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    U.S. Open, Day 3: James Blake says farewell to tennis after first round loss

    ? James Blake announced before the U.S. Open began that he would be retiring, and while he didn't want it to happen in the first round, you can't help but love his effort in his five set loss to Ivo Karlovic. Blake lost in a fifth set tiebreaker, but took to the microphone to thank the fans that...
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    Shailene Woodley, Theo James & More Divergent Stars Explain Faction Life--Watch Now!

    Shailene Woodley, Theo James & More Divergent Stars Explain Faction Life--Watch Now! For the characters living in the dystopian world created by Divergent author Veronica Roth, the phrase "Faction Before Blood" is a way of life.But what does it really mean to be...
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    Stephen Curry fires at James Harden on ?Harden Soul (Remix)? (Video)

    It's a cliche that musicians want to be athletes and athletes want to be musicians, but in the past week we've seen why that division typically holds strong. Last week, a video hit the wifi airwaves of James Harden singing "Harden Soul," a knowingly awful song put out as part of a Foot Locker ad...
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    James Edwards, 15, Looks for Fun, Commits Murder

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    Why are some people saying Derrick Rose is scared of Lebron james? Rumors...

    ...or True? Is Rose? Ive heard some people say rose is scared of LeBron James and that is the reason rose is not playing in the nba or hasn't yet returned is this true thank you
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    Love and Other Contact Sports' Eric Decker and Jessie James Are Married!

    Congratulations! Eric Decker and Jessie James are officially husband and wife E! News confirms. The gorgeous couple were married today at St. Francis in Castle Rock, Colo., in front of...
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    James Gandolfini's Body to Return to NYC

    James Gandolfini's body is expected to be back in the U.S. Monday. A spokesman for the late Sopranos star's family, Michael Kobold, announced the news in Rome, Italy Sunday,...
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    Basketball michael jordan and lebron james?

    wtf why do ppl say lebron is better than mj? even pippen says hes better. clearly mj is better but really i dont get it why would anyone even say he is better. the onlyone that might come close is wilt cham but still.
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    Todd Frazier changes at-bat music to ?Sopranos? theme in honor of James Gandolfini

    Cincinnati Reds third baseman Todd Frazier did on Thursday what a good Jersey boy should do — and paid tribute to actor James Gandolfini, who died on Wednesday. Frazier changed his at-bat song to the theme from "The Sopranos," the show in which Gandolfini had his career-defining role as Tony...
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    LeBron James Flexes Greatness, Leads Heat to Championship

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    Dennis Rodman says LeBron James would have been ?average? in the ?90s

    Most humans, no matter their age, color, or creed, are inclined to think that the era in which they matured most rapidly is much better than whatever current culture exists. We see it in opinions of music, the moral worth of today's youth, and all manner of other issues. Retired NBA players are...
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    LeBron James Points Out Second Chance Points Error

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    James McAvoy Does Many Disgusting Things in Filthy Trailer

    James McAvoy's latest film is aptly named. In the international trailer*for Filth, based on the novel by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, the usually adorable Scottish actor...
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    LeBron James as Ricky from Boyz n the Hood

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    Cleveland Days? LeBron James Bashes Teammates

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    LeBron James swats George Hill?s lay-up attempt (Video)

    LeBron James makes a habit of defying expectations. With 3:26 remaining in the third quarter of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, James tweaked his ankle after falling awkwardly on the foot of Lance Stephenson. Although LeBron hobbled away and...
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    LeBron James fouls out as Indiana ties the series and wins Game 4, in a poorly-offici

    INDIANAPOLIS – In a tough and impressive home win on Tuesday night, the Indiana Pacers made LeBron James look relatively pedestrian while rallying around their center Roy Hibbert long enough to tie the Eastern Conference finals with a 99-92 conquest. Sadly, little of this will make the fish and...
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    GIF: LeBron James Flop – He Better Get Fined For This!

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    GIF: LeBron James Blocks George Hill – Wow!

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    LeBron James fires a ridiculous pass to Mike Miller for a 3 at the halftime buzzer (V

    Miami Heat uber-star LeBron James is widely acknowledged as the best player in the NBA, but merely calling him such doesn't communicate just how amazing he is to watch on a daily basis. In seemingly every game, LeBron does something no other player in the league can do, turning a creative idea...