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    UK government's delay on plain tobacco packaging: how much evidence is enough?

    On today, senior research fellow Crawford Moodie asks how much more evidence is needed before the UK government make a decision on plain tobacco packaging. In July, the UK government announced that there would be a delay on the decision on plain packaging, until findings from Australia...
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    LOL did you hear republicans are considering government shut down?

    Go ahead American's don't need you and you right wing extremist views. The economy is improving under Obama, Obama care is perfect, Jobs are coming up.
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    Microsoft just released data on its government requests (including FISA) too.

    Microsoft just released data on its government requests (including FISA) too. For the last six months last year, Microsoft received between 6,000 and 7,000 government requests affecting between 31,000 and 32,000 accounts. [Microsoft] Read more...
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    the government should not develop laws to control future genetic research and

    genetic technologies.beacause? Please give me some arguments on why the government should not develop laws to control future genetic research and genetic technologies.
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    New Analysis Confirms Government Target Missed As A&E Waiting Times Hit Nine-Year Hig

    New Analysis Confirms Government Target Missed As A&E Waiting Times Hit Nine-Year Hig New analysis of data for the final quarter of 2012/13 shows that nearly 6 per cent of patients waited four hours or longer in A&E, the highest level since 2004. The latest quarterly monitoring report from The...
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    When fiscal cons are proven to be right, will libs still swallow big government lies?

    probably, they are retardozombies.
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    Why did the government ignore the UFO's over Washington DC in 1952?

    There was a video of UFO's over the Capitol building in DC but hardly any media covering the event. Another reason to believe they are hiding something?
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    Analyze the relationship between the U.S. government and the policing organizations?

    Explain how this relationship may affect police practices. Accurate answer gets 10pts
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    US Finally Blames China's Government and Military of Cyberespionage

    While fingers have long been pointed from US shores towards China when it comes to online attacks, the Pentagon has now directly accused the country's government and military of cyberespionage. Read more...
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    Ricin suspect Paul Kevin Curtis posts strange Facebook message to the government

    [No message]
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    Question about the a government census quiz?

    Well, my dad got a note about him having to fill out a census bill. He asked my to fill out for him and told me to put funny or absolutely bullshit answers. The only thing is I am scared the government will track us down and arrest us for doing so. Will this really happen or will they not give a...
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    Plato's theory vs today's government?

    Plato believed that common people should not take part in government because they were uneducated. In America today, many common people are educated, but it is not a requirement to vote. Do you think Plato was correct, or do you think that our system is? Explain.
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    Will the government cut my medicare if I buy a car above $10,000?

    My parents are getting me a used car soon for college. The car I want range from $9,000-$13,000. I don't want to get one that has high milleage. (100k+) The mileage I want are around $40-60k, but those cost $12,000-$13,000. My parents said they can't get me a car above $10,000 because the...
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    New Zealand government confirms 4G 700MHz availability

    Communications and Information Technology Minister Amy Adams has confirmed that it is the Government’s intention to allocate the digital dividend radio spectrum in the third quarter of this year.
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    Do you have to be an atheist to become a government shill, or do they

    accept other religions also? I would prefer answers based on experience and not hearsay. Thank you. Variable, I don't think an atheist is a what, but a who, namely a person. I hope this answers your question. Lucy, my question is general in nature. If you are familiar with any specifics, please...
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    The British government ministers are afraid to speak about the over loading of immigrants entering Britain 10% come with skills and 90% are Cooks to work in takeaway shops with relatives and then onto benefits.
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    Where to complain to Law or Government?

    This lady looking and dressed normal typical house clothes came knocking at our door really hard and asked for my dad and my dad came and said she had a complain about a credit card and my dad said "I have nothing to talk about with you guys" and my mom was about to close the door and she...
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    read and tell me is this not a great government or what? i am going to?

    get a gov house loan and keep the house for bout 12 years and then it will be worth more so i can sell it for profit then retire and live in fla.good ideal right?
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    SilverStripe secures government ICT contract

    New Zealand government has signed up Wellington-based SilverStripe for a single web platform for government agencies.
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    How is this for censorship in Obama's open government? Funny stuff.? Another fake picture of him, I would guess made up the same place as his social security number. Maybe on the white house lawn. Phil, why are You keeping track of Me.