1. S

    Make a good impression...

    Friend of mine has a BIG meeting coming up with one of his superiors. He doesn't know what to wear or where to begin. I'm just as bad and don't know where to start either. Where do you guys buy suits/dressy clothing? At this point - anything helps. THNX!
  2. Y

    Good morning!

    Even though it's more like goodnight here, since it's 10:30pm where I live... but still. Hello everyone! My name is irrelevant because I don't particularly like it, but I go by various nicknames online. You can call me Yuyu. Or Yu. Or "that one newbie". Anything's appreciated. Being called at...
  3. G

    What is a good biology topic to write an essay on?

    I need to write a 2000-4000 word essay on any topic that has to do with biology. I was thinking of something to do with stem cells and cell preservation techniques but i have a bio test tomorrow morning, and I have a bio essay (which can be about anything in bio) due saturday morning, so I need...
  4. E

    Good days and mage

    pilgrimage home Grand in Mecca and visit the grave of Mstafah Habib Muhammad peace be upon him in Medina Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam, Allah has imposed on the Muslims in the sixth year Hijri, one of the best works, was asked the Messenger of Allah (: Any business better? He said...
  5. A

    6 Damn Good Reasons I Will Totally Eat Your Placenta

    Very few people understand my fascination with wanting to eat someone’s placenta. It should be noted that back when I was birthing babies, I could barely look at my own placenta and if you one day told me that I would be begging random women to let me eat their placenta I would have said “You...
  6. G

    What are some good Gadgets and gizmos?

    Not expensive things... Around £0 - £20
  7. J

    Good RPG game for iPhone/GBA4ios/Nintendo 3DS?

    Recently I've been playing Fire Emblem:Awakening on 3DS. I'm looking for a game on the iPhone that's kinda like that Simulation or RPG something like that. Anyways any ideas. GBA I haven't played in a while but that's fine too cause I remember playing Naruto which was just like Fire Emblem. But...
  8. L

    is the blackberry curve from straight talk a good phone?

    i am looking to get a new phone and i already have straight talk and love it, i am just in need of a new phone because i don't like the one i have because it's touch screen. i was thinking about getting the blackberry curve. could someone who has one tell me if it's worth getting? thanks and...
  9. M

    what kind of snowmobile would be good for me?

    i am 13 i like to ride mountain and trails i all ready ride a arctic cat F7 its got a lot of custom parts but i need a 2nd sled and was wondering if you people had any suggestions
  10. A

    What is a good sport bike for me?

    I'm a 5'4 female about 135lbs and I'm 17. I have almost no experience riding motorcycles and was looking into getting a ninja 250 but someone at my school has the same bike. yes, I'm a teenager and want to have an original, cool and fun ride. Any other suggestions for cool looking bikes that I...
  11. J

    Good morning - Does anyone know the trivia answers for 99.5 WRVE Albany NY and...

    ...other stations 08.23.13? Thank you everyone. Yea Friday and the weekend enjoy. Glad to see you back Doris H. Hope you had a great time.
  12. T

    Does Anyone know of a good safe DVD Burning software download?

    I am looking for site that offers a safe, absolutely free dvd burning software download for my Windows 8 computer :)
  13. T

    Good bacteria arrive from mother's gut via breast milk

    Scientists have discovered that important 'good' bacteria arrive in babies' digestive systems from their mother's gut via breast milk. Although this does confirm that when it comes to early establishment of gut and immune health, 'breast is best', a greater understanding of how babies acquire a...
  14. R

    What's a good home WIRELESS theater system?

    I have a 50'' Samsung I had gotten last Christmas I was wondering what's a good brand of surround sound that's affordable wireless only
  15. K

    What is a good phone staight talk has/not a android?

    But has the same options or close
  16. C

    Is the Alaska cruise from Vancouver good?

    I've been thinking of going this week, have an of you gone? If so, how was it? Pros and cons?
  17. A

    The Ten Commandments Of Good Sleep Hygiene

    I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a “good night’s sleep.” Sure, I’ve slept for 16 hour stretches after letting both ends burn until I’m practically hallucinating, but I’ve never been the kind of person that could yawn, stretch and … More » The Ten Commandments Of Good Sleep Hygiene is a post from...
  18. L

    Is there any good telus phone plans?

    I'm currently with telus. And I want A better phone plan but all of them high priced. What plan should I get? I want At least 500mb data I good amount of day time minutes Unlimited text(which all plans have) That's less then $60
  19. M

    Any good apps for Blackberry to get English bbm pins?

    Every app that I have tried to get other bbm pins seem to be that all the people on there are from other countries. If you know any other apps that are good and have people from England then please comment :) People with a Blackberry reading this add me... 286C8345
  20. J

    Is the Mongoose Tyax Sport Hardtail Mountain Bike 2013 any good?

    I'm looking for a mountain bike and thought this one looked quite descent could you also suggest any other good mountain bikes for about £300