1. J

    I like Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Hollywood Undead, Thousand Foot

    Krutch, Eminem and a bit of Nickl? I want to know if there are any other bands like these ones that you like along with these ones. It would also help if you could suggest your best songs from the bands
  2. Z

    which hollywood movie has the most sex scenes ever and with no blur effect?

    i want to see a movie which has allot nudity
  3. O

    How hard would it be to deface a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

    Or remove it.
  4. E

    does Robert Downey Jr have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

    cause he sure deserves one!
  5. B

    Why does the drummer of Hollywood Undead drum standing up?

    Every time I see a picture of him at his drums he is standing up
  6. S

    How was Bin Crosby" popularity in Hollywood system?

    A note of his popularity in hollywood system
  7. R

    Give 10 hollywood celebrities you want to be chosen as tributes if Hunger...

    ...Games happen in real life? Please give the names and why you choose them.
  8. Y

    Sexiest legs in hollywood?

    i say katie perry? What about gwen stefani?? No haters plz or jealous ones commenting
  9. S

    Who are J-Dog's (from Hollywood Undead) siblings?

    My friend was telling me how his older brother is J-Dog from Hollywood Undead. I really don't believe him, since he could just be a really big fan of Hollywood Undead. Plus, he took a picture of J-Dog in his mask with the dollar over the mouth, made it his pro pic on Skype and said it was him in...
  10. K

    Why is Keanu staring in movies now that arent really hollywood related?

    Why is Keanu Reeves not staring in hollywood movies anymore? Did he get into an arguement with someone and now he just works for another company studio? His first was Generation Um(made in a completely different studio), now hes doing another movie Man of tai chi which i guess from what i...
  11. X

    Can we all agree? Miley Cyrus is the worst role model in hollywood?

    She has millions of young girls who adore her from her TV Show Hannah Montana. Not to mention the fact that she's a singer in real life too, meaning she has those fans as well. It's just everything she does that makes her a bad role model: - Eating cakes with "private parts" on them - Flashing...
  12. A

    Who do you think are the stylish Hollywood Actors?

    My favourites are: Leonardo De Caprio (look how handsome he looks in Beach, Blood Diamond, Romeo & Juliette) Zac Effron Will Smith Hugh Jackman Jason Statham (i'm a big fan.................simply fantastic i dont know how he missed playing the James Bond) Pierce Brosnan Ryan Gosling Taylor Lautner
  13. S

    Who do you think is the dorkiest female celebrity hollywood?

    1.Anna Kendrick 2.Kristen Wiig 3.Emma Stone 4.Jennifer Lawrence Rebel Wilson
  14. N

    hollywood ending band members relationship status?

    are they all single or no?
  15. N

    hollywood ending band members relationship status?

    are they all single or no?
  16. A

    How much do models and tall hollywood actresses usually weigh?

    Just curious
  17. D

    how did Randy Couture become a hollywood star?

    did hollywood just sign him into big movies like the expendables because he was a former UFC champion? how did Chuck Liddell get on the cover of ESPN magazines?
  18. B

    When do you think Hollywood will end?

    i mean, dont you think people will get bored of movie one day. lately, filmmakers have made films with plot points and morals we've already seen. while it can be told a million ways, it's still the basic scenario. for example, the liar revealed; this is one of the most commonly used plot points...
  19. J

    Filipino became hollywood star?

    Hi i had a question, I really like to be Hollywood actor So can filipino became Hollywood star?
  20. F

    If Hollywood made a movie about your life what would it be rated and who

    would be the star? Just curious?