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    Hey guys pls tell me about apple os . and is the iphone 3g good ?

    Pls tell me about apple os . and how much will it cost me to buy apple iPhone games and app software ? . pls tell me that y iPhone r much costlier than andriod phones . I mean y people buy iPhone instead of andriod . what this os means in the iPhone . I promise u that if u help me then I'll...
  2. S

    hey guys, i have just begun going to gym but my gym has no instructor. So, I need

    some advice. Please help? I can't spend much on my gym membership as I am from poor family. The gym I go to has very good facilities but no trainer. So I need to depend on the advice of others in the gym. I can understand that for the first few weeks I need to do free-hand exercises before I...
  3. D

    Hey there, i wanted to purchase a bike. i m confused.?

    i wanted to purchase a bike. i have searched on net and even visited many showrooms but i couldnt finda proper 125 cc sports looking bike. one day i found HONDA CBR 125r. i contacted the showroom but they are telling that its not yet released. i wanted to know whether its going to be released in...
  4. T

    Hey I got a new style. Lmao. Tell me what you think- tae-po. TaeKwonDo and Kempo

    mixed? Like typo. Darth Kemmmmmpo. And it is not TaeKwonDo. Lol. No way they are the same. Darth you still mad at me. Lol. Forgive forget. Lol
  5. O

    Hey guys has anyone bought lumia 925.this question is just for uk and gemany

    members.? How does it feel.is it just good or excellent phone.pleeeeeez tell me everything about it.8-)
  6. A

    Hey, Let’s Not Celebrate National Donut Day?

    It's National Donut Day, and the folks at Fox News and libertarian think tank CEI you should transform it "into something with moral significance—a day to celebrate freedom." Take that, Uncle Sam! We're getting fatter and sicker and you can't stop us! More » Hey, Let’s Not Celebrate National...
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    hey can some one help me out im looking for them glass cubes that i see

    breeders have for betta fish? i see them on you tube there for betta fish i dont know whats its call but they look like cubes if anybody could help me it would be great thank you
  8. E

    hey i have problem has anybody had problem with a lg venice?

    anybody who has a LG venice has a issue with charging because mine wont charge the phone its self works great im not sure if its the battery is the issue but im wondeing im buying a replace ment batter just incase it is before i ship it and get new one would this battery work for a LG Venice LG...
  9. R

    Hey how I can use free internet on my phone?

    My network is Verizon. Thanks
  10. G

    hey monday newz for the people?

    hey remember i said that i don't really like hey monday, i like them now so please just write your opinion and i'm not being sarcastic. in fact, i just searched for their song homecoming ;)
  11. D

    Hey British folks, what happened to all of your powerful love music?

    Bring back the days of the Hollies, the beatles, The Monkees, . America needs another love invasion.
  12. S

    Hey, i was wondering whats the best course to learn defence?

    i was wondering if someone was to come and attack me what course would best teach me to know what to do in a attack situation- like Jujitsu or martial arts or kick boxing ? i think theres more and i don't know what the difference between them are, btw I'm a 17 year old girl. so what art would...
  13. A

    Hey Porsche by Nelly?

    Can someone give me a playlist constructed of music similar to Nelly's song Hey Porsche?
  14. F

    Hey, where can I find this movie?

    Where can I find (bvb) legion of the black? Is it on DVD yet?
  15. N

    Hey anyone know how to to get the xbox gadget for windows 7 ?

    I click on gadgets on my desktop then go on get more gadgets online and it comes URL is missing wonder if anyone knows where to find the gadgets now or something please ?
  16. ?

    Is Hey Porsche the stupidest song ever?

    Who the hell goes up to a woman and say "you sexy thing you turn me on", this starting bit sounds like Beauty And A Beat body rock part lol. Still the song gets stuck in my head ahh!
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    Poll: hey you, lets high five!?

    *moves hand away quickly* HAH too slow. why so violent *tear*
  18. Z

    Hey i need some help coming up with some team names for the upcoming car

    audio compition seasion? any one have any idea for a good team name that's not already used http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs14/f/2007/023/a/4/Evil_Goblin_Demon_by_namesjames.jpg trying to base it around this pix on you can see it on google but instead of the head in his hand it will be a speaker...
  19. C

    Hey i have a question about Smoking Weed?

    My friends and i have smoked weed out of a bowl before a few time but i cant get high. I think i might b doing something wrong...whats the best way to get high using a bowl
  20. T

    hey everyone

    just dropping by to say hi