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    Where can you find Blue Bell Dessert Trio Ice Cream in Indiana?

    I live in the Indianapolis area and this ice cream is not where I have previously gotten it. I really miss it, I was wondering if anyone knew where you could purchase it. Thank you.
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    LeBron James fouls out as Indiana ties the series and wins Game 4, in a poorly-offici

    INDIANAPOLIS – In a tough and impressive home win on Tuesday night, the Indiana Pacers made LeBron James look relatively pedestrian while rallying around their center Roy Hibbert long enough to tie the Eastern Conference finals with a 99-92 conquest. Sadly, little of this will make the fish and...
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    Ray Allen?s shooting struggles against the Indiana Pacers continue

    In his final two games against the Indiana Pacers as a member of the Boston Celtics, Ray Allen combined to shoot 10-27 from the field. In the 2012-13 regular season, against Indiana, Allen missed 13 of 16 shots, and made just one three-pointer in nine attempts. Allen, an 88 percent free throw...
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    Indiana ties the Eastern Conference finals behind Roy Hibbert?s dominance and LeBron

    The Indiana Pacers knew during Friday’s Game 2 that LeBron James would probably be the reason for any close defeat. What they probably didn’t guess is that LeBron James beating himself would end up being the reason for the change in tone and outlook of this Eastern Conference final. For most...
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    Ball Don?t Lie?s 2012-13 Playoff Previews: New York Knicks vs. Indiana Pacers

    Somehow, the NBA survived its regular season and first round of the postseason with enough players to field eight teams, so we’re just going to go ahead and begin the conference semifinals. The minds behind Ball Don’t Lie are going to preview each second-round series, with Kelly Dwyer going...
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    Indiana goes big, real big, as the Pacers down the Atlanta Hawks to take a 3-2 series

    INDIANAPOLIS ? Stop us if you?ve heard this before, but Wednesday night?s Indiana Pacers/Atlanta Hawks game was a one-sided affair mostly dominated by the team that seemed to showcase more effort, with the losing squad sent to the showers after a night partly spent complaining to the referees...
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    can a license suspension affect get hired at dish network in indiana?

    I recently got a license suspension for a seat belt ticket i didnt pay for do you think that will affect my chances of getting hired its no longer suspended tho
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    Indiana rolls to a 2-0 series lead, as the Atlanta Hawks made all the wrong moves all

    INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Pacers have long had trouble scoring, relying on their stout defense to break away from lacking teams and make their way up the Eastern Conference ladder. If the Atlanta Hawks are going to make a habit of allowing the Pacers the chance to score 113 points a contest, as...
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    Indiana minimum wage rumor?

    People have been saying minimum wage is going up $9 an hour, is this true? If so, when is it happening?
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    The Indiana Pacers grab a 1-0 series lead over Atlanta, as Paul George notches a trip

    INDIANAPOLIS — Just three years removed from the since-vetted scout hype that labeled him as perhaps the finest product in the 2010 NBA draft, Indiana Pacers All-Star Paul George used his significant all-around gifts to lead his squad to a 1-0 advantage in his team’s first-round series with the...
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    What is the closest college to Indiana besides Louisville still in the NCAA...

    ...tournament of men's basketball? I need someone to cheer for.
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    Indiana hoisted the Big Ten championship even though it?s still a win away from the o

    Had Indiana clinched its first outright league title since 1993 by beating Ohio State, the Hoosiers could have celebrated in front of a sellout crowd by donning championship hats, cutting down the nets at Assembly Hall and hoisting a Big Ten trophy. Instead Indiana staggered to a surprising...
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    Minnesota emerges from a six-week skid by shocking top-ranked Indiana

    Even though the unusual raised floor at Williams Arena is a recipe for catastrophe during a court storming, that didn't stop Minnesota fans young and old from pouring onto the floor in jubilation Tuesday night. They would have climbed 10 flights of stairs if that's what it took to properly...
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    Indiana and Michigan left college basketball fans wanting more

    Indiana won the biggest game of the college basketball season so far and will likely get a lot of votes to return to the top of the polls where it started the season after knocking off current No. 1 and arch rival Michigan . The third-ranked Hoosiers won because of stellar play from their core...
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    Watch Orlando Magic vs Indiana Pacers Live online

    Watch Live Stream American Men's Basketball of Orlando Magic vs Indiana Pacers in NBA Basketball match. Orlando Magic vs Indiana Pacers Live Streaming NCAA Live Video Stream Direct TV online on PC.Watch NCAA College Men's Basketball Online - ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, ESPN3 HD, ESPNU HD, Big Ten Network...
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    Indiana routs North Carolina, reaffirming Assembly Hall will be a house of horrors fo

    Soon John Calipari may not be the only coach reluctant to take his team to Bloomington. What coach in his right mind would agree to play a non-conference game against Indiana at Assembly Hall these days when he has a better chance of taking Charlize Theron out to dinner than getting a road win...
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    I live in Mass, but have a FTA warrant for Indiana. How can I clear it up without...

    ...going there? I lived out in Indianapolis for a little over a year. In February of 2007, I was arrested for public intoxication while walking home from the bar. I told the officer I decided to walk instead of drive (he said I did the right thing), however I was still arrested. Long story...
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    Is Obama getting the credit for Govs of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio turning

    their states economies around? All three governors have been very proactive in turning their economies around - against a lot of opposition! Pretty ironic that Obama would get the credit? What about all the other states which have not? Thoughts?
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    Is Obama getting the credit for Govs of Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio turning

    their states economies around? All three governors have been very proactive in turning their economies around - against a lot of opposition! Pretty ironic that Obama would get the credit? What about all the other states which have not? Thoughts?
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    George Lucas' Retirement: Is This the End of Star Wars and Indiana Jones!?

    George Lucas is retiring from the company that brought us*Star Wars! Does this mean no more installments of that series? What about Indiana Jones? —Zeta B., via...