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    Why does it seem like some guys do these new trends that are stupid?

    like different styles walking around with their pants hanging down & their boxers showing, but now I see guys when they wear belts & leave them hanging down, & walking around with their shoes untied. I mean honestly do they think its attractive or something?
  2. R

    Hey guys pls tell me about apple os . and is the iphone 3g good ?

    Pls tell me about apple os . and how much will it cost me to buy apple iPhone games and app software ? . pls tell me that y iPhone r much costlier than andriod phones . I mean y people buy iPhone instead of andriod . what this os means in the iPhone . I promise u that if u help me then I'll...
  3. J

    How to meet or talk to guys while on vacation?

    So I'm 14 and on vacation right now and im honestly just really awkward and it's terrible. I'm not the best looking person, but i do notice that some guys stare at me and i just kind of look away awkwardly and then end up losing the chance to meet someone. How can i be more confident i guess and...
  4. S

    How long do guys take to delete nudes from their iPhone/Android?

    On kik, someone put my face on kik and sent them to a handful of random guys. I got a hold of that persons kik username and they were deleted, but I get the feeling those guys saved the pics. I saw them and they looked professional! My question is, how long would it take for someone to delete...
  5. B

    Girls have you felt a guys penis when travelling in buses, metros.. etc?

    Do you like it? What will u do if a guy does it?
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    hey guys, i have just begun going to gym but my gym has no instructor. So, I need

    some advice. Please help? I can't spend much on my gym membership as I am from poor family. The gym I go to has very good facilities but no trainer. So I need to depend on the advice of others in the gym. I can understand that for the first few weeks I need to do free-hand exercises before I...
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    Why do guys care so much about there trucks?

    Every single guy I know that owns a truck and treats it like their baby. I guess I kind of understand, but I don't understand why they care so much about what kind it is. Like why do they care so much if it is a Ford, GMC, Chevy, or Cummins? They just get so defensive over it and I just don't...
  8. J

    What do you guys think of this story?

    This is a short story i wrote and I wanted others opinion on it. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A long time ago, I was sent to jail for an awesome crime. It was very fun and stuff. I kept breaking into this one guys house to sabotage it every day for 47 years...
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    Guys, who play FOOTBALL---->" soccer" please answer <3?

    I was just wondering, what type of girl you would go out with,like...girly,shy,sporty,popular,loner,soccer player,etc..... Or please describe your dream girl...Thanks :) <3333
  10. R

    hi guys i am a 22 years old girl and i always have this dream hunting me .i

    always find myself pregnant? and i feel so confused because i'm a virgin and in the dream i can't remember how this happened. please tell me what you think
  11. O

    Hey guys has anyone bought lumia 925.this question is just for uk and gemany

    members.? How does it it just good or excellent phone.pleeeeeez tell me everything about it.8-)
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    Jennifer Aniston Rocks the Guys Choice Awards, Roasts Jimmy Kimmel

    Jennifer Aniston stole the spotlight tonight at the 2013 Guys Choice Awards. The 44-year-old stunner presented pal Jimmy Kimmel with the Funniest M.F. award at Sony Picture Studios in...
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    guys would you vacation with a female friend?

    •Im very career driven girl. While im only a 20 year old college student, I already run and operate a business I founded, I'm starting a tech/business organization at my college, and I'm starting a large hi-tech company this January. In my free time im either working or studying, even out of...
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    Guys, PLEASE just HELP. Could he be interested?

    Please be nice, that's all I ask, no rude comments... Soo I go to the bank, (which is the one I bank at) and I go in there like 2-3 maybe 4 times a week depending if my parents need me to go in for them ( since I usually take in their deposits when they cant go) One day I went in to take out...
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    poll: their attractive guys? and why^^
  16. M

    do you think guys gossip worse than girls?

    I think they can be worse x x
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    When is this hipster/J Crew fashion trend for guys going to end?!?

    At least where I am in southern California, all the guys are wearing ridiculous tank tops, neon wayfarers, short pink trunks and deck shoes. Not to mention that crappy hipster haircut. If that's considered cool right now, I am scorching hot I guess. How can anyone think that looks good on a...
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    Tired ! Guys how to get yahoo messenger to nokia n70,provided by yahoo?

    I had download all sugestion but i could find it anywhere...Help me please...Thank u
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    guys vacation started and i need game to play i wan download it which 1 is the best

    plzzz advice me with site? any type of game adventure ,racing ,etc
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    OkCupid vs. Plenty of Fish – Which is the Best Free Dating Website for Guys?

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