1. L

    Ex girlfriend wants to go hiking with me...should I?

    Ok my ex texted me today saying she misses me after she broke up with me for not trusting me think I'm cheating on her. She apologized for it and I asked her what you missed about me she said " you overall and your presence in my life" we only dated 2 months. Then she said lets hangout I said ok...
  2. I

    Hiking groups in hawaii?

    Where can i find a group to go hiking with on the kahekili manamana loop in oahu?
  3. B

    What is the best place in America to go hiking?

    I'll be living in Arizona in a year or two and wanna go hiking in the Grand Canyon, but I also wanna know of some really cool places to hike I like nature but I'd still like to have the choice to be able to carry a gun when hiking as you don't know what kind of wild animal is praying in the brush
  4. S

    Are flats okay for hiking?

    Okay i know this is a kinda dumb question, but i wanted to know if theres any other brand of shoes good for hiking because my dad and i hike a lot. What do you think? Please recommend some brands of shoes/ flats
  5. F

    will hiking everyday for around 3 hours affect my legs in a bad way?

    ok so yea i love being in nature and just getting away from it and i love the rush of being alone in nature in a hidden trail that no one goes through and facing dangerous animals and going up steep hills
  6. M

    are volleyball shoes good for hiking?

    I'm going camping and apparently I am suppose to be doing a lot of walking, so I want to know if I can use my volleyball shoes instead of buying an expensive pair of sneakers at the mall.
  7. L

    a day does not pass without remembering my hiking trip. is it normal?

    what should i do. i feel like i am addicted to hiking. this hiking trip was a little bit difficult because i did not have food with me. i burned almost 7000 calorie and i eat about 700 calorie. after sleeping 4 hours and walking 16 hours with 2-3 minutes rest in between. i could not sleep the...
  8. M

    What size of women's hiking boots should I buy?

    I am planning to purchase some hiking boots online, but I have no idea what size to order. I typically wear shoes that range in size from 6.5 to 7.5, and my feet measure just under 9.5" long when I am standing. Since I will be hiking in summer weather, I am not planning to wear thick wool...
  9. N

    do you enjoy hiking in the rain?

    Do you enjoy it? I think the forest looks way more interesting when it rains, a bit more like a dramatic piece of art if you will. The only downside is the increased amount of ticks. 27 years ive enjoyed the woods, and twice ive gotten a tick on me, both times it was rainy :\ Do you enjoy it?
  10. L

    Is it safe for a girl to go hiking on the hill alone?

    The hill is quite populated with visitors and the track is in good condition. But still, is it okay for a 20-something woman to hike there by herself?
  11. O

    Do males ever wear tights (leggings) for Hiking?

    I am in Townsville Queensland Australia, and I am planing on walking up Castle Hill in the mornings and evenings with a backpack with my Girlfriend and one or possibly two of her friends and my GF wants to put me in tights. She normally has her way most of the time I just feel a little nervous...
  12. K

    Does it make a big difference to use tennis shoes for hiking?

    I'm going to be hiking a mountain or two on Hawaii and I will also be walking around the Big Island. I was wondering if it will make a big difference if I use tennis shoes for hiking? I'm not sure if hiking will be fine without buying hiking shoes. Suggestions and any other advice will be gladly...
  13. F

    in guatemala are there hiking trails in the mountains?

    i am doing a report on guatemala for shcool and need to know
  14. N

    I got fatigued just by hiking?

    I dont know if you've heard of the grouse grind in vancouver BC. But today was my first time as an adult (22) going up it. I wanted to do good, I wanted to get a good time. I ended up getting really tired going up the stairs, I actually expected myself to be jogging lightly up but that would be...
  15. Y

    Which bottoms to wear while hiking?

    I'm going to be hiking everyday for the next week and am unsure which type of pants to wear. It's around 30/40 degrees Fahrenheit where I'll be hiking, and it's supposed to be pretty rainy everyday. Basically I'm going to be with a class and we're only hiking about 9 miles per day, then taking a...
  16. M

    What to wear for hiking in summer?

    Preparing to go hiking in philmont which mean 5-20mile hikes 1 weekend a month. Since it is summer what should I wear hiking? Should I still wear long pants? I got to wear 6-8inch boots.
  17. C

    How do i prepare my self for hiking and or rock climbing ?

    How do i get prepared or fit enough for these kind of activities ?
  18. G

    I just cheated on my wife while hiking the Appalachian trail, should I move to

    South Carolina? The Christian Republicans there seem to forgive and forget. What do you think? Maybe I can run for office too! http://www.theonion.com/articles/sc-voters-forgive-sanford-for-appalachian-trail-af,32354/ SC Voters Forgive Sanford For ‘Appalachian Trail’ Affair
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    How do I use my gps on my android Lucid when hiking in the woods?

    My boyfriend and I like to go to different hiking trails but there is not always a trail map to map out the trails and we sometimes get lost. I just got a new Android Lucid phone and it has a gps feature. I've heard the term, "drop a pin" where you start and you will be able to find your way...
  20. K

    Must haves for few day hiking excursion?

    Boreal Forrest mountainous terrain spring weather. really well equipped with proper clothing, boots and knife. Also have proper pack and first aid, emergency equip, fire, flashlight, sleep equipment, foodstuffs and all the other normal stuff. We do a lot of day hiking and am a general...