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    How to Recover Deleted Files from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    When accidentally deleted or lost important photos, contacts, music or anything else from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, FoneLab can help you get all of them back. Directly recover lost data from your iPhone or extract data from iTunes & iCloud backup files. Watch The Video: Works with all...
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    The Best iPod Manager - Transfer Photos, Music, Video and more

    If you feel awful to use iTunes to manage photos, video and more from your iPod, then have a try on TunesGo. It can help you easily transfer photos, music, video, playlists and more from your iPod back to iTunes library and your computer. Do easier than iTunes for you. Watch Video...
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    Wipe All Reminders on Your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Completely

    Worry about the reminders deleted from your iOS devices can be got back by others? SafeEraser can help you erase all reminders on your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch completely, returning the device to a "clean slate" state before you resell it. Others would not find any reminders even with a iPhone...
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    Erase All Your Personal Data on iPod Touch 5 Permanently

    When you switch iPod Touch 5 to a New iPhone 5S, what do you do with your iPod? Selling or sending to a friend? SafeEraser is designed to keep your personal information safe when you want to resell or present your old iPod touch 5. It can permanently remove all the personal data. Video Demo...
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    What to Do if You Lose Photos in iPhone/iPad/iPod?

    What shall I do if I lost my iPhone photos? I normally take photos with my iPhone. I think nobody will carry a digital camera or SLRs with him all the time in case that they need photo shoot. From the big event to every small life moment (capturing important moments for meeting minutes, taking...
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    Can I use my android phone as a Bluetooth speaker for my iPod?

    is there a way to do this? I have an HTC One which has an awesome set of loud speakers on it and I was wondering if I could use it as a speaker for my iPod.
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    IPhone 4S or iPod touch 4g?

    And no I don't want a galaxy s4 which should I get I like iphone cause ios 7 but idk
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    What are some apps u can find on iOS 4.2.1 iPod touch ??!?

    List many as u can plz thax:)
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    Is it easier to get music from google play to ipod touch or from apple to...

    ...an android phone? Trying to decide where to buy the majority of my music from. Thanks in advance!
  10. Q

    I wanted to see Yu Yu Hakusho episodes on my iPod touch. Are DVDS and Blue Ray...

    ...the only way.? Also how could I ask for episodes to be sold on iTunes?
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    What happens if you backup a jailbroken iphone, ipod or ipad?

    My friend had jailbroke his iphone, and I was wondering, what happens if you backup a jailbroken ios device to the pc? What becomes of it? Does the backup file become corrupted? Please let me know. Thanks.
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    How many people turn their old iPhone into a iPod after you get a new phone?

    I just replaced my old iPhone 3GS with a Nokia Lumia 920. The iPhone is deactivated now, but instead of selling the phone, I kept it around to use as a MP3 player. Who else does this with old iPhones?
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    Difference between Ipod Touch and iphone 5?

    My sister has the IPod touch 5 in black, I was holding it, it feels good in the hands if i get the iphone 5 will it feel the same in the hands or should I just get a iPod touch, I just got my IPod touch 4th gen last month so I don't know
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    My iPad 4 Bluetooth won't detect my iPod Bluetooth and vis versa?

    So I'm trying to get a song from my iPad over to my iPod which I think is the 4th generation and my iPad is the 4th gen, the Bluetooth on both just won't find each others Bluetooth, why? I've tried using Bluetooth apps and it's the same story they won't detect each others Bluetooth, and I don't...
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    iPod touch 6 rumours?

    Are there any rumors about an iPod touch 6 coming out? If so, when?
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    Can I use my iPod touch as a gaming remote for my iPad?

    Is there any way to connect my iPod touch to my ipad through wifi or bluetooth? I want to play games such as minecraft by using the iPod as a controller and the ipad as a screen. My iPod is jail broken, my ipad is not.
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    can I get ios 6 on ipod 2g with a mc model?

    My ipod is jailbroken but I cant download appcake+ because its ios 4.2.1 and not ios 6
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    How do I enable cookies on safari search engine on my ipod touch (not on itouch

    settings)? ok, First thing, i have a 3rd generation ipod touch I tried to change the setting of cookies on the ipod itself but i am still unable to log in into my email. I accidentally disabled the cookies on the actual safari browser. I dont know how to change the settings back to enabling...
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    IPod touch 4g or iphone 4?

    Which one should I get my bestbuy has 2 iPod touch 4g in stock I don't want the 5 , or should I get the iphone 4 which ones nicer which ones fatter I have a ipod 5 with no camera I'm taking back
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    How to put a dvd movie onto an ipod?

    I wanted to put a movie onto my ipod so I can watch it on the plane when im going away. However when I put my dvd into my laptop, the movie comes up automatically, and if i try to access it through my computer there is not just one video clip that contains the entire movie. there's all these...