My itouch 2nd generation will not download the iOS 4.2 software. HELP!!!?

    Also I have tried everything! I restarted my computer, turned off my itouch, took the usb cable out several times, downloaded the newest version of itunes, and made sure my security was up to date. I have no idea what else to do. It just keeps telling me it can't download it and i know the...
  8. M

    What kind of generation in the mini ipad is used for a lot of games?

    Is it the8gb 16 gb or 32gb or 64?
  9. L

    Second Generation Wayans ?? help please?

    The name of the song in the episode " Play hard or go home ? " When Damien is in the strip club with Maya and the song goes " its my party and ill dance if I want to " I've searched but cannot find it. Somebody please help me. Please
  10. A

    If i buy an Itouch 4th generation that has a pass code?

    My friend forgot his passcode and wants to sell me his Itouch 4th gen, could i just plug it into my Itunes and restore it and the pass code will be gone?
  11. Y

    So I want to update my 3rd generation ipod touch from iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5.1.1?

    when i click update it tells me that updating to ios 5.1.1 will delete all my apps and media and that to preserve this content I need to apply this update to the computer where I sync apps, music, etc. It also says that there are purchased items on my ipod that have not been transferred to my...
  12. A

    Itouch 5th generation.?

    I bought an itouch yesterday and I put a screen protector on it... And then my family convinced me to get the iphone 5 instead, and Now I am going to return the itouch, but I already have the screen protector on it. Will they take it back? or no? and if they do.. do i have to buy another screen...
  13. T

    Can I update my jailbroken 3rd generation iPod touch to ios 6?

    I jailbroke my iPod touch 3rd gen and want to update it to ios 6 because I heard it's possible. Google has decided to not help me in my quest, so I just need either instructions or a link to instructions. Thanks :)
  14. S

    Which new generation handheld is more worth it... PS Vita or 3DS?

    I'm thinking PS Vita, because of games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Sly Cooper 4, Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, and Assassins Creed 3: Liberation. Plus, I think the overall technology is better. But the 3DS... Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, New...
  15. A

    Would a 3rd generation Chevrolet Camaro make a good race car?

    I want to build one
  16. J

    How to update iPod 2nd generation to ios 6.1.2?

    I have a iPod 2nd generation and my friend will jailbreak it for me but I need ios 6.1.2 and it says the iPod is too old maybe an online way 2 do it
  17. B

    how can I get the new ios version for my second generation ipod?

    it says it's not available
  18. A

    These Two Teenage TED Talk Stars Will Restore Your Faith In The Next Generation

    The TED conference is an annual gathering to share and celebrate "Ideas worth spreading." It has heard luminaries and forces of nature such as Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and President Bill Clinton. And now, let's add two more names to that illustrious list. You...
  19. lance

    EvasiOn software for itouch 4th generation data transfer?

    Alright I want to jailbreak my ipod but I have that app music dowoader pro that let's you get free songs (yes it's legal just look it up on the app store). But I just want to know if all the data on your apps or even the apps themselves get deleted in any way? I'm not sure and since the music...
  20. P

    Do you think our generation will see the return of Christ?

    What will this Third Millennium bring? Will hatred and bitterness win out over love? Or is love more powerful than evil? What is the climax of the story of humanity? Will we see a happy ending to the story of man? Does a happy ending exist? Do our struggles have a beginning and an end? Do we...