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    Diabolical Genius Is Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests For $25 On Craigslist

    A woman in Buffalo, NY is selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist. For $25! A bargain if you're....I don't know...trying to trick someone into marrying you?*Devising an ill-conceived plan to get out of military service? More » Diabolical Genius Is Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests For $25...
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    Is Derrick Rose a Punk or a Genius?

    [No message]
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    Supercomputer Genius Watson Is Headed for the Cloud [Supercomputers]

    Watson, the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer developed by IBM, could become a cloud-based service that people can consult on a wide range of issues, the company announced last week. "Watson is going to be an advisor and an assistant to all kinds of professional decision-makers, starting in...
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    Sriracha Popcorn: Genius or MegaGenius? [Daily Desired]

    You can put Sriracha on anything—eggs, sandwiches, noodles. It would probably even make human flesh taste delicious. Now The Oatmeal teamed up with food purveyor JD's to marry the scrumptious hot sauce with popcorn. Nobel Committee, are you paying attention? More »
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    Charles Darwin Hacked Together His Own Office Chair Because He Was a Genius [Past Per

    If you're reading this post there's a pretty good chance you're doing so on a computer. You're probably sitting in a wonderfully ergonomic office chair too. We have Charles Darwin to thank for the latter—sort of. More »
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    Footy trivia ... which genius currently leads the Yahoo Answers footy tipping...

    ...comp by 2 games? I'll give you a hint or two ... snot whey, snot big kev ... he's a brutally handsome guy ... :-)
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    Ganso says Neymar is a ?genius and a prophet? who sees the future

    Santos beat Sao Paulo 3-1 on Sunday thanks to a Neymar hat trick that gives the 20-year-old 100 goals for the club. As impressive as all that is, Santos midfielder Ganso claims that Neymar's true sorcery lies in his ability to*accurately*predict the future. From Sambafoot: Ganso revealed...
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    Genius Artist Recreates 15th Century Portraits in Airplane Lavatory [Photography]

    Innovators: they walk among us, work near us, and sit in the seat across the aisle on airplanes. Though typical solutions to making a long flight go by faster include reading, watching movies, listening to music, or sleeping, pioneers like artist Nina Katchadourian aspire to a higher-minded way...
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    Scotland Yard Launches Genius Holiday Rape Prevention Campaign

    The UK's Scotland Yard just launched a campaign to combat high rates of drunken sexual assault during the holidays, and we think it's genius for a couple of reasons: 1) it's aimed at rapists, not victims, and 2) they're using wi-fi and texting.*For once, someone is setting out to remind everyone...
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    Like if you look at Aristotle or Einstein or Imphotep his work seem so simple, like it was written by a child, but people still think he is a genius. If I would have written those comics i'd feel like a talentless shit, not because im not talented but because there are people far far more genius...
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    Find Out Which of Your Favorite Movies Are Streaming Right Now [Genius]

    A search engine that tells me if, and where, my favorite movies are available to stream right now. Oh hell yes! More »
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    Does this Bluetooth headset work with the iPod Touch 4th gen? (Genius BT...)?

    The headset is the Genius BT-03i. I need to know if this headset is compatible with iPod Touch, and if it is compatible, does anyone know if it is Fully compatible? (ie. does Skype, music, and gaming work) Thank you for your time.
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    Orcon Genius set to make it easier for consumers to get VoIP services

    Orcon launches a VoIP, wireless router, handset all in one solution for consumers.
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    The genius puppetry behind War Horse

    "Puppets always have to try to be alive," says Adrian Kohler of the Handspring Puppet Company, a gloriously ambitious troupe of human and wooden actors. Beginning with the tale of a hyena's subtle paw, puppeteers Kohler and Basil Jones build to the story of their latest astonishment: the...
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    anime/manga with a prodigy or a genius?

    Im looking for an anime/manga with a genius or a prodigy. Some examples (ive already watched them) would be death note, code geass, hikaru no go, etc. The main character does not have to be an absolute genius in the beginning like hikaru no go. They can just have a talent to become a genius and...
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    Trophy help mua2 Im stuck on trivia genius and i dnt understand how im supposed... answer all of the wen u ? Lock mission after the anti reg act plaese help i finished the game and i need this trophy
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    How do i unlock trivia genius for mua2?

    I need the questions for shield hq but those levels are locked help
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    how can i get genius to work on my iphone 3gs with ios 4.2?

    i go into voice control and say play more songs like this and it says genius not available. has anyone got any ideas how to get it working?
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    Cant get my Genius G-Pen 4500 to work?

    I just got a Genius g-pen 4500 today. I bought it specifically for picture editing on Gimp. The pen works as a mouse as it should and I can click on things easily but when i pull up a picture on gimp, it lets me select a tool but lets say if I select the brush tool, and then hover over the...
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    Are religious scholars only genius at arguing with each other?

    Do they miss the whole point of the bible ?