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    Won meet and greet to t swift red tour?

    I won meet and greet passes and tickets to t swifts red tour!!! Anyone have an idea if these tickets are usually front row? And what will happen?!
  2. E

    I'm going to a Cody Simpson meet and greet in 5 days and I don't know what to do.?

    Okay so I'm going to a Cody Simpson meet and greet on the 3rd of March, I've made a neon coloured glow in the dark poster and I'm going to make a top but what do I say!? I don't know wether to kiss him for the photo or am I not allowed? And its my birthday that day so I don't know wether to ask...
  3. V

    How do I sneak in to a meet and greet and TD gardon boston ma?

    PLEASE I need to meet justin bieber! I don't have a billion dollors to spend to buy them , PLEASE!
  4. S

    Should I greet him with a kiss on the lips or cheek?

    So this guy and I are beginning to go out. When we are out at clubs or a party we always end up kissing. But when it's just the two of us we kiss on the cheek. Since the last time we went out for dinner we have become closer. When I see him next should I kiss him on the lips because I don't know...
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    Where do i get meet and greet passes?

    I am going to a One Direction concert on August 10 Los Angeles and i want to know where i can get cheap meet and greet passes! I really want to meat them im a huge directioner! Please tell me where i can get them and no rude answers!!
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    meet and greet info?!?

    Hey guys so i hope somebody with some background on this topic can help me. Next week bruno mars tickets go on sale and i want to get meet and greet tickets but i don't have a credit card so im using my moms to purchase them but giving her the money. Now iv heard that if your name isn't on the...
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    How can i really make hr smile or give her butterflies when i greet her over a text?

    So I like this girl and I think she might like me idk yet haha but I haven't texted her at all today and I want to. I can easily just text her saying "Hey" or "Hi" but hats too easy and makes me think im lazy. I wanna say something to make her think about me and smile or get butterflies. I was...
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    Justin Bieber Meet and Greet tickets!?

    hi(: OK so does anyone know someone who's selling Justin Bieber VIP meet & greet experience tickets for either Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 2 or Prudential Center in New jersey on july 30/31!? Or if anyone knows of a website where i can purchase them besides ticketmaster because they...
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    A Day To Remember Meet & Greet?

    For those who bought VIP Tickets to the ADTR show this year, what do you think the "very special surprise" will be? Just wondering.
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    How early should I arrive to a Kylie and Kendall meet and greet?

    Me and my friend are going to meet them on a Friday at Roosevelt Field Mall at Pacsun.. It starts at 5:00pm and my friend wants to go at 10am but i think thats WAY too early.. Any suggestions? If you have met them before.. Please share your experience!
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    i just won a meet & greet passes to love & theft concert... what should i ask them?

    i just won a meet & greet passes to love & theft concert... what should i ask them? i posted it in country and got no answers so dont tell me i put it in the wrong section.
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    How can i find cheap meet and greet's for justin bieber uk?

    Hi, im going to Bieber's concert on the 22nd Feb in manchester, with my mum&lil sister but im looking for the cheapest meet and greet tickets for manchester or liverpool as ticketmaster wont let my mum buy the meet and greet, so for 2 or 3 people. please help?
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    How should I greet someone with cancer?

    My new girlfriend's mom has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and is going through chemo, and I don't know how to say hello to her. My go to for any other situation is normally "Hey, how are you?" I feel like that is an inappropriate and impersonal greeting. Also I don't want to go...
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    i want to sign up for meet and greet but?

    okay i want to sign up for all time lows meet and greet but my best friend has no money to get a hustler membership. i want to go sosososo bad but i like to please people so feel dead bad that if i was to sign up or even get in that she'd be pissed. i spoke to this girl on tumblr and she was...
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    As Secretary of State will John Kerry greet foreign dignitaries with gifts?

    of ketchup, mustard and pickles from his sugar mama's company?
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    Justin Bieber meet and greet tickets?

    Is there any place where you can buy just ONE meet and greet ticket for a Justin Bieber concert? I've looked everywhere but none of the website's I've been on let me buy just one ticket, it always has to be 2. I really only want 1. Help please!
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    POLL: what do you think of a man kissing you on both cheeks to greet you?

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    Should i greet my former teacher on her birthday?

    i had this history teacher for 3 years straight and she is a really great teacher. Me and her are quite close and had a lot of memories together. however this year she moved to a different school.Anyways it'll be her birthday this week should i email her school email to greet her? reasons why i...
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    How do you usually greet people?

    .....i mean people you know. you say hi, shake hands or........
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    How do I greet a sargent or a pety offecer 2nd class? in Canada?

    Im going into the reserves for the navy and I have an appointment with a pety offecer. But I dont know how to approach her. Do I stand by the door until she tells be to come in or do I knock on the door. The door will be open she said. Do I say mam or just act casual