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    How to Transfer Music from iTunes Library to Samsung Galaxy S5

    Get some favorite songs on your iTunes do you want to transfer them to your Samsung S5 for enjoying? Here is a simply way for that, sync music & playlists from iTunes library to Android phone Samsung Galaxy S5 with this TunesGo. Watch This Video: More TunesGo can do: > Transfer Music from...
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    How to transfer data from iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus, No iTunes

    When switching from iPhone 4S to New iPhone 6 Plus, you must want to transfer all data from iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus. Here is a video guide about copying contacts, messages, video, photos and music from iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus, no need with iTunes. Watch the guide:
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    Sync Music, Movies and more from iTunes to LG Android Phone

    Switch from iPhone to the new LG G3, how to you deal with the large number of iTunes music on your Mac computer? Here is an easy way to transfer playlists and music from iTunes library directly to your LG Android smartphone, also works with Movies, TV Show, iTunes U, Podcasts, Contacts and more...
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    Sync iTunes Music & Movies with Motorola Android Phone

    Have a huge iTunes library and now you purchase an Moto G or Moto X. You must want to transfer all media from iTunes to Moto, so you can enjoy them on the go. With TunesGo for Android (Mac), you can sync iTunes music, playlists, podcasts, movies, TV shows, iTunes U to Motorola Android Phone...
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    TunesGo - Use iTunes to Manage Android Smartphone on Mac

    Switched from an iPhone to an Android but don’t want to lose your iTunes library? You don’t have to. TunesGo for Android can help you Sync iTunes (Complete Playlists, Music, Movies, TV Show, iTunes U, Podcasts, Contacts and Files) between Android Device and Mac - just like an iOS device! Watch...
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    iTunes Android Transfer : Sync iTunes Media to Samsung SmartPhone

    When you switch from iPhone to Android like Samsung Galaxy S5, do you want to sync your favorite iTunes songs and movies from mac computer to the New Samsung S5? Here is a video to transfer music and videos from iTunes library directly to Samsung on Mac. Watch The Video Guide: More with...
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    Sync iTunes Playlists, Music, Movies Between Android and Mac

    TunesGo for Android - Sync iTunes Library to Android Sync iTunes (Complete Playlists, Music, Movies, Videos, TV Show, iTunes U, Podcasts, Contacts and Files) Between Android Device and Mac Computer, and also Photos, Documents, Books, Voice Memos, etc. > Sync iTunes Playlists, Music, Videos and...
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    Easily Transfer iTunes Music & Playlists to Samsung Galaxy S5

    When got a new Samsung Galaxy S5, do you want to move your music from iTunes to the Samsung? The following guide shows you how to Transfer iTunes Music & Playlists to Android Samsung Galaxy S5. Video Guide: More you may need with Samsung Galaxy S5: > Transfer Old Phone...
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    How to extract iPhone photos from iTunes backup?

    Many people love taking photos with iPhone, and for kinds of reasons you would lost your love photos. But we can still recover them as long as you've made a backup in iTunes before, and I think it's easier to use an iPhone data recovery app to help. Try Coolmuster Data Recovery for iPhone iPad...
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    How to Play iTunes Movies on Android Smartphone

    Watch Video: Movies from iTunes are usually M4V files that are protected by Apple's DRM system and can't be played on Android. To enjoy iTunes movies on your Android, you need to convert iTunes movies to Android friendly video formats like MP4.
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    Playing iTunes Rented M4V Movies & TVs freely and permanently

    For iTunes rented movies, once download only 30 days to watch, the movie will disappear automatically after 30 days. Also, once play the movie, only 24 hours to watch. Moreover, due to the DRM protection, we cannot enjoy iTunes rented movies on any other media devices like Android, Windows...
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    Enjoying iTunes Protected M4V Movies & TV Shows on Android

    Movies and TV Shows downloaded from iTunes cannot be played on your favorite Android device, what a pity! In fact, the movies and TV Shows purchased/rented from iTunes are under DRM protection which limits users to play them on non-apple devices. If you want to enjoy iTunes Movies, TV Shows &...
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    Manually Copy iTunes Music to Android Tablet Music Folder

    A free way to help you import iTunes music to your Samsung, ASUS, Sony and other Android tablets at ease. Works with Most Android Tablets: Kindle Fire HD & HDX Samsung Galaxy Note & Tab Series Google Nexus 7 & 10 ASUS Eee Pad & Memo Pad Nook HD & HD+ Sony...
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    How to Transfer iTunes Music & Playlist to Your Android Tablet

    MobileGo for Android imports both the music and the playlist from iTunes to your Samsung, Sony and other Android Tablets with a single click. Always keep your music library organized. Video Demo: for Android Tablet > Back up or Restore Everything with a...
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    Syncing Photos to Your iPhone/iPod/iPad without iTunes

    Losing some photos on iPhone when sync with iTunes? It's boring, but many iPhone users may meet with. TunesGo is better than iTunes to sync photos to your iOS devices. It never erases the photos on your iPhone/iPad/iPod. Easily and fast to use. Watch Video:
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    Restore WhatsApp Chat Messages from iTunes Backup Files

    If you had backup your iPhone WhatsApp Chats with iTunes, when deleted WhatsApp messages accidentally, you can restore them with WhatsApp Pocket. It can help you recover deleted chats including Messages Photos, Video, Audio and Voice Message via WhatsApp , and save to computer. Watch Video...
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    Delete iTunes Database Completely from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

    When you are going to resell your old iOS device, don't leave your personal information vulnerable to identify thieves. SafeEraser can help you erase iTunes data from your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch completely. Nothing Recoverable and protect your private informations from others. Watch Video...
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    Delete Multiple Unwanted Files on iPhone At Once, without iTunes

    It's too tired to delete unwanted contacts, photos and songs one by one on iPhone, especially there are plenty of them. TunesGo is the best tool to solve this problem. With TunesGo, you can directly remove contacts, photos, music and video you don't want, and won't delete other files. Watch...
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    The Best iPhone, iPad & iPod Manager, Do What iTunes can’t

    If you feel awful to use iTunes to manage everything such as photos, contacts, music, video and more from your iOS devices, then have a try on TunesGo. TunesGo (iOS Manager) lets you easily transfer photos, music, video, playlists, contacts, messages and more from your iPad, iPhone and iPod back...
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    Easily Make Your iTunes Music Library Clean & Tidy via Mac

    For Mac users, unknown artist and albums, duplicate songs and missing artwork -- if these describe on your iTunes music library, you can try this Tunes Cleaner for Mac to fix all of them. It's described as the most practical and easiest-to-use iTunes cleaner program to clean up iTunes music...