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    what does it mean when your dog shakes, breathes heavily for long time,

    and whines when you pick it up? yesterday I picked up my dog and she cried and started shaking, and breathing heavily for about thirty minutes, and then stopped, then this morning she started shaking and doing the exact same thing but for no reason.
  2. E

    How i can get healthy body? I am 22, male, heavily masturbated since childhood,

    have light-headedness problem? Hello Dear Readers, I am 22 year male. My body is under weighted. My weight is 60KG, & my height 5'10". I looks like a thin stick. I masturbated in childhood as an average of every 2nd night since childhood. I also got light-headedness problem some time, with...
  3. D

    Why would the Iranian's plot an assassination in DC, probably the most heavily

    secured city in the world? When they could easily have had their operatives in Jordan or Syria or anywhere else carry out an assassination on the Saudi ambassador? Furthermore, who really thinks that Los Zetas would actually use their sicarios for a measly 1.5 million dollar hit in a heavily...
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    DVD Drive/Burner slowing down PC Heavily?

    I completely re-formatted my PC weeks ago because I had 7 Rootkits on it, but now my DVD burner/drive is extremely slow and sometimes even takes up to 10 minutes to just get onto the internet or open a program, I check the D Drive for any kind of virus and it came up with nothing, I downloaded...
  5. M

    Why give up drinking heavily and smoking heavily if you're going to die...

    ...anyway? Just sooner rather than later? GO!
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    I asked to take it slow, and he agreed, but he's still coming on really heavily...

    ...with the dirty jokes? We're two months in and not officially dating, just enjoying each other's company and getting to know one another at a comfortable pace. For the most part, he's sweet as can be, and whenever I've mentioned sex and my preference to take things slowly he's been supportive...
  7. B

    heavily addicted to nicotine. possibly triggered by my ADD. if you can,

    please give me some advise.? heres my story. i've been a heavy smoker since October 2009.. i think it happened bc i stopped taking my ADD medication (adderal non xr 20 mg) bc i felt that i could just try and naturally over come my ADD. which i have taken ever since i was a little kid. and fyi...
  8. K

    heavily pregnant cat question?

    I have a pregnant cat that looks like she has swallowed a melon, I think she's ready to pop any time now, but I am unsure. I was told to take her temperature, but I am reluctant (and highly unwilling) to violate my cat with a thermometer. Is there a kinder (and less traumatizing for both of us)...
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    My BMW x5 E70 3.0d blowing out heavily white smoke 4 to 5 minits every 4 to 5 days

    used, please advice? no signal to warn engine overheating and coolant level low. During the blowing smoke, the engine speed running rough. After the heavily blowing smoke, can clearly see exhaust outlet decent amount of greenish gunk, look like coolant water.
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    A question for all you heavily pregnant ladies. Just a fun little rant?

    Do you find the constant questions from people irritatiting? lol, I know its just because Im hormonal but I am sick of strangers constantly questioning me about my pregnancy. I can not go anywhere without all the questions "when are you due?" (you tell them and they comment on that telling you...
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    Fertility Drugs Contribute Heavily To Multiple Births

    The widespread use of so-called fertility drugs, not just high-tech laboratory procedures, likely plays a larger role than previously realized in the growing problem of premature births in the United States, because these drugs cause a high percentage of multiple births, the March of Dimes said...
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    POLL: Heavily used Porta Potty or Behind a Tree?

    I vote behind a tree.
  13. H

    Why are atheists so heavily angered by religion?

    I don't get angry at atheism it's reasonable and has evidence to back it up. When people ask religious questions and they want serious answers it seems like atheists come in flocks to mock them. So my question is why to you have such hatred towards religion?
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    Ive just bled heavily after sex! im shaking typing this help please?!?

    ive just bled quite alot after having sex standing up, i said it was uncomfortable so he stopped and there was blood like i was on a heavy period. its not stopped now its just the odd bits of blood on the tissue. what does this mean is it dangerous? im actually really scared now. thanks
  15. G

    drwtsn32.log - Heavily Fragmented?

    2.09GB - \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\drwtsn32.log Is that bad news lol? I think so.. advise me please. Here's a SS of my defrag analysis: http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s27/RRHM/badfrag.jpg?t=1234223679 I have a Hitachi HDD, M2N SLI Mobo...
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    i will be drinkin heavily the next few days at a wedding, would going to the

    hotel sauna nxt morning help a? bad hangover
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    i will be drinkin heavily the next few days at a wedding, would going to the hotel...

    ...sauna nxt moring help a? bad hangover
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    BMW 328 1998 heavily shakes sometime when on high way, what could be the problem?

    It shakes as if something is going to fall apart. It looks very dangerous. Showed to the mechanic and he says nothing is wrong with it. Any one has any such problem or any ideas? It has new tires which were replaced to correctly the problem but did not do much. The shakes appears on high speeds...
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    Is Hyundai Stock Heavily Traded?

    Is hyundai stock heavily traded? and what is the volume of their stock?
  20. K

    what was the heavily rumored in 1998 and 1999? Subaru Impreza?

    The story of the North American Impreza is much different than the rest of the world. North American markets never received a turbocharged version of the first generation Impreza (it was heavily rumored in 1998 and 1999). Subaru had never had much of a performance image in North America, so...