1. J

    Should I buy this car? Link included w/pictures.?

    Hello, I am in the market for a used car. My budget is 3500 and I have been looking for a Honda. I found this--- Nice civic (but they have it listed as a 98 AND a 99, not sure which it is). My issue is that they are an hour away and I...
  2. L

    How to fix car scratches? (Pictures included)?

    Is there something i can buy to fix the scratches on my truck or will i have to take it to a body shop? Whats the best way to go about this? The scratches on the side of the door happened by scrapping on a pole and the one at the back im pretty sure...
  3. L

    Is this meal FREEZER FRIENDLY? (recipe link included) Help ~ Im new to... Seems like I've heard that you cant/shouldn't freeze items with sour cream or cream cheese...thoughts on this? THanks.
  4. G

    What Kind of Car Is This? ( picture included )? Does anyone know what kind of car this is? I know you can barely see it but that's the only picture I can find, I got it from a girl's Instagram page. If you could just give me a guess or a couple card that look similar that would be find.
  5. G

    Can driving over these humps on the road damage car(pictures included)?

    I was driving less than 10mph in 2nd gear and I noticed when going over these humps my car was bouncing up and down and it felt like I was sitting on a rock.I'm a bit worried if I damaged the car and I was maybe going at 1-10mph Picture:
  6. X

    Is 'Repair DIVX' tool safe? (Link included)?
  7. X

    Is 'Repair DIVX' tool safe? (Link included)? Just downloaded the tool, and before I open it. Is it safe to use?
  8. X

    Is 'Repair DIVX' tool safe? (Link included)? Just downloaded the tool, and before I open it. Is it safe to use?
  9. P

    Bolt snapped under car? picture included?

    Hi, I heard a grinding noise under my front wheel and noticed that a bolt has come away from what looks like the wishbone, as you can see in the picture it is scraping against the bar above it.(Mainly every time I turn right) What problems am I going to have if I travel like this...
  10. F

    What type of external hard drive adaptor should I get (pics included)?

    My hard disk fell yesterday and my computer is not recognizing it anymore. So I read on the internet that an adaptor might retrieve my files on it. But I cant tell what type of adaptor should I get. Can you please help me?
  11. R

    Is Traveling time included in regular working hours?

    Ex. Call time is 4:00 am Then we travel from 4:00am - 8:00am Then we Started working around 9:00am - 6:00 pm.. Any Philippine labor code regarding this case? What article? Thanks
  12. NeedCar

    How can upgrade the performance of 1997 es300 Lexus? Paypal reward included!?

    I am already getting lowering springs, to make it more aerodynamic, although I am not sure how much that will help. I am looking for engine performance parts that are compatible with my engine, I already searched for super chargers, turbos, and other things, but I couldn't find anything...
  13. S

    What does VIP Area/Club/Lounge access included mean for a concert ticket?

    I am looking for One Direction concert tickets and I came across $500 dollar ones but it says Seller Comments and says "VIP Area/Club/Lounge access included." What does this mean? Will I be able to meet One Direction..? Or is it just better service?
  14. M

    Is my car totaled? Pictures are included?

    Okay, this may seem a little silly but I really don't know if my car is considered totaled or not. I was in an accident earlier tonight. What you can't see from the pictures is my left rear door doesn't close all the way now.. That wheel doesn't move, it's pushed in on top & out on the bottom...
  15. S

    Does the Red vs Blue Blu ray box set say 14 discs are included on the outside...

    ...of the box? I have a version ordered from Amazon that was sold by a user, and I am unsure of whether or not this box set contains 15 discs or 14 discs. I need some clarification. Please, someone who bought the box set from the RT Store or Best Buy, give me an answer. I want to know about your...
  16. C

    What is this car called? (Picture included)?

    What kind of car is this?
  17. F

    If LGBT isn't just about gays then why aren't other people included to be part of it?

    Pedophiles, drug users, necrophiles. Just make it the LGBTPDN group....not so accepting when you don't haveother people be included huh?
  18. A

    who is singing this? mp3 included?

    it's a cover but i don't know who is singing it. could you please tell me or find out? thanks I know it's Gloria the original singer. i want the singer of the cover
  19. B

    Infamous Collection (PS3): What included in this collection?

    I only know it's included Infamous 1 and 2, but what about the other? If included something extra, do we need to go online and download it, as a DLC? I hope not, because I didn't have online...
  20. C

    Does anyone know other car rims that are close to this? Picture included? My brother in law is looking for rims close to this. What are other VERY, VERY similar rims?