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    Driven: 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    BMW recently invited us to Austin, Texas to drive the new M6 Gran Coupe through the winding roads of the Texas Hill Country and at the Circuit of The Americas. Willing, as we always are, to take one for the team, we accepted.
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    Video: Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay

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    BMW Lets M6 Gran Coupes Loose At CoTA

    It’s a rather simple video, with three of the new M6 Gran Coupes tackling the state-of-the-art course at sunset. There’s a bit of drifty action from the trailing car, and the camera work is rather impressive. Check it out below, and be sure to check back when our full review of the M6 Gran Coupe...
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    BMW Unveils Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe At Villa d'Este

    Outside of Ferrari, Pininfarina has designed cars for Peugeot, Jaguar, MG, and Alfa Romeo. This concept is the design house’s first collaboration with BMW, though. It’s called the Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe.
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    Gran Turismo 6 Trailer Debuts, Will Arrive In 2013

    Our number one question about Gran Turismo 6, the newest installment in the epic racing series wasn’t one of how many cars or tracks there would be. It was a question of when. The answer is 2013. Yeah, you’ll have a new GT in your Playstation before the year’s end.
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    Gran Turismo 6 Box Art, Release Date Leaked

    Gran Turismo 5 had what felt like a ten-year gestation. In reality, it was only about half that long, arriving in 2010, five years after GT4. It appears, if information from Italian retailer is correct, that we won’t need to wait nearly as long for Gran Turismo 6.
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    Maserati Gran Turismo S Automatic Question?

    I own a Maserati Gran Turismo S Automatic. In the dashboard, a wrench symbol is showing up; I am curious as to what that means? Does it mean service is required? Also, specifically, if you could explain what type of service is needed?
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    First Look: 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    Just like we said, BMW has unveiled a more powerful version of its stylish Gran Coupe four-door coupe. Powered by the same biturbocharged, 4.4-liter V-8 found in the M6 Coupe and M6 Convertible, the Gran Coupe should be able to sprint to 62 miles per hour in a speedy 4.2 seconds before reaching...
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    Tolong bantuan dan informasinya yaa. aku kan mau download angry gran run di

    google play(android market) tp ga? tolong bantuan dan informasinya yaa. aku kan mau download angry gran run di google play(android market) tp gabisa. ktanya " This app is incompatible with your device" utu gimana sih caranya biar compatible?
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    Rumors: Model News — BMW M6 Gran Coupe Imminent

    According to the Roundel-obsessed crew at, the all-new M6 Gran Coupe has received an exclusive unveiling at the Nürburgring, ahead of its official debut at the 2013 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
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    Driven: 2012 BMW 640i Gran Coupe

    All of those German cars are pretty great to drive, ride in, and look at, so we knew going into our time with the all-new BMW 640i Gran Coupe that the bar set was a high one indeed. Of course, knowing the track record of BMW, it’s no real surprise that the Gran Coupe lived up to the standard set...
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    The design of the Maserati Gran Turismo?

    How, in theory, was the Gran Turismo influenced by Italian design? I'm just curious because I know a lot about the car but not about Italian design history.
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    First Look: 2012 BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe

    BMW’s 2012 6-Series Gran Coupe will be the first 6-Series in history to go beyond two doors. To improve rear legroom and fit the additional two doors on, BMW has stretched the wheelbase 4.4 inches beyond the regular 6-Series. The Gran Coupe will be wider, lower, and longer than the 5-Series.
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    How much is auto insurance on a maserati gran turismo?

    . http://
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    How much is a 1972 Ford Gran Torino worth?

    i have a 1972 gran torino fastback. little rust and small dents on the outside. the interior was just steam cleaned and in fair condition. it has a 351 w with 9,200 miles. not the original motor. any ideas for a good starting price?
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    How much is in on a maserati gran turismo?

    . How much is auto insurance on a maserati gran turismo?
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    Is Gran Turismo 5 Worth Buying?

    Im thinking, GT5 is cheaper now and i want a racing game, i've played GT5 before but LOL i don't remember to much of it, i got it borrowed for a week. Well if im buying it i wonder, will it make me play it for long or just a week or two?
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    Maintaining a Maserati Gran Turismo?

    Anyone with experience? How much is it? How expensive?
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    Which car is better in your opinion : " Ferrari Italia 458 " or " Maserati Gran...

    Which car is better in your opinion : " Ferrari Italia 458 " or " Maserati Gran... ...Turismo S " ? please tell me your opinion about them and the price difference.. thanks
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    can you turn collisions off on gran turismo 5 when racing withmy friends in lounge?

    we wanted to know if you can turn off collisions becuase we cant find it anywhere