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    How to Look Hot Like Solange Knowles at the 2013 Grammy Awards

    Solange Knowles always manages to amaze us with her bold signature style, and her 2013 Grammy Awards red carpet look was no exception! Unlike her sister Beyoncé, who went for a...
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    What is the grammy category for soft & soothing instrumental music?

    Here is a list of all Grammy categories, There are 78 categories in total. 1. I'm interested in soft & soothing instrumental music. So, what is its category? 2. Also, is there any Grammy category for violin & cello music...
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    Was Adele Robbed by Only Getting Six Grammy Nominations?

    Why did Adele only get six Grammy nominations when rappers get seven or 10 every year? She was robbed! —Mark, via the inbox Just because "Rolling in the Deep" was,...
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    Complete List of Nominees for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards

    Would you rather roll in the deep or watch the throne? It looks as though the top dogs for this years Grammy Awards, airing Feb. 12, are Adele and Kanye West (both for his work with...
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    Grammy Nominations 2012: Five Snubs and Surprises

    Did anything beat Esperanza Spaulding beating Justin Bieber? Just take a look. The top shocks, shockers and shocking snubs from tonight's Grammy nominations: MORE: Adele...
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    Adele Is Queen of the 2012 Grammy Nominations...but Guess Who's King?!

    Wait, someone's rolling in more Grammy nominations than Adele this year? Indeed someone is, though the British songbird did pretty well for herself and is heading into the 54th...
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    who should be the next grammy winners? ( that hasn't won)?

    I think that the grammys awarding system is full of bull"****" what do you think?
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    does anyone know where i can watch 53rd Grammy Awards 2011?

    is it going to be playing again on tv? if so what channel? or if not anyone know a good website to watch it at? thanks so muchh. (:
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    hello i am from india, my friend ashutosh pathak created this song called as "canon ball" for the economist magazine you think that this song is a Grammy material ? listen to this 30 sec music:-
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    How do you make Lady Gaga's outfit from The Grammy's? Or where can I buy it?

    I really want to be Lady Gaga for Halloween this year, and when I saw her outfit from The Grammy's I knew it was the one. Now I just need to know how to make it! Or if you know where I can actually buy it that would be great too. I also like the version that Quinn wore in the Glee episode...
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    Grammy 2010 Predictions?

    Who deserve to win in these categories? Record of the Year Album of the Year Song of the Year Best New Artist Share ur opinion...
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    What are your predictions for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards?

    Who do you think are going to win? And why. Here are the nominees: General field Record of the Year "Halo" – Beyoncé Beyoncé Knowles & Ryan Tedder, producers; Jim Caruana, Mark "Spike" Stent & Ryan Tedder, engineers/mixers "I Gotta Feeling" – Black Eyed Peas David Guetta & Frederick...
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    I Miss My Grammy Soooo Much:-(?

    My Grammy(great-grandma) passed away over the summer but for some reason today i just cant stop thinking of her.I miss her terribly.What can i do to make the pain and sadness go away? Yes she was an awesome grammy she used to babysit me and we would watch price is right together<3
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    Why didnt Australian news show Lil Wayne when they reported on the Grammy's this

    year? he Won 4 Grammy Awards!! i think they are descriminating against hip hop..
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    Do the Grammy Awards create a soundtrack album of all the live tracks for...

    ...purchase after the show? i want to be able to listen to the live versions of each performance on the Grammies tonight so I just wondering if they a CD of the show
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    do you think politics should have been mentioned during the Grammy Awards?

    I support President Obama
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    where can i watch the grammy awards on the internet?

    i missed the show tonight and wondering if i can watch it on the internet and where. now ive watch the grammy awards pre telecast on but i want to see the the one that showed at 8pm.
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    Lil wayne just won Rap album of the year at the grammy awards?

    Carter III What do you think? The other nominees were: Jay Z - American Gangster Lupe Fiasco - The Cool Nas - Nas T.I. - Paper Trail so wayne won, but i was personally going for The Cool by Lupe, I was hoping for it, but Wayne took it and I said, "I knew it, I knew it!" so what do you think...
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    eastern time zone only. grammy watchers?

    i know blink 182 has reunited, and they presented an award, but did they preform any songs like a suprise concert? im asking because i live in cali and im watching it, and i would love to know if anyone watched it 3 hours earlier and saw if Blink did a suprise show... please help me out
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    Do you feel music is back after watching Grammy's.?

    I know it hasn't fished. But i was excited U2,cold play,everybody came. I think music is actually back. We are all even. The jonas miley fans are happy and u2, paul rock fans and pop fans should be happy too. I mean even Springsteen is back.I think music is slowly recovering it's self back.Even...