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    Simon Moutter interview part 4: Fast change delivers certainty

    Telecom’s capacity to change since becoming a telecommunications retailer only in 2012 surprised year-long chief executive Simon Moutter.Since devolving its network services business to Chorus, Telecom had to downsize rapidly says Moutter, who was previously the company's chief operating officer...
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    Simon Moutter interview part 2: A level playing field on GCSB

    Government is right to set security monitoring standards says Telecom chief executive Simon Moutter."But, whatever they're asking for, make sure it is economically and technically viable," he says. "Some things are very difficult to do. Some things are wildly expensive; that's what you've got...
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    Simon Moutter interview part 3: Telecom's agnostic content delivery

    While well aware of the many different ways of ensuring its customers connect to the internet of things, Telecom’s role is to be connection agnostic says Simon Moutter.From the consumer point of view, they don’t often care or know whether it is through copper, fibre, Wi-Fi or cellular says the...
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    The Shutdown Corner Interview: Charles Tillman

    With so many weird and outright horrible stories regarding the NFL this offseason, it's good to talk to those NFL players who just make you feel better about the game. Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman is most definitely one of those people. Not only did Tillman have perhaps the best...
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    B.W.D | Interview w/ Chef Aleem + Rel + Caribbean Heist Cast - Jul 07,2013

    Atlanta has done it again. Known for producing some of the worlds most successful entertainers, it is only just that fine cuisine stem from there as well. Dark shades, tattoos and a fine cigar in his mouth, one would look at this man and question, how does his cooking techniques really pan out...
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    Homer Bailey drops F-bomb on live TV in post no-hitter interview (Video)

    One of the obvious perils of live sports broadcasts is you don't know what emotionally charged athletes are going to do or say. Cut to Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey, who threw his second career no-hitter Tuesday night, blanking the San Francisco Giants 3-0. In his postgame interview...
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    What should I expect in a Thomas cook apprenticeship interview?

    I have got a interview with Thomas Cook for an apprenticeship and I really really really want this position as its in my dream career path of travel. But I have heard some things about the interview that I might need to practice. Firstly, generally what things should I expect? I have to take...
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    DT Exclusive: Rino Gattuso?s job interview with Palermo owner Zamparini

    Palermo owner Maurizio Zamparini has confirmed that former Italy midfielder Gennaro Gattuso will be the relegated club's next manager. The partnership will likely be equivalent to two pythons trying to swallow each other whole inside a missile silo filled with Mentos and Diet Coke as Zamparini...
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    Minnesota Golden Gophers videobomb in-game interview with dugout shaving bit

    We've seen some pretty darn creative and entertaining videobombs making the rounds lately, especially in the college baseball world. With that said, we present to you the University of Minnesota's contribution to the fad, which I believe has to rank among the very best we've seen so far...
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    Interview questions at Taco Bell?

    I just got a call for an interview at Taco Bell in the next few days. I have went in and talked to the manager a previously a few times and handed in my resume and cover letter, which generally detailed my previous work experience at McDonalds and my current 8+ years as a Tae Kwon Do student...
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    Jerry Stackhouse details his NBA fighting history in ESPN interview (Video)

    Since the infamous "Malice in the Palace" brawl in Detroit in 2004, the NBA has done whatever it can to avoid any perception as a league that condones or tolerates fighting. Suspensions for relatively minor tussles have increased in length and flagrant fouls have become more common to stop...
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    Dog Found During Live TV Interview After Oklahoma Tornado

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    how to get chinese driver license without interview and test?

    i m holding uk driver license,want 2 buy a car and driving in beijing,try to convert my uk license to chinese driver license without interview and test,cos my chinese not so well.any agents can help me convert my uk license to chinese driver license fast and securely?
  14. K

    I have a job interview at GNC any tips and advice?

    What if they ask me why do I think I qualify to be a GNC employee? What if they ask me about selling products? Since they are per commission? What do I answer? any tip?
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    Interview With Porsche GT3 Boss, Andreas Preuninger

    The Porsche GT cars have been amazing race-worthy vehicles that go above and beyond the duties of the 911. The same goes for the 991 GT3. With this in mind, Autos by Sympatico published a really fun interview with Andreas Preuninger, head of Porsche’s GT series production and chief engineer of...
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    Julie Delpy Becomes My New Favorite Person In GQ Interview On Feminism, Showing Her T

    If you're not already in heavy girl-crush with Julie Delpy, this interview with GQ*should take you there. Delpy stars with Ethan Hawke in the upcoming Before Midnight, director*Richard Linklater's films about the fictional pair played by Hawke and Delpy. More » Julie Delpy Becomes My New...
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    Rick Barry Interview: I Could Average 30-plus Points Today

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    Interview: Professional Wrestler Christopher Daniels

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    Interview: Gaelle Cohen – Hollywood’s Sexiest Daredevil

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    Interview: Roy Smalley III on Pitch In For Baseball

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