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    Lg Motion GPS App disappeared?

    I have a lg motion that when i bought had aGPS app that was great, but recently i noticed that its gone, completely disappeared from my phone, was it only likea trial or did i do something to erase it, and if so, how do i get it back? Anyone know?
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    Why none of Nokia Asha series phone have GPS?

    Why none of Nokia Asha series phone have GPS?
  3. C

    Are there ANY FREE GPS APPS for the USA available for Android?

    I got my 1st smart phone and it was supposed to come with a free gps app but after downloading it i could not get it to work so i uninstalled it and now it won't let me download it.... FURIOUS... so are there any free ones i can get that are US American and not for Europe, Canada, or Mexico?
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    Best double din radio with GPS DVD player and maybe tv?

    Want a new radio for my honda prelude 2001 I definitely want GPS I'm using too much data on my iphone just for GPS. I want name brands Of course but what's good? Anyone better then all the rest? Saw a unknown brand that could pick up tv signal (if you bought the extra digital converter) sounded...
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    Can you upload CAD drawings to a Garmin handheld GPS?

    My company is looking at buying a Handheld GPS and we do a lot of road works that have detailed CAD drawings. I believe these CAD drawings have GPS information. Is there a way to upload those CAD drawings to the GPS so that pre construction we can see where we are on the project?
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    What is a good handheld gps for iPhone 4?

    What is a good handheld gps for iPhone 4?? I need on that i can enter coordinates for U.S
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    A&E Visits Increase Where Access To GPs Is Worse

    Patients with more timely access to GP appointments make fewer visits to accident and emergency departments, a study suggests. In the largest analysis of its kind to date, researchers at Imperial College London related A&E attendance figures in England to responses from a national survey of...
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    CoPilot GPS Navigation arrives on Windows Phone 8

    CoPilot GPS Navigation arrives on Windows Phone 8 Posted on 13-Jun-2013 20:00. | Filed under: News :*Windows Phone. ALK Technologies Ltd, has announced that its free CoPilot GPS navigation app is now available for Windows Phone 8 Smartphones.CoPilot GPS brings quality easy-to-navigate...
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    How did atheists and Christians get to Church before the GPS was created, did...

    ...they just listen for the bells? Or did they have to familiarize themselves with neighborhoods and learn how to read an atlas when visiting a church in another city.
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    Will a handheld GPS that is ADS-B equipped qualify in 2020?

    Word is that pretty much all aircraft will required to have ADS-B as of 2020. I don't pretend to know a whole lot about it, but I understand it's supposed to work like a GPS and a Transponder (although, unless they change the rule between now and then, transponders will still be required)...
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    Can I scan a map and then use it with GPS on my iPad?

    I have some very nice detailed printed maps, which I would like to use on the iPad. I cannot find an app that can do this. I have read it can be done with some Garmin GPS systems.
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    can anyone please give me some ideas of how the technology of gps will be in the

    future? i need some examples other than accuracy and all those staff. something like a gps in our brains or a gps that will interact with our car and the car moves automatically to its destination. thank you
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    How do I use my gps on my android Lucid when hiking in the woods?

    My boyfriend and I like to go to different hiking trails but there is not always a trail map to map out the trails and we sometimes get lost. I just got a new Android Lucid phone and it has a gps feature. I've heard the term, "drop a pin" where you start and you will be able to find your way...
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    Blackberry Bold 9780 GPS not working?

    I have a blackberry bold 9780, when I first bought it GPS worked fine on Google maps. After a few days gps stopped working. A message kept popping up in Google maps saying "gps temporarily unavailable." I rebooted the phone, checked settings, and even complained to my service provider. They said...
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    Digital med-ed solution launches for GPs nationwide

    Digital med-ed solution launches for GPs nationwide Posted on 7-May-2013 09:26. | Filed under: News :*Web media. GPLink, an online channel featuring innovative medical information, presented by local clinical experts, launched earlier this month for GPs in New Zealand.“To provide the...
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    What handheld gps has the best accuracy?

    I am looking at the garmin rino series. Does it or any other gpu have enough accuracy to trace a trail down to 1ft accuracy then read it back to you later at 1ft accuracy? If so will it work in wooded area's?
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    gps instructions via plantronics bluetooth headset?

    Can i use this headset (plantronics voyager pro) to recieve GPS voice instructions from my mobile phone (HTC ONE S) Thanks
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    TomTom re-designs its GPS Sport Watch

    New ultra-slim watches deliver at-a-glance performance information to make it easier for runners, cyclists and swimmers to achieve their goals
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    how do i get bluetooth and gps to work on my Boss BV9976 deck?

    it shows it has gps and bluetooth on it but when i click it, it says not available, and none of my cds play, they all say error
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    Looking for iPhone GPS Mileage app that auto starts when connected to car's...

    ...bluetooth kit.? I had a program that would do that on my Android device, but cannot find one for iPhone.