1. B

    Where to train my pokemon in pokemon leaf green?

    I'm getting my pokemon ready to fight the elite four but they're levels are only low 50s and need raising to level 60s at least I've been told but I don't know where to train them? I've been to all the town and the islands but I cant find anywhere that is a good match for my pokemon so I can...
  2. R

    Anyone have neon green pee and green stool from taking GNC mega men

    multivitamin? Is it normal to have that? GNC mega men multivitamin
  3. E

    Would it be bad to drink green juice before a workout?

    For breakfast, I always just make my own "green juice" (Cucumber, celery, romaine, kale, broccoli stem, lemon, and green apple), but soon I'm going to switch to working out in the morning instead of at night. I know that when you have carbs before a workout, you're essentially burning off those...
  4. S

    Green smoothie recipes? Would like recipes including fresh spinach?

    I'm a big fan of green smoothies but I am growing tired of my typical go-to smoothies. I have fresh spinach in the fridge as well as romaine lettuce, and oranges, strawberries, raspberries, and apples. The only juice I have on hand is orange juice. Any ideas? I need something energizing, low...
  5. T

    Raptor's Rare Disease Drug Procysbi Gets CHMP Green Light In Europe

    The European Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has adopted a positive opinion regarding Raptor Pharmaceutical Corporation's drug, Procysbi, for treating proven nephropathic cystinosis, a rare inherited genetic disorder that causes irreversible tissue damage, organ failure and...
  6. L

    Is Green Lantern the start of DC's shared cinematic universe or Man of Steel?

    I am wondering because I heard Ryan Reynolds was set to reprise his role as Green Lantern in Justice League and so was Henry Cavill as Superman. I am wondering if since Green Lantern came out first and Reynolds is playing him again in the JL movie, is Green Lantern meant to be the start of the...
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    The Effectiveness Of Green Coffee Bean Weight-Loss Supplements Questioned

    A major ingredient in those green coffee bean dietary supplements - often touted as "miracle" weight-loss products - doesn't prevent weight gain in obese laboratory mice fed a high-fat diet when given at higher doses. That's the conclusion of a first-of-its-kind study published in ACS' Journal...
  8. A

    What is Rush Green in Romford like as an area?

    Looking for information about the Rush Green area in Romford. Is this a safe area? Good for kids? Low crime? Good schools? If possible looking for more specifically around Birkbeck Road. Thanks.
  9. J

    I'm on my green p's can I get my mr truck license?

    I live in Queensland Any help would help I can seem to find any info
  10. R

    Pokemon Leaf Green Daisy Oak's rating our Pokemon's happiness?

    I have a Pokemon Leaf Green game and i had a Seadra lvl 56 which i trained it alot since it was a little Horsea at lvl 8. I've won the Pokemon League and i'm currently on Six Island in the game, i found a Dragon Scale and traded it over other game to make it evolve into Kingdra lvl 56 only and...
  11. C

    Will Green Day tour again after their International tour ?

    Green Day started their North American tour, but they Billie Joe went to rehab, now they cancelled shows, now that their back they finished a very small North American tour only to go on a much larger International tour, I want to know if they are going to come back and do another tour around...
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    Vancouver Green Men called snow globe collecting virgins by Sharks announcers (Video)

    The Green Men are a staple at Vancouver Canucks games, mocking opponents in the penalty box with their unique brand of prop comedy. But not everyone’s a fan, apparently. During Game 1 of the Western Conference quarterfinals on Wednesday night, the Green Men taunted San Jose Sharks defenseman...
  13. H

    What's up with the Green Lantern blu-ray/DVD combo set? I heard the digital copy

    doesn't work? After prom I might have some money left over to get the blu-ray/dvd/digital copy bundle. One problem... I'm reading this article online and it says the digital copy doesn't work with iTunes.... huh? I'm sorry come again. It says digital copy right? It should work. I even heard it...
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    Green Spaces Boost Wellbeing In Cities

    People living in urban areas tend to report greater wellbeing if they have parks and gardens nearby, says a new study from the UK that suggests green spaces have a positive impact on mental health in cities. Mathew White and colleagues from the University of Exeter Medical School's European...
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    What are the best books/dvd's to educate myself on riding a green horse?

    What are the best books/ dvd's to learn how to train and ride a horse that is green under saddle. As far as training yeilds, transitions, and collection? Western riding. If this makes any sense ...I have tons of experience around and with horses. I drive and ride- but have never had to work...
  16. N

    What fish would go awesomely with a Green Spotted Puffer?

    Right now I have a nice little temporary 10 gallon tank (brackish) and would like to know what fish would go great with him, its only one.... but not Bala Sharks
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    Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day With Another Kind Of Green Drink: 7 Healthy Green Smoothie

    Everyone's got green on the brain this weekend, thanks to St. Patrick's Day. But if green beer isn't quite your thing, you can always celebrate with another kind of green drink: a green smoothie! These seven awesome green smoothie recipes are healthy, delicious and appropriate for any time of...
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    What Sci-fi Cartoon Series had a Green Cargo Ship? (more details within)?

    The captain i think had blue hair, and there was an old man on the crew maybe? I get the feeling it was broadcast on Sky One in the UK but i might be wrong. It would have been first broadcast in the last 10 years or so. The ship was green, looked a bit like a truck or something, sorry i don't...
  19. J

    Can a parakeet eat a green bell pepper?

    Trying to find new vegetables for my parakeets.
  20. V

    can i travel to bora bora with russian passport and a green card?

    Is it easy to get there? Do I need to go to French Embassy?